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Opposition leader make false allegations on the ongoing humanitarian operations in North, says BBC

It has been confirmed in a report filed by the BBC Reporter over the Sinhala Radio programme –Sandeshaya, that the opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe has not spoken the truth. At a meeting held on the 15th December at Sirikotha- the Party Headquarters of the United National Party, Mr.Wickramasinghe has been quoted as saying that the government was prepared to go for a ceasefire only after capturing Kilinochchi and that the government later said that it would proceed to capture Mullativu.

"Responsibility to Protect"-an enhancement of sovereignty : Deva amendment adopted by MEPs

Nirj DevaResponsibility Protect’, an extension to the sovereignty of a country was adopted on Thursday in the European Parliament. Nirj Deva, MEP "For the first time in International law, since the Treaty of Westphalia was agreed in 1648, a new definition of the interpretation of international law was passed in the European Parliament today, which affirmed that the protection of the citizens of a country by its government is a fundamental determinant of whether or not that country is sovereign."

Catholic Bishops Appeal for Ceasefire During Christmas-What a Farce?

By Darmitha-Kotte

Terrorism has taken its toll of damages both to civilians, religious places of worship of Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims as well as government property through a period of near 30 years. Even though we saw JVP brutality in the early 1970s when they took the law into their hands "once upon a time", Prabhakaran’s LTTE brutality has far outshone that of the JVP. Rain or sunshine, holiday or not, pilgrims or not, Buddhist Temples, Hindu Kovils and Muslim Mosques have all been treated with the same venom by LTTE with no time to think of "mercy or peace" at any given time during their ethnic cleansing operations, and their mayhem/ brutality against Sri Lankan civilians. Even the very innocent bus commuters with small children –some on their way to school- none have been spared so far.

Obituary: Kingsley T Wickramaratne - A true son of Sri Lanka remembered in Sweden

Kingsley T WickramaratneWith much grievance in our hearts, we have learned our friend Kingsley T Wickramaratne who was a true Sri Lankan has passed away. A person of social and cultural knowledge with its unique dimensions, a human resource with international network contacts and bound with intelligence. It has been a privilege to have him as a friend throughout one’s life. We were friends (met, phoned, agreed and disagreed), this process of communication enabled us to learn quite a lot from Kingsley. In the process we became part of his family. His wife Helen and family always treated us as one in the family, surely so will it remain.

Christmas celebrations in Beijing

As a means of spreading peace and harmony among the communities, the Embassy together with the Sri Lanka community organized Christmas celebrations in Beijing on 7th December 2008, in the Embassy premises. The event was attended by a very distinguished gathering of the diplomatic corp, friends of Sri Lanka in China and the resident Sri Lanka community totaling approx 200 guests. Celebrations began with religious observances conducted by a catholic priest, which was followed by the lighting of the Christmas tree by the Ambassador.

Land of agriculture is facing food crisis

By Amit Dwivedi

A few years back, at an interactive session on economy in Missouri, United States President George W Bush argued that, 'prosperity in countries like India is good but it triggers increased demand for better nutrition, which in turn leads to higher food prices and food crises.' However it is not true, though India is facing the problem of food crisis. According to The United Nations Population Fund, (UNFPA) report, India is projected to be the most populous country in the world by 2050, overtaking China. Its population, now 118.6 crores, is projected to be 165.8 crores by 2050. Increasing population growth and construction activities on agricultural lands is likely to reduce the area under agriculture. This can lead India towards food crisis.

Robert Blake Congratulates ACE Award Finalist Virtusa – Sri Lanka

At a lunch hosted in honor of Virtusa, Ambassador Robert Blake congratulated Keith Modder, Managing Director of Asian Operations, Madu Ratnayake, General Manager Virtusa-Sri Lanka, and the entire Virtusa-Sri Lanka team for being selected as a finalist for the U.S. Secretary of State's 2008 Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE). Virtusa was one of only eleven companies selected by the Secretary of State from nominations made by U.S. Ambassadors around the world.

Criminal Destruction of Education

L. Jayasooriya - Colombo

The injustices meted out to the entire generation of students in our country have been in the news for the last several years and the entire nation has been helpless to do anything about it. Let me confine myself to the mathematics paper only, even though all science subjects at school need upgrading unlike Arts subjects that remain static. It is clear that if a subject needs upgrading the syllabus has to be changed gradually at school to meet the standard expected at "A" level by the university authorities. According to the system we have, the politicians have created a thing called the NIE (National Institute of Education) for the purpose.

Nirj Deva


In Beijing

United States admits using torture in counter- terrorism: Advocates Sri Lanka to use 'humane way' to address terrorism

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

The United States admitted on Monday December 15 that it authorized harsh interrogation techniques which amounts to torture was used to counter terrorism, and in the previous week a bipartisan U.S. Congressional report traced the U.S. abuse of detainees at U.S.-run Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba and Abu Ghraib detention facility in Iraq to President George W. Bush’s Feb. 7, 2002, action memorandum that excluded "war on terror" suspects from Geneva Convention protections.