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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

LTTE Terrorists Desecrate Sacred Shrine with their Military Moves: Madhu Statue Removed to Safety by Bishop

Our Lady of MaduOur Lady of MaduColombo, 05 April, ( LTTE terrorist have ordered the priests in the Madhu church to leave church premises with immediate effect facilitating Tigers’ apparent move to turn the Madhu Shrine premises into a war camp, according to Sri Lankan Army sources. Orders had come with the full backing of an influential terrorist supporter in Mannar, in order to ready the church premises for terrorist activities. Earlier, LTTE had positioned its heavy mortar and artillery guns at close range to the church in order to take cover from the civilian refugees at the church, said the sources. However, as the priests and the refugees started to protest against the cowardly tactics of LTTE, the terrorists have ordered the priests to leave the church premises.

Desecrating sacred grounds had become a regular practice of the LTTE as they had previously attacked holy shrines like Sri Maha Bodhi site and the Temple of the Tooth outer compound in Kandy
Meanwhile, the sources citing the reports said that the priests at Madhu church managed to take the sacred statue of our lady of Madhu with them despite the strong protests of the LTTE terrorists. The Bishop of Mannar has stated that the statue has been placed at St. Francis Church Mission.
The sacred area has been declared a no war zone and the Sri Lankan security forces have spared the area from military offensives since hostilities broke out decades ago.

Meanwhile, three LTTE cadres surrendered to Sri Lanka Army yesterday. They have repeated the story now known to everyone that three bands of the LTTE terrorists known as Malthi, Radha and Charles Anthony are presently occupying the sacred Madhu church premises and had launched attacks against the security forces over the past few days.

The three LTTE cadres who had surrendered to army camp at Kattiadampan in Mannar last morning also told that they had to dessert the outfit due to unbearable harassments they had to suffer in the hands of senior LTTE cadres.

According to the surrendees, they had been forcibly recruited to the armed mob called "police" of LTTE in year 2007, and were deployed for terrorists’ activities in the South of Madhu area after few days of being trained. The three youths had made an abortive attempt to dessert outfit few months back and later ended up at an LTTE torturing camp at Kanakapuram in Kilinochchi. Madhu ChurchMadhu Church

"We had suffered despicable inhuman treatments at the camp. However, they (LTTE) redeployed us in the Madhu area few weeks ago due to shortage of cadres; one surrendee has told a defence official. According to the surrendees, they had managed to escape the LTTE hold whilst they had been taken to Chettiyarkattiadmapan area, a week ago.

The surrendees have also revealed that large number of LTTE cadres had a strong presence in the Madhu church at the time that they had left the area. The terrorists had deployed their heavy and medium caliber weapons within 100 -75m range around the church premises and often launched attacks at security forces taking cover from the church, the surrendees have told. Also, they have revealed that the band led by Jeyam, had withdrawn his camp from Madhu church as his command from the back become ineffective to hold the LTTE cadres in the frontlines against advancing troops.

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