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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

17 November 2005 – Presidential Elections Sri Lanka

[b]17 November 2005 – Presidential Elections Sri Lanka[/b]

Bodipala Wijeyesinghe

Can I say that Sri Lanka is a multi-race nation. Most despise the existence of terrorism. To my knowledge no Sinhala person dislike a Tamil person, but of course some who has experienced death or torture to a loved one by the Liberation Tiger Tamil Eelam (LTTE) will blame the Tamils.

Comprehend “LTTE” activities included the killing of over 65,000 Sri Lankan. Includes the shooting to death an elderly woman age 93 partial vision, she was praying under Sri Maha Bodi, Bo-tree in Anuradhapura - Ruthless and callous. Words fail me to describe this kind barbarism. 65,000 killed. Is the same as killing the entire population of Bermuda? Don’t you think we need to re-visit our independence and/or review the function of our elected leaders who should have protected the 65,000 who were killed by LTTE? But they did not.

Let us look at our history: -

Portuguese arrived in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1505 Lorenzo de Almeida established a friendly relation with the King of Kotte. He was also involved in the import of spices and cinnamon to Portugal. Spices and cinnamon that were exported from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) gave Mr Almeida the monopoly for spices and cinnamon in Portugal. Little by little the Portuguese took control of the costal belt down south. The Portuguese failed to gain a foothold or penetration into the kingdom of Kandy.

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