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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 74

A 9 high way Thinamurasu

A 9 high way is your way
Air way is my way
All of us know your old bravery way
Australia way was karuna`s way
[b]I knew the pump and dump way[/b]

There is never trust waves
Tsunami wave didn`t change your way
Three decay`s way cannot change in three day`s way
Take care your own business way
[b]International community has it`s noble way, Norway, Noway[/b]

Micro pistol way is Maddakkalappu (batticaloa) way
Muslim wave was 200Rs. & before Sun rays
My way is air India way
My way is US air way
[b]Internet is my way[/b]

University cafeteria way is not educated way
You have to go back to school_way
You have to study Democratic way
You will know real way
[b]Iraq for special unilateral way[/b]

A 9 high way is your way
Traitor`s way is your way
My way is Internet
Unique way is looking at sky way
[b]India has it own way[/b]

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