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Council of Europe and Ahamadiyya Muslim Condemn Distorted and Offensive Image of Islam in the Film by Geert Wilders

Colombo, 29 March, ( The Council of Europe representing the Muslims in Europe as well as Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaath delegation in Sri Lanka that met the Netherlands Ambassador in Colombo condemned the Dutch right-wing MP Geert Wilders' 15-minute film on the Qur'an as offensive and a distortion of Islam.

Statement by Terry Davis, Secretary General and Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe condemned the film as a distasteful manipulation which exploits ignorance, prejudice and fear.

It is simply a political propaganda and it plays into the hands of extremists who are given such a prominent role in his film.

The film will upset the great majority of people of Islamic faith in Europe who reject violence and accept our common values.

As the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, which is the guardian of the European Convention on Human Rights said, “we defend freedom of expression, but in this case we do so with disappointment and concern. It is a sad day for European democracy when the most fundamental principles on which it has been built are used to promulgate intolerant and deeply offensive stereotypes. The vast majority of people in Europe, in all communities and of all faiths or no faith, believe in dialogue, mutual respect and European values. We call on all our fellow Europeans to join us in rejecting this offensive and distorted image of Islam."

Meanwhile a delegation of Ahamadiyya Muslin Jamaath met the Netherlands Ambassador in Comombo, Reynout van Dijk and expressed condemnation of the film.

The four members delegation consisted of R. Bashirudeen (General Secretary), Mr. Anis Ahmad (National Vice-President), Mr. S. Nizam Khan (Colombo President) and Mr. A. Abdul Aziz (Press Secretary) had meet the Netherlands Ambassador in Colombo, at his office on 25th March 2008, to discuss Dutch right-wing MP Geert Wilders' 15-minute film on the Qur'an.

The delegation was given a cordial and warm welcome by the ambassador. The Ambassador gave a detailed introduction about his country’s stand on this issue, saying that his country respects the feeling of others and follows in accordance with the constitution which guarantees the freedom of religion, freedom of expression etc. He particularly mentioned that Mr. Geert Wilders M.P. is not part of the Government, even though he is a member of parliament. Although, the Government of The Netherlands, discouraged his effort on this issue, at the same time, Mr. Geert Wilders has the right to do in accordance with the individual freedom, the country’s Constitution guarantees, the Ambassador added.

Moreover, if his action damages the feeling of other religions as well as if it breaches the law of the nation, he will be prosecuted according to the law prevailing in the country, the Ambassador stated .

Ahmadiyya delegation clearly stated their stand on this issue. As the Ambassador did not know anything about Ahmadiyya Community, it was noticed that he himself has an opinion that this Community also includes with the main stream Muslims who oppose this issue in a way which threatens the security of the country.

At this, Ahmadiyya delegation introduced about their Community to the Ambassador and their stand on this issue, based on the teachings of Islam. They also gave clear details about Ahmadiyya doctrine and the differences between the other Muslims with them. The delegation also mentioned about the real philosophy underlying the Islamic Jihad and the high morality of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH).

Ahmadiyya delegation presented few books namely Life of Muhammad, Ahmad, the Guided One and the CD in which U.K. Ahmadiyya Convention 2007 video clippings recorded.

The delegation requested the Ambassador to go through the books and find out the real teachings of Islam and the lofty status of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal).

As the intention of this conspiracy is to defame the Holy Quran, Ahmadiyya delegation clearly explained to the Ambassador that any one who do such acts should fear for the punishment of God, who guarantees for the protection of this Holy Scripture - who is the One revealed this Holy Book to His Holy Prophet.

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