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Sorting the mess of Sri Lanka’s Education system – a Board of Educationists to handle Education

By Shenali Waduge

The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth. Erasmus

There have been of late many commentaries on the subject of Sri Lanka’s education. It is admittedly in a disastrous state of affairs made pitiable by the manner in which all its stakeholders seem to shirk their responsibility.

An education system that was envied at one time is today wondering what went wrong. Teachers prefer to become “sick” thinking their anomalies will be resolved….students are not studying for reasons best asked of them…….Ministry officials prefer to play carom with the lives of youth as evident no sooner anyone walks into the Ministry & view the officers busy in chat or reading the daily newspapers.

Education is not the dowry of the Education Minister – obviously the present Minister does not have the mission or the vision to take the education to the next frontier.

The most important ministry of a country is the education ministry – its policies are likely to shape the future of the next generation. From the present scenario we can but wonder what sort of future protégées Sri Lanka is likely to produce.

It is my strong suggestion that in view of the importance of education that while the Minister remains to seal all policy decisions the entire administration from curriculum to forward thinking policies fall under a Board of Intellectuals specialized in the sphere of Education ONLY. Their decisions should not change from monsoon to the next monsoon but should be coherent with a country plan that would seek to take the country’s education to a higher level. Trade Unions & other political parties should not be allowed to through their political greed come between sound policies as have occurred in the past.

Education should not be to obtain electoral votes, privileges to posts etc

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