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Mahinda Rajapaksa deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Asian Tribune

Mahinda Rajapaksa is a visionary with absolute commitment to the democratic rights and the well being of the people of Sri Lanka. He is determined to work relentlessly to ensure that the people of Sri Lanka – Sinhala, Tamil, Malay and Burgher – live as equal citizens enjoying democratic rights and freedoms in a peaceful and prosperous nation.Mahinda Rajapaksa deserves Nobel Peace Prize - Asian Tribune Mahinda Rajapaksa deserves Nobel Peace Prize - Asian Tribune

Bellying all odds he has done the impossible in a matter of two and half years since assumption of the Presidency on November 19, 2005, by liberating the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala people in the entire Eastern Province from the ruthless grip of the terrorists and restored democratic rights enabling them to live and prosper as equal citizens of the country.

By holding a free and fair election in the Eastern Province o May 10, 2008, President Rajapaksa proved to the world that the people’s power is supreme in contrast to the gun culture that had prevailed in the East for over two decades.

The people in the Eastern Province, who have been subjected to untold hardships due to the terror acts of the LTTE, undoubtedly the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world for many years, finally proved to the world the power of the ballot over the bullet.

The Eastern PC victory was a clear victory for democracy and a mandate to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Government to continue its unrelenting battle against terrorism.

By giving a clear majority to the ruling party, the people in the East have given their full consent to the Government to continue the good work under the Eastern Reawakening program, which started immediately after the liberation of the East from the clutches of terrorism.

It is abundantly clear that the results of the first ever election to the Eastern Provincial Council confirms the people’s endorsement of the Government’s policy of restoring democracy and normality to areas earlier held by the LTTE terrorists, and the subsequent development programs implemented under the guidance of the President.

As President Rajapaksa declared after the successful completion of the elections to local Government bodies in the Batticaloa district last March, this is another important milestone in the Government’s policy of restoring the democratic rights of the people in areas once dominated by the LTTE, and ensuring democracy.

The voters of the Eastern Province have amply demonstrated their interest in protecting their democratic rights which were denied to them for nearly two decades by the forces of terror. It was the President’s inspiring leadership that eradicated terrorism and initiated a campaign to liberate the East.

Establishment of the Eastern PC and handing over the administration of the province to the elected representatives has given a tremendous sense of joy to the people in the East. It is the fulfillment of President Rajapaksa’s vision to create an environment where all people could enjoy democratic rights and live in freedom and harmony. The Easterners have given a clear mandate for peace by defeating terrorism, strengthening democracy and the development of the country.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa urged the newly-formed Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) to function as a closely knit, single family unit and be the guiding star of democracy to the entire nation.

Addressing the swearing-in ceremony of the new Chief Minister for the Eastern Provincial Council Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan (Pillayan), President Rajapaksa re-iterated that all stakeholders to the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) should refrain from cultivating any type of animosity, jealousy and discord.

They should work unitedly, in harmony with each other, to realise the true value and potential of the franchise of the people whom they represent, irrespective of their race and creed.

“They should set the standards and benchmarks to the entire nation. They should work in unison for the betterment and prosperity of their motherland. If they fail to achieve these objectives, the whole country would suffer the consequences and head for chaos and destruction.”

“This land belongs to all of us, to the Sinhalese, Muslims and the Tamils, sans any discrimination, to live in harmony. “the President stressed.

Although the Provincial Council Administrative System was initially devised for the benefit of the Tamil speaking people of the North and the East, ironically to date, it had failed miserably in its implementation within that region.

“Political solutions need not be confined solely to racks and tables or to Constitutions, but they should evolve from the people, the man on the street, and be implemented for their benefit. We are a Government which understands when and where we should legitimately adopt a gun or the political solution policy, as appropriate, to suit the conditions and situations demanded,” President said.

“However, today for the first time ever, we have accomplished that arduous task of establishing the Provincial Council, as a remedy and solution to the problems faced by the Tamil-speaking community and also succeeded in electing their own representatives to fulfil their aspirations”, he noted.

“Do not think in terms of a Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim leader, and lead the country to chaos. Let us think as Sri Lankans,” President Rajapaksa added. These words demonstrate President Rajapaksa’s statesmanship, character and vision.

The Government's policy is to introduce true representation of the people of the Eastern Province by devolving powers under a unitary system of Government protecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence after defeating terrorism in the area. The question of true representative provincial government was dragging for 30 years without any serious attempt being taken to solve it, but President Mahinda Rajapaksa's Government in office only for 28 months took the bold step of defeating the terrorists militarily and dawning a new era of a true representative government protecting the democratic rights of the people.

The process of democratisation in the East began with its liberation by the Security Forces last year. The Security Forces began the humanitarian mission to liberate the Eastern masses soon after the LTTE closed the Mavilaru sluice gates and completed it in just one year, with zero civilian casualties.

But the Government did not stop there. Realising that the Eastern Province was one of the most impoverished and battle-scarred areas in the country, the Government began the Eastern Resurgence programme which seeks to uplift the people's lives and infrastructure facilities. The programme is now going ahead rapidly.

The entire Nation now rallies round the Government and the Security Forces to encourage them on the noble mission of liberating the people in the entire Northern peninsula from the scourge of terrorism and restoring democracy.

In this crucial time, the democratic and peace-loving world is duty bound to strengthen President Mahinda Rajapaksa. He deserves no less than the Nobel Peace Prize for his relentless endeavor for peace and democracy.

- Asian Tribune -

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