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JVP should practice inner party democracy before expecting democracy from others

Colombo, 11 August, ( General Secretary of the National Freedom Front Nandana Gunathilaka said the JVP must follow democratic path before asking others to follow the path of democracy.

“They must follow democratic practices within their party, said Mr.Gunathilaka in a press statement.

A number of NFF members were assaulted by the JVP members, he alleged.

However JVP strongmen Anura Kumara Dissanayake said NFF have made false allegations against the JVP to obtain cheap publicity. “This is method of the NFF, he said.

Speaking at a press briefing on Sunday Mr. Dissanayake said the JVP never bother about NFF activities. Responding to media he said election monitors do not have man power
to monitor the entire election process and the JVP does not accept their reports.

“We do not have confidence on their activities and their final reports which do not reflect the true situation of the elections.

“If they want to monitor an election in selected areas, they pick people from those areas and obtain their reports. Can we accept their reports? Because they do not have prior experience on election monitoring process, he said.

Meanwhile addressing the National Professionals’ Council, the Election Commissioner lamented that he had been unable to set up a safety net to safeguard voters as he could not find at least 100 unbiased, efficient public officials.

The Election Commissioner stated that the 1972 and 1978 constitutions took away the personal independence and prompted the public officials to serve the politicians.

He said that he would have set up an alternative structure in addition to police to monitor and report election malpractices and violence if there were an adequate number of unbiased public officials.

After meting the Election Commissioner, Prof. Oliver Abenayaka, the Supreme Council member of National Professionals’ Council addressed media and said that they urged the Commissioner to safeguard the democratic rights of the people in the coming Provincial Council elections.

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