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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

London IBC Radio - LTTE Propaganda mouthpiece continuously spews rabid anti Sri Lanka campaign

London, 18 April, ( The Sri Lankan High Commission in London which has come under heavy scrutiny recently over the management has failed to get the LTTE's IBC Tamil radio station shut down and get it off the air. By the blatantly ignorant approach, Sri Lanka mission in London have simply ignored the LTTE's main media propaganda radio station notwithstanding the fact that the IBC Tamil radio station is run by LTTE agents committing acts of terrorism against the Sri Lankan state.

Most recently, the IBC Tamil radio has made several broadcasts referring to Sri Lanka’s senior Cabinet Minister Douglas Devananda, Minister for Social Service and Social Welfare, in Tamil as “Sri Lanka Government’s Paramilitary Weapons Chief”. Furthermore the LTTE's IBC Tamil radio has also indirectly made several death threats towards Minister Douglas Devananda during their live commentary programs. It is extensively known that Cabinet Minister Douglas Devananda has been the victim of no less than 12 failed assassination attempts by the LTTE's Black Tiger suicide squad and is No: 2 after Mahinda Rajapakse, the President on their hit list.

Sri Lankan High Commisison in London has failed to address these serious threatening references made by the LTTE's IBC Tamil radio and take it as a serious threat to the life of a serving senior Cabinet Minister by taking the necessary action in reporting this to "Ofcom", the UK's regulator for radio and media communications broadcast.

It is only recently Sri Lanka lost Cabinet Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopoulle and the country is still in mourning over his tragic loss. The LTTE were able to raise large amounts of funding from pro-LTTE sympathizers in London as a result of Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopoulle's killing through the radio broadcasts from IBC urging Tamils to support pro-LTTE fundraising events organized by White Pigeon and other LTTE front associations.

The Sri Lankan High Commission in London has neither been able to convince the UK's Home Office or the Metropolitan Police's Anti-Terrorism branch of the seriousness of the LTTE's IBC Tamil radio’s broadcasts and the potential serious threat to the lives of thousands of civilians and politicians and Government leaders in Sri Lanka opposed to the LTTE by allowing them to continue with their terrorist broadcasts.

It is the duty and obligation of the Sri Lanka Mission in London to safeguard and protect the interests of Sri Lanka, its citizens, and actively monitor the terrorist activities of the LTTE in the UK and report their illegal terrorist activities to the UK authorities so that action can be taken by liaising with them in a timely fashion. Sri Lanka mission in London is the "Face, Eyes, Ears and Mouth of Sri Lankans on UK soil". The LTTE in the UK are classified and banned as a terrorist organization and the Sri Lankan mission in London has failed to take advantage of this factor to its full potential. In this case London mission has failed to take the appropriate measures and see to it that the LTTE's IBC Tamil radio is shut down by the UK law enforcement authorities and industry regulators. If similar Sri Lankan missions in France and Italy could take appropriate measures against the LTTE's propaganda television stations etc then one finds it hard to believe why Sri Lanka mission in London is unable to follow the lead and take similar action.

It is widely known that the International Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) is a pro-LTTE Tamil radio station run by agents working for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The radio's registered address is:

Tamil Media
Wyvil Court, 10 Wyvil Rd
Tel : 0044 2081 0000 12
Fax : 0044 2087 1120 96
email :

IBC claims to be a Tamil language radio station with aim of building bridges of communion among Tamils all over the world when in fact the radio station broadcasts pro-LTTE propaganda in order to manipulate and brainwash the mindsets of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora living in the UK. The radio is broadcast through another company known as Spectrum Radio that licenses its air time to the IBC. The company's registered address is:

Spectrum Radio
International Radio Centre
4 Ingate Place

The LTTE's International Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) broadcasts daily on Spectrum Radio. They offer a 7x24 service across Europe on Astra satellite, and also transmit two hours of the LTTE's programming on Spectrum. Their listeners tune in mainly for pro-LTTE news, which covers all events of terrorism committed by the LTTE in Sri Lanka against the state and its armed forces to the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora, both in Sri Lanka and abroad. Other programmes in their daily schedule include current affairs, pro-LTTE commentaries, pro-LTTE music and poetry including live broadcasts of important fundraising events for the LTTE in the UK and across Europe.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) launched the IBC radio service in 1997. The LTTE know perfectly well that information is power and it would like to empower their "anbu uravukal" ("loving relations" - this is how the LTTE's IBC addresses its listeners) by reaching them with false pro-LTTE propaganda information. Their news bulletins and news analysis are carefully prepared by LTTE Intelligence agents in the UK on instructions from their leader Shanmugaligam Sivashanker, better known as Pottu Amman, head of the LTTE Intelligence Unit (TOSI) and the Black Tigers. On all the terrorist atrocities committed by the LTTE's suicide squad the "Black Tigers" in Sri Lanka, the IBC Tamil radio never failed to carry the news first to its listeners.

The LTTE's IBC has always been aware of its role in the lives of Tamils and the cause of the LTTE. The LTTE claim that the IBC is the voice of Tamils, voice for the Tamils and it voices with Tamils all over the world.

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