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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

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British Government recognises Sri Lankan Government’s democratic right to fight terrorism

By Janaka Alahapperuma-London

"British Government recognises the Government of Sri Lanka’s democratic right to fight terrorism" The Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Hon Bill Rammell said at the adjournment debate on 'Sri Lanka' initiated by Andrew Pelling MP (Ind) for Croydon Central on 18th December at the House Of Commons, British Parliamnet, London. Minister Bill Rammell further said "The LTTE has no democratic mandate to represent the Tamil population. It is reported to recruit civilians, including children, into its ranks forcibly, to extort food and money from an already impoverished people, to abduct and kill Tamil civilians who disagree with its views or methods and to break all norms of international humanitarian law by preventing civilians from leaving conflict areas, effectively holding them as a human shield. The LTTE has conducted a terrorist campaign across the whole of Sri Lanka for nearly three decades, deliberately targeting thousands of individual civilians, as well as assassinating Government figures."

BBC wants Sri Lanka under its Colonial jackboots

Letter written by Neil CurryBBC, the media corporation that is in hot water at home on several controversial issues, ranging from manipulating phone-in programmes to letting its presenters to leave livid messages on the answer machines of grandfathers, is good at presenting an image of an media company dedicated for integrity and fairness. The administrators at the BBC talk to their counterparts in the developing world, as if they were whiter than white, clearly turning a blind eye to the embarrassing facts that has the potential to tarnish the squeaky-clean image of the institute that it wants to depict.

Indian Coast Guards arrest Twenty Sri Lankan fishermen from Puttalam off Tuticorin

Twenty Sri Lankan fishermen from Puttalam were arrested by the Indian Coast Guard on Tuesday off Tuticorin in the India waters. Also four boats belonging to them have been taken over by the Indian Coast Guards. According to a spokesperson from the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission in Chennai, these arrested Sri Lankan fishermen has told the Indian Coast Guards that their boats strayed into Indian waters due to gusty wind. The Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission spokesperson told "Asian Tribune" that these 20 fishermen from Puttalam will face soon the Joint Interrogation Committee to ascertain their motives for straying into the Indian waters.

Sri Lanka: Mohan Peris – the new Attorney General

Mr. Mohan Pieris PC was sworn in as Attorney General before President Mahinda Rajapaksa at President's House on Thursady. Until his appointment today Mr. Pieris was an Attorney at Law of the Supreme court of Sri Lanka practicing as a counsel in the original and appellate courts in the areas of inter alia, administrative law, commercial law, fundamental rights, industrial law, injunctions and criminal law, Counsel in arbitrations and as Arbitrator. He holds a Diploma in Trial Advocacy Skills conferred by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy at its Teacher Training Trial Advocacy workshop at Harvard Law School, Cambridge ,Massachusetts 1988.

SPUR Urges Sri Lanka President for a SAARC Summit on Terrorism

Australian based, Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights has urged Sri Lanka President to act quickly to curb the rising menace of terrorism in the South Asian Region. Ranjit Soysa, Spokesperson of the SPUR has appealed to Sri Lanka President to consider calling a summit meeting of the leaders SAARC countries to resolve crucially important security issues of the region. In the letter to the Sri Lanka President urging for a special SAARC summit on Terrorism, SPUR has said that they are happy to endorse the timely proposal of the Editorial Board of the Asian Tribune made on17 December 2008, requesting the SAARC leaders to urgently convene a summit meeting.

Medicine for soldiers

Sri Lankan community in France donated medicinal sprays and powders worth over half a million Sri Lankan rupees for distribution to the soldiers in operational areas in the north. More than 500 spray cans and medicine packs were airfreight to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by SriLankan Airlines to be handed over to the Ministry of Defence. The generous contributions were made by the Sri Lankan community when Ambassador-designate Lionel Fernando made an appeal at a religious ceremony held at the International Buddhist Centre on December 6 where Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Nayake Thero delivered a special sermon.

Sri Lanka Mission in Singapore issues advisory to prospective domestic workers

The Sri Lanka High Commission in Singapore has strongly advised all prospective Sri Lankans wishing to secure domestic employment in Singapore to ensure that they register themselves with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment SLBFE and also follow the mandatory training programme conducted by the Bureau, prior to their departure. High Commission has further pointed out that those housemaids who have received such training and an orientation on the working conditions in Singapore are better equipped to handle the household chores assigned by their employers and also able to command higher salaries and perks, compared to the untrained housemaids.

India Joins Dubious Sporting Club

By Ramu Sharma - Syndicate Features

India can no longer claim a special status in the sub-continent. After the attack on Mumbai it has become as vulnerable as any of the other sub-continental countries. It has joined the dubious club of Pakistan and Sri Lanka as countries which are not safe to tour. It is a pity though that India which fought for Pakistan’s right to host cricket tours and itself was scheduled to go there in January has been bracketed with the Pakistan as an unsafe country. It is not good for the game when three of its former world champions are found to be dangerous for other countries to tour. Cricketers, no matter how tough and brave within the parameters of the ground, are as much worried and scared as any other normal human beings, irrespective of the huge amounts they earn.

To Tap Electricity From Sea Waves – Uppsala professors demonstrated to Sri Lanka parliamentary delegation

Professors of the Uppsala University demonstrated how electricity could be generated from the rolling sea waves to the visiting Sri Lankan parliamentary delegation. The visiting parliamentary delegation from Sri Lanka, Ministers Dilan Perera, Rohitha Abeygunwardhana, Duminda Dissanayake and also parliamentarian Laith Dissanayake, paid a visit to the Uppsala University yesterday, which is located at 100 Km North from Stockholm. Uppsala University is the oldest University in Scandinavia which was established in the year 1477 AD. They visited Angstrom laboratory of the Uppsala University for a presentation prepared by Dr. Vernon Cooray , together with the International Affairs Division of the University of Uppsala.