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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

40 LTTE Members escape Sri Lankan Army Land Mine

40 LTTE'rs escape Sri Lankan Army Land mine in Welikanda in Pollonnaruwa which included 5 top leaders of the Eastern Province.

The LTTE requested armed escort to their caders to travel from the Wanni to Batticaloa on May 25th. the LTTE Intelligence found out that there was a plot to Kill the LTTE caders on their trip to Batticaloa as such they cancelled and requested the Sri Lanka Army to be in the Bus with them. The SLA accepted their request but at Welikanda the SLA refused to be in the bus with the LTTE'rs. The 40 LTTE'rs travelled alone in the bus. At Welikanda the driver of the bus noticed a newly dug hole in the right side of the road and immediately steered clear out of the road, thus saving the 40 LTTE'rs and the Top 5 leaders avoiding another EElam war. The land mine explosion took place 1 KM. from the Sri Lanka Army camp on the Welikanda Batticaloa road.

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