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Asian Tribune is published by World Institute For Asian Studies|Powered by WIAS Vol. 12 No. 2770

Sri Lanka's traitors: enemies within, on the prowl

At last Asian Tribune was able to unravel the traitors within the country. It is a well known fact that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam led by its reclusive leader V. Velupillai Prabakaran challenges country's sovereignty, freedom and independence. We as a nation are at war with them. But so far, the country has not been able to unravel the enemies within.

When Asian Tribune came up with the details of corrupt diplomats who have not performed their duties and served the country well then the whole Pandora’s Box has been thrown open for the world to identify the enemies within us, lurking as democrats, writers and journalists.

Asian Tribune was involved in unmasking some of the corrupt Sri Lankan diplomats who failed in containing the LTTE march and advance in the United Kingdom and was exploring the reasons behind the lapses by the so called diplomats who were posted in the UK to confront the LTTE.

When Asian Tribune wrote about the corrupt diplomats' spouses involved in the wheeler dealing and their closeness with the LTTE stalwarts in the UK, immediately there were one or two suspicious web blogs that sprang to defend the corrupt diplomats.

As usual these suspicious and shadowy sites came up with character assassinations of individuals; a common ploy adopted by clandestine and terrorist’s organizations but failed miserably to defend their retainers.

This was a futile exercise in distraction by the double agents, the traitors of Sri Lanka, but they have failed miserably. Asian Tribune while giving one or two knock out punches to these distractions who are on the donation list of the R&AW continues with main mission, urging the Government of Sri Lanka to appoint an investigation Committee to go into the facts as to why the Sri Lanka mission failed in containing the LTTE's advance march in United Kingdom even after the Government of United Kingdom banned the LTTE as a terrorist organization in 2001 under its Terrorism Act 2000.

The Sri Lanka mission in London failed miserably to take the maximum advantage of the proscription introduced by the British Government and work closely with the British Government to end the menace of the LTTE in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, it was after the proscription in the UK only LTTE began to grow strength to strength. Due to the efforts of the patriotic Sri Lankans in the UK the LTTE leader in London AC Shantan and Tamil Youth Organization’s G Lambert were arrested. Even after the arrest, sources said, that the Sri Lanka Mission failed to befriend the UK Government and the Scotland Yard and pressurize them for further action. But subsequently UK courts allowed Shanthan on bail, in contrast to the LTTE terrorist suspects in France who were arrested on the 1st of April in 2007 are still held in custody.

What Asian Tribune has learnt is is that our French mission led by Ambassador Chitranganee Wagiswara works tirelessly to promote her country whilst High Commissioner in London is surrounded by people who distracts her attention on many matters other than the welfare of Sri Lanka, like free trips and hotel accommodation for themselves for purported purposes of peace. Their trips end up with rabid statements issued to extremist newspapers that are on a relentless campaign to topple the government in order to halt the brave anti-terrorist campaign handled by our brave armed forces of the country.

Reports revealed that she is surrounded by double agents and people with evil motives to promote their greed and avariciousness.

Despite the urgings and appeals by the patriotic Sri Lanka Diaspora in the United Kingdom to contain the LTTE activities in the UK, the Mission was bent on promoting their style of self serving activities without touching any crucial issues begging for their actions.

While the High Commission drivers who are receiving meager salaries were clamoring for their unpaid overtime for years the High Commissioner was bold enough to buy a gas guzzling Jaguar for trips at the expense of the poor tax payers of Sri Lanka spending few millions of Rupees! To the chagrin of the poor masses of Sri Lanka the drivers said they were transporting until the wee hours in the morning relatives of the High Commissioner going home after expensive "diplomatic" parties she was holding, once again, at the cost of the tax payers! Holding these so called diplomatic parties for the elite of the expatriate community became the most important task of her career. She was also the lady in attendance for the self exiled Chandrika Kumaratunga in London.

Since from 22 March a pro LTTE organization calling itself as Global Peace Support Group conducts a two day international Conference at the University of East London – Dockland Campus, on "ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka," a precursor to declare a Kossovo type independence in Sri Lanka

Barry Gardener, MP (Labor), Stephen Timms- MP (Labor), Paul Willms- Ex-MP Netherland, Sisa James Nijikelana - Deputy Minister, South Africa, Andy Love (Labor ) MP , R L Padayachie - Deputy Minister South Africa, Simon Hughes MP– President Liberal party and Prof. Ramasamy Deputy Chief Minister of the State of Penang, Malaysia are the few of the many eminent persons who participated in the

What has the Sri Lanka High Commission done to stop a conference of
this nature, a conference to spread misinformation against Sri Lanka internationally? We are even not aware whether the Mission has made the least protest to the Government of UK regarding the holding this pro-LTTE international conference in London.

The patriotic Sri Lankan Diaspora wanted an investigation Committee appointed to inquire into the lapses committed by this mission in London.

This, what we consider the main mission of the Asian Tribune, is to remedy this oncoming national disaster and we certainly will never be distracted by the corrupt diplomat's retainers.

Instead of using the available resources at the High Commission to tackle the national problem the High Commissioner has selected hand picked Banda's and others in the elite to write hate mails against her true and imaginary enemies? The dignity of the Sri Lanka High Commissioner has been stooped to the lowest level since the very inception of the High Commission since our independence, 60 years ago. This was the first time in history that the defense counselor has been barred from a diplomatic meeting just because a shadowy man with connections to a foreign intelligence group requested so. The peace merchant has started writing directions as to how to handle diplomats who would not
tolerate him.

A leading crusader against the LTTE in London, Douglas Wickramaratne said, "We all had a suspicion that something dangerous was happening at the London Mission. The High Commissioner has effectively excluded all patriots from Mission activities."

Numerous patriotic Sri Lankans send us their feedbacks to unmask the traitorous anti-Sri Lankan web blog and identify them as the cancer of the Sri Lankan society.

- Asian Tribune -

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