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Masters of Conspiracies

By Adnan Gill

Secret hand at work again? Conspiracy again? Déjà vu all over again! Increasingly, it’s becoming very difficult to distinguish if its MQM or PPP that is raising hue and cry over conspiracies.

As if bent on insulting our collective intelligence, every time Karachi goes through bloody carnage, the rulers of Karachi, the MQM passes the buck on to the “secret hand(s).” Their PR machine goes into high gear and comes out crying Bloody-Mary with their readymade statements: we are the victims of a conspiracy, we are the victims of the ‘secret hand’, here are the names of their victims, and etc.

Their cries ring hallow, especially when MQM never gets tired of boasting their outstanding credentials in organization, discipline, and management. It is said, not even a leaf can move without MQM’s knowledge and/or consent. Even though, MQM had been the sole rulers of Karachi for at least (last) half a decade with virtually every local, provincial, and federal resource at their disposal; unbelievably they still plead ignorance as to who, when, how, and from where these secret hand(s) sneak in, do their dirty-deeds, and vanish into thin air?

As if a page out MQM playbook, PPP under the able leadership of Asif Ali Zardari (Benazir Bhutto’s widower) is also trying to play the victimization card. Read an interview or watch any of dozens of TV political talk-shows, chances of hearing sobbing stories of victimization from one or the other PPP leader is extremely high. Just as MQM, now PPP is also the ruling party in the center and Sindh, so are their PR strategies.

American ex-President Bill Clinton’s PR team devised a strategy called, ‘scorch earth’ strategy. Apparently, both MQM and PPP use it too. The strategy’s first step calls for, when in trouble, become the victim of a conspiracy. The second step calls for, go on all out attack; take no prisoners. If it takes maligning the characters of perfectly reasonable people or even their friends and families, so be it. If all else fails, ask a minion of yours to take a fall for you. But never ever admit your fault.

This is exactly what happened when PPP’s Advisor to Prime Minister, Rehman Malik conned their ANP allies, in the NWFP/Pakhtoonkhawa, into writing a letter to the Election Commission, requesting delaying by-elections due to unstable law & order situation in the province.

Immediately, everyone was blaming the Presidency for throwing a spanner in the works to sabotage the restoration of the deposed judiciary. However, it turned out; in an effort to buy extra time, so the loyalties of enough people could be bought to form new alliances, the conspiracy was hatched by the highest circles of the PPP. Plan was to form enough alliances to replace their largest coalition partner, the PML-N. Whether it takes buying loyalties of MQM and JUI, or rigging polls, standby allies are needed, in case the PML-N kept insisting on the pesky problem of restoration of the deposed judiciary which may repeal the infamous NRO. Bottom line, NRO must be preserved at all costs. To the horror of PPP, the plan backfired when ANP let the cat of the bag. ANP alleged, their request was sent to the Election Commission upon Rehman Malik’s advice. The PPP was caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Almost immediately, PPP contingency PR plan automatically went into motion. Mr. Zardari absolved himself of having any knowledge of a plan to marginalize its largest ally. At the same time, other PPP leaders like Sherry Rehman alleged it was a conspiracy against the PPP.

What conspiracy? Who hatched it? More importantly, how did the conspirator(s) convinced one of their most senior leaders, Rehman Malik to do their dirty deed? But then what do we know? Perhaps the alleged conspirator had a gun pointed at Rehman Malik’s head, or maybe they implanted a micro-chip in his head, through which they forced him to hatch conspiracies.

Whatever PPP wants to blame, or whoever they choose to malign, this blunder doesn’t look good for the once good image of the party. An image that Benazir Bhutto made through decades of struggles, and more importantly, through her sweat and blood. Thanks to PPP’s reluctance to restore the deposed judiciary to pre-November 3rd status, the public was already becoming suspicious of PPP’s real intentions. Naturally, now the populace will ask, if the conspiracy wasn’t the brainchild of PPP’s leadership then has Mr. Zardari lost control over his party to a point where one hand doesn’t know what other the hand is doing, or has PPP become so incompetent to govern anymore?

- Asian Tribune -

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