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Asian University for Women in Bangladesh to Partner with Stanford University in U.S.

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Washington, D.C. 19 October ( The Asian University for Women (AUW), based in Chittagong, Bangladesh, October 17 announced two new relationships with Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA; and, Aalborg University, Esbjerg, Denmark.

As the Asian University for Women prepares to open its doors to its inaugural undergraduate class in July 2009, both relationships will be valuable in the University's initial development.

"As we continue to develop AUW's curriculum and faculty, we are honored to be working with forward-looking, international universities such as Stanford and Aalborg," said Dr. Hoon Eng Khoo, Provost and Acting Vice Chancellor at the Asian University for Women. "The exchange of knowledge and cultural experiences that our collective student body will experience exemplifies the heart and soul of AUW's mission -- to provide a world-class education and global professional development opportunities to talented young women of South and South East Asia, regardless of their backgrounds."

Located in Chittagong, Bangladesh, the mission of the Asian University for Women (AUW) is based on the firm belief that education – especially higher education -- provides a critical pathway to leadership development, economic progress, and social and political equality. Set to commence in September 2009, the University will educate promising young women from diverse cultural, religious, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds from across South and South East Asia and the Middle East -- with a particular emphasis on the inclusion of women from poor, rural, and refugee populations. At the heart of the University, is the civic and academic goal to cultivate successive generations of women leaders who possess the skills and resources to address the challenges of social and economic advancement of their communities.

Recognized world-wide as a leading educational institution, Stanford University of U.S. has offered to send two of their brightest post doctoral fellows to serve as part of the founding faculty for the year 2009-2010.

"The mission of the Asian University for Women is extraordinary. By providing access to quality higher education for women whose promise might otherwise go unrealized, the University is transforming the lives of these women and their families," said John Etchemendy, Provost at Stanford University. "By empowering women to become leaders in society, AUW is creating an important force for positive change in the world. Stanford University is dedicated to building a strong new program in South Asian Studies, and is looking forward to contributing to the living and learning community that the Asian University for Women is developing in Chittagong."

The relationship between Stanford University and the Asian University for Women highlights Stanford's dedication to building a strong program in South Asia through research on contemporary economics and politics, as well as research on the region's diverse cultures and history. Stanford students will be prepared for careers working side-by-side with their peers from around the world -- including those from the Asian University for Women.

Internationally renowned for "the Aalborg Model of PBL," Aalborg University in Denmark is a leading institution with an inter-disciplinary, problem-oriented approach to innovative research and education. The University has entered into an agreement with the Asian University for Women to collaborate on establishing a graduate program in Information & Communication Technology.

As part of the initiative, Aalborg University will provide AUW with its own faculty members until a full Computer Science faculty has been recruited. Aalborg University is developing a further initiative to recruit South and South East Asian students to complete their doctoral degrees at Aalborg, before returning to Bangladesh to teach at the Asian University for Women.

"Information technology is the key to enabling global communications and the sharing of information and knowledge -- important tools in the development of an international university," said Lone Dirckinch-Holmfeld, Professor, PhD. at Aalborg University.

"Women from underserved communities are often uneducated in the advances of global information technology, and are unaware of how they can use these tools to better serve both personal and community development. Aalborg's relationship with the Asian University for Women will provide these promising young women with the knowledge and resources they need to educate themselves, their families, and their communities."

- Asian Tribune -

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