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India’s dreaded RAW infiltrates into Sri Lanka’s London High Commission and Bars Diplomats from meetings

By a special Correspondent

Colombo, 22 March, ( The Sri Lanka High Commission in London has been infiltrated by agents working for India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and managing powerful person’s working in the High Commission to run affairs in the mission according to an agenda of the dreaded intelligence service, it is alleged.

“ The purpose of the infiltration is to impose India’s plan of devolution of power fully through so called peace agitators and bar this information from the defense services of Sri Lanka so that accurate counsel regarding these matters will not be available to the President of Sri Lanka,” an insider of the High commission told the Asian Tribune.

The RAW operatives were fully successful in barring the Defense Counsellor Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe from few meetings they took part with High Commissioner Mrs. Kshenuka Senewiratne and her confidants although the normal practice is to invite all diplomats at the High Commission for such meetings. Few other diplomats were also barred from the meeting.

Arranged by the hierarchy of the High Commission the RAW operatives who are sometimes called double agents recently made a study tour of Sri Lanka at the expense of the Sri Lanka government and obtained five star hotel accommodations from the government.

In addition to the meeting they did not want to share with the Defense Counselor of the High Commission intelligence sources in Colombo said the perpetrators of the RAW operation went to a Chennai based website which is constantly been used by the two main RAW operators dealing with Sri Lankan political operations there to freely attack three Sri Lankans, two diplomats, and a journalist mercilessly whom they think are obstacles to London’s RAW plan. The RAW related website is Sri Lanka Guardian that has allowed any libelous piece written by the RAW operative.

The RAW double agents are furious that they were not able to enter Eastern Province during their recent trip to Sri Lanka for which they blame the Ministry of Defense.

Sri Lankan agents of the same group have approached a diplomat and warned him that if he ever writes anything revealing the affairs of the Chief RAW agent that he might be deported from Britain as they are so powerful.

The Lanka Guardian website is set up to promote the Indian Government official views on Sri Lanka through two well known intelligence operatives Col R. Hariharan, a retired MI specialist on South Asia, and Bahukutumbi Raman, former Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, and Govt. of India, who was in charge of RAW openly and also through other RAW operative clandestinely to influence the Sri Lankans to the thinking of India. This will ultimately bring sovereign Sri Lanka under the political tutelage of India, the operatives believe.

For months the Sri Lanka Guardian, has been publishing defamatory articles against Walter Jayawardhana , long before he arrived in London and the High Commissioner for reasons only known to herself has been opposing his appointment as a Minister Counsellor.

It has been reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the first orders of High Commissioner Mrs. Kshenuka Senewiratne was to order Jayawardhana that he should immediately stop releasing his items in the web and the Indian press which were intended to sabotage a mega Musical Show organized by the LTTE elements in London to earn one million Pound Sterling. Jayawardhana defied orders and sabotaged the Mega Musical Show. Now Jayawardhana is barred from all diplomatic meetings at the London High Commission. Jayawardhana a former reporter for the Daily News and a science writer for the Lankadeepa and its news editor before he became a Jefferson Fellow of the East West Center of the University of Hawaii had been also the Asiaweek’s staff man in Los Angeles. He is also a Sri Lankan Attorney at law.

The second person they severely attacked in the RAW related website is the hardworking Dr. Jayan Jayatilleke Sri Lanka’s ambassador in Geneva whom they consider an extremely dangerous man who could be a great obstacle to the RAW and LTTE plans.

The man who instigates the writing of this website is the man who went to Sri Lanka, with the help of High Commissioner Kshenuka Senewiratne, and enjoyed the hospitality of the government to implement a foreign intelligence service plan. But yet he calls the editor of the Asian Tribune a pandankaraya of the government. A commentator in Los Angeles Harry Hatharasinghe queried, “does it mean that the Sri Lanka High Commissioner in London hates pandankarayasof the government and supports its opponents”. If, this man continues to go the Sri Lanka High Commission with authority, bar diplomats there from his meetings with the High Commissioner and some other representatives of the government whose policies prevail at the High Commission?

While the LTTE has been going from strength to strength in London the High Commissioner has been doing nothing. Nesan Shankar Raji, a senior member of EROS said he had been liaising with the High Commission staff regarding the LTTE'S activities for nearly two years and much of the information given by him was not acted upon. He said that he later had to resort to liaising with the authorities concerned directly as he was frustrated with the High Commissioner, her staff and their lack of competence. Many Diaspora members alike have now abandoned their voluntary work with the High Commission following their frustration with its staff.

It is alleged that the High Commissioner Kshenuka's husband, Mr. Seniwaratne is a known wheeler dealer amongst the Sri Lankan Diaspora and is closely associated with members of the BTF (British Tamil Forum), the eyes of the LTTE in the UK . Mr. Senewiratne is said to be closely associated with Mr. S. Balasundaram of the BTF and many of the pro-LTTE Councilors in London. The Diaspora alleges that those links , apart from the RAW links also tell a long story short about the plight of the London High Commission’s anti-LTTE activities.

When Asian Tribune contacted Nilantha Illangamuwa who is according to our information is one of the Editors of Sri Lanka Guardian. He denied that he is the Editor but said that the Editor is one Mr. Azad, a Sri Lankan refugee hiding in Chennai. When asked for his mailing address and his telephone number he said that he does not know his address and telephone number but he contacts him only through his e-mail ID

This revelation of Nilantha Illangamuwa confirmed our suspicion that Sri Lanka Guardian is a web blog organized and run by RAW and double agents of LTTE who lurks under the guise of democrats in London.

- Asian Tribune -

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