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Bruce Fein – Honeymoon with LTTE may be Over!

By Stephen Long, Los Angeles

Well, well, well. Now it’s getting really interesting. According to the Guardian yesterday, Bruce Fein, Esq., the infamous former Deputy United States Attorney and Beltway legal and PR mercenary who has been representing the alleged LTTE front organization, Tamils for Justice, appears to have a few problems on his hands. (It’s not exactly "alleged" since it is headed by Jayantha Gnanakone, who’s been pimping for Prabhakaran and the LTTE for thirty-five years.)

Apparently Mr. Fein and his boss, Mr. Gnanakone, have had a parting of the ways, and money Mr. Fein collected from Tamil supporters in Canada during a recent panhandling expedition has gone missing (now we’ll never know how many millions he raised). It also seems that Mr. Fein is now working for a new organization called "Justice for Thamils." Mr. Gnanakone is quoted by the Guardian as saying Mr. Fein has "joined the fraudulent organization called 'Justice for Thamils' started by various nefarious people of the Tamil race." (Different name, but it smells the same to me.) Calls have been made from the Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights, an NGO in Australia, to the FBI and the American Bar Association to investigate Mr. Fein for representing a banned international terrorist organization. Well, it’s about time!

I sensed something was amiss when I looked at the Tamils for Justice website a few days ago and saw some contradictory remarks (in both black and blue typefaces) about the huge success of Bruce Fein’s fundraising mission with the Tamil community in Canada. In one place it said that all the money they needed for legal fees had been collected, so they have stopped collecting funds for this expense item as of July 1st. In another paragraph it said that 95% of the money had been in cash, and they are still waiting for an accurate accounting so they can maintain their transparency with the Government of Canada. They also said that Bruce Fein opened up a bank account in Canada to make it easier for the good Tamil people to contribute. Now that we know the money is gone, and we know that Mr. Fein likes money (even blood money raised for suicide bombers), we might surmise that he has a hand in it – literally.

I smell a scandal brewing of huge proportions here, so this is your chance Government of Sri Lanka. Make the most of this amazing opportunity that has just fallen into your lap. Make all the noise you can about this Bruce Fein character and expose him for what he really is. He has crawled so far up the rectum of greed and materialism that now there’s really nowhere out for him. He can’t turn around and go back into the light and pretend to live a clean, virtuous life. All he can do now is stay in there and hope Prabhakaran and his hit squads don’t find him. We all know the history of those unfortunate ones who crossed the LTTE – especially when it involved money business. Are there any still alive?

I suggest that your Foreign Secretary, Dr. Palitha Kohona, make a phone call down the street and invite the Hon. Robert Blake, US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, to come to his office for a little chat. Ask him to explain how a former US Deputy Attorney General can represent a banned terrorist group, stir up all sorts of trouble for your country, and get away with it. Ask him to start an investigation at the FBI, Department of Justice, and the State Department. Don’t let up on him until he gets you some answers.

I also suggest that your new Ambassador to the United States, the Jaliya Wickramasuriya, capable man that he is to start doing the same thing in Washington D.C. Call up the FBI. Call up the Justice Department. Call up the State Department. And don’t forget to call up the American Bar Association and get Mr. Fein strung up for breaking ethics codes and bringing shame to his profession.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to call CNN – better yet, call Anderson Cooper at CNN. Invite him to come down to Sri Lanka to do a follow-up on his brilliant pieces on the tsunami disaster. Tell him the truth about your fight against terrorism, and maybe he’ll get you some air time to tell your side of the story. Call up the BBC. Call up Fox News. Start telling the world about the good things in Sri Lanka – the beauty, beaches, the kind, generous people – of mixed races who, for the most part, all live together in peace and harmony on the small island they call home. And don’t forget to call Al Jazeera – I’m sure they’d love this juicy bit of news about a tainted US Attorney named Bruce Fein who’s involved himself in the terrorist affairs of another country.

You’ve got to start protecting your boys at the Defence Department. Bruce Fein’s intention is to haul before the International Court and get them hung for genocide and human rights abuses. All of you readers everywhere, start calling or writing to people you know who may be able to get the truth out about this heartless legal prostitute who collects blood money to tell lies about the good men who are trying to put an end to terrorism in your country.

What makes me so mad is the pious hypocrisy of the United States, my country, unfortunately. They introduce a Congressional Resolution last week (by three idiot Congressmen who haven’t done their homework) that totally misses the point. They "got" part of it right, granted, but they didn’t “get” the whole point. What also makes me so mad is that our lame duck President Bush manufactured a war in Iraq so he could go after the terrorists and capture the oil. It’s all so plain now for the world to see and crucify us for it, so why should we be surprised that there are morally bankrupt Deputy US Attorneys who would suck up to terrorist groups just to line their pockets?

Do you remember that classic movie from 1976 – “Network”? One of the greatest scenes in modern cinema is when Peter Finch’s character, the news anchor, starts screaming on the air, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna’ take it any more.” He gets the whole country to start screaming out their windows, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna’ take it any more!” Pretty soon everybody in America is shouting this paean at the top of their lungs! So take this as an example and get mad as hell about the lies being spread about your beautiful country. Start making some noise. Express some outrage of your own. Use this Bruce Fein scandal as an opportunity to set the record straight, and get square with the world’s opinion.

If you let this golden moment go by without taking advantage of it, then you have my sympathies.

- Asian Tribune -

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