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The vicious agenda of BBC Sinhala service

Ranjith Soysa-Melbourne

From the time the BBC Sinhala service came under Vasantharajah in 80s to date, the contents of its reports on political and war related issues have been supportive of separatist agenda of the racists. In fact, bankrupt leftists, LTTE spokespersons and members of the NGO mafia in Sri Lanka prominently figure in the program even though the vast majority of the Sinhala speaking listeners do not condone separatism. Latest false report filed in BBC Sinhala service announcing that a letter had been submitted to the Secretary General of the UNO by the Catholic Church on the subject of IDPs in the North is a serious matter which merits investigation by all Sri Lankans.

While the defence forces are engaged in a do or die battle in the North to defeat the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization and liberate all Sri Lankans from the scourge haunting Sri Lanka for last 30 years, the LTTE propaganda machinery with its acolytes in the INGOs are busy invoking the attention of international do-gooders to the ‘plight of the Tamil people’. BBC Sinhala Service has jumped the bandwagon hand in hand with the LTTE spokespersons in this instance too in a last ditch attempt to save the LTTE and its mad chief. There is very clear pattern in BBC Sinhala Service’s mischievous report and reports in LTTE related news services as the focus today is on IDPs in the North and, not on the LTTE the cause of the IDPs . The journalists in the BBC Sinhala service have aired the LTTE’s plea in the name of the poor Tamils! But, even the Tamil leaders like Mr Ananda Sangaree know how kindly Prabahakaran has been looking after the Tamil people and their children who are forced today to provide a protective shield to the LTTE.

Sri Lankan –Sinhala- listeners can remember nostalgically the depth and artistry of BBC Sandeshaya in its formative days when it was mainly a cultural radio program. Broadcasters of very high calibre such as D.M Colombage, Karunartane Abeysekers, Badra Guantilleke, Sunanda Mahendra, Nanda Jayamanee, Prabha Ranatunga and Thilak Sudharman De Silva through their learning and skills developed Sandeshaya to a high point in content and listener appeal.

However, with Vasantharajah’s taking over of the program in 1979 – still a million dollar question how he was appointed- one can see a gradual deterioration of Sandeshya to its present political posturing. Vasantharajah ,the present journalists Priyath Liyange whose experience and skills were in health services- and Chandana Keerthi Bandara are well known for their sympathies to the moribund leftist politics and the cause of racist Tamil separatists.

They serve these political masters in a servile manner without giving any consideration to the wishes and the interests of the Sinhala listening public. Most of their programs are more like repetitions of imbalanced news conferences of Colombo based, rootless pseudo- socialist fronts. At the end of the day, Sandeshaya is simply a wastage of very valuable air time while serving the interests of decadent and vicious political movements.

Due to timely intervention by Sri Lankan Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe it was possible to nail the canard spread by the BBC Sandeshaya avoiding possible further spin to the fabricated story by other news media. However, the threat of continuous churning out news reports which are anti- Sri Lanka, pro- LTTE, pro unscrupulous NGO by the two Sri Lankan journalists at the BBC Sandeshaya remains . The issue deserves the attention of concerned listeners and authorities as two partisan, unprofessional journalists, who have no qualms in prostituting this important human endeavour, are at the helm of an important radio program.

- Asian Tribune -

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