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Italian Police put the lid on LTTE Tamil television channel – Euro Television

Rome, 16 March, ( Euro Television channel has been shut down. Italian Police has put the lid on the Tamil terrorists’ illegal propaganda machinery. The illegal TV channel transmission was closed from last Thursday (13 March) onwards. It was another setback for the Tamil separatist organization - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Sri Lanka Ambassador Hemantha Warnakulasuriya thanked the Italian authorities profusely for their immediate action to shut down the illegal propaganda machinery emanating from Italian soil operated by the Tamil terrorists.

Asian Tribune reported the birth of the terrorist-run new Tamil Television channel in Europe earlier this month-Tamil V Channel-Euro Television.

They started the test telecast of the new Tamil TV channel - Euro Television, from 1 March and it was seen on the Eurobird 9 @ 9° East satellite platform.

Although the channel was said to be transmitting on a trial basis, it transmitted controversial terrorists’ propaganda material objectionable to the democratic world. The test transmission of the EuroTelevision transmitted an old interview of the slain TNA Member of Parliament K.Sivanesan with the intention of blaming the Deep Penetrating Forces of the Sri Lanka Army for the killing that occurred 20 kilometers inside Vanni, an area presently controlled by the LTTE. The interview presented government's complicity without a semblance of factual accuracy to prove it.

The Liberation Tigers launched the Euro Television after French Government banned on last May, the Tamil Television Network - TTN channel run by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

After the closure of the Tamil Television Network – a Tamil television channel based in Paris, Tigers in Europe felt the urgent need of a visual medium for their disinformation campaign in the midst of the Tamil diaspora in Europe and to promote the sagging image of the outfit. Accordingly some Tiger members in Switzerland were behind the launching of the new channel.

Though the studio for the new TV channel was located in Switzerland, the channel was televised from Milan in Italy. M-Three Satcom Srl (Reg. N° Milano 04480710963, Registered Office: Foro Bonaparte 71, 20121 Milano, Italy), a private business organization was used to televise Euro Television.

The news of the launching of the new Tamil TV channel was published in the Asian Tribune. Supposedly meant as an experimental broadcast, but the viewers got the taste of the type of programs that would be in store when it became apparent that the channel reemployed the producers, commentators and others who were earlier in the closed down TTN Tamil channel owned and managed by the Tamil separatists organization.

When it became known that the Euro Television channel was launched from Italy, Sri Lanka Ambassador Hemantha Warnakulasuriya along with his Deputy C. Wijeratne took up the issue with the Chief of the Anti Terrorism Unit of the Ministry of Interior of Italy.

Ambassador Hemantha Warnakulasuriya told Asian Tribune that he also raised the issue with the state security organization in Milan and they immediately took stern action to interrupt the transmission at that very moment. “We will monitor the actual situation in this regard” the Ambassador further said.

Diplomatic sources told Asian Tribune, that it could have been possible to get the Tharishanam TV channel and IBC Radio, the two LTTE strong propaganda machineries could have been closed down if the Sri Lanka High Commission London would have come forward and contacted the proper authorities in London.

A source told Asian Tribune that Sri Lankan High Commission in London were merely watching the unassailable growth of the LTTE in the United Kingdom and did not take any meaningful steps to contain the LTTE’s growth.

Sources added that spouses of the many diplomats in the High Commission were allegedly involved in doing business and nothing else. Asian Tribune was told that spouses were allegedly wheeling and dealing in money making projects while the diplomats in the high commission were merely toeing the line of the chief - Hail to the Chief.

- Asian Tribune –

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