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Overly confident Rep. Keith Ellison campaigns for a fellow democrat

By Mohamed H. Hassan

At an event organized by Somali American Community, not partisan organization in Minnesota, overly confident Rep. Keith Ellison campaigns for a fellow democrat in his meeting with an electrified crowd of Somali-Americans.  Rep. Keith Ellison  with Ugas Abdullahi Rep. Keith Ellison with Ugas Abdullahi

Rep. Keith Ellison talked to the crowd about his close relationship with the Somali community and their empirical role in his last election. Somalis are said to have helped Rep. Keith Ellison defeat his 2006 election rivals, Tammy Lee (IP), Alan Fine (R), and Jay Pond (G) by about 30%. “You have graciously given me your votes and trust and I am very grateful and proud to serve as your representative” Rep. Keith Ellison said.

Mr. Ellison noted that his “1st two years in the congress was just to set the foundations” but that he is now experienced and can move things forward. “I need more friends in the senate and congress … honestly, we are in a good shape this time but I need you to help me get Al Franken elected to the senate” he said.

On the other hand, Rep. Keith Ellison told the crowd that “Sen. Norm Coleman voted with President Bush almost always and that he hasn’t done anything to advance peace in the Middle East or Somalia.”

Regarding Somalia, Mr. Ellison told the attendees that he is concern of what is happening in Somalia and has been studying and working to bring peace to Somalia and the region. He said “Aside from the other information’s that are available to me as representative, I have been advised by the senior representative and the African Sub-committee chairman Rep. Donald Payne, officials from the region and many friends from the Somali community. “I met the deputy speaker of the Kenyan Parliament, Mr. Farah Maalim and other officials in my short visit to Nairobi this year” he said.

“I want you be patient … as the power of dripping water could move a mountain, we will, insha Allah, find peace for Somalia” Rep. Keith Ellison told the crowd. Mr. Ellison introduced September 2008 a bill, H. RES. 1424, supporting accountability for abuses in Somalia. This bill is currently pending as the country deals with elections and the ‘economic meld down’.

Among the many community leaders, in attendance was visiting highly regarded prominent Somali traditional leader, Ugas. Abdullahi Ugas Farah. Ugas. Abdullahi is visiting the U.S. to inspire Somalis to help their native country and talk with American officials about the real intricacies of the Somali crisis. “I am here to encourage my people to help reconstitute their country and tell American leaders about the true nature of the situation in my country” he said.

Speaking to the crowd, Ugas. Abdullahi said “because we know and trust his intentions, you must help Rep. Keith Ellison … in order for Keith to be helpful to the situation in Somalia, you must also elect Al Franken to the senate … Prior to the start of the program, I had a lengthy conversation with your representative, Keith Ellison. I asked him to press the Somali issue even more and he promised that he will do just that … he has all the good intentions to help you, your countrymen and Somalia” Ugas. Abdullahi said.

Eng. Hassan Mohamud “Hassanow” told the writer that he was encouraged to see the Somali issue get traction. “I am not only going to vote for both Rep. Keith Ellison and Al Franken ... Actually, I am going to vote for them tomorrow” said Mr. Hassanow.

An estimated number of 60-80 thousand Somalis recently, starting 1991, migrated to Minnesota and quickly became an important part of the voting blog. In the past number of elections, Somalis have not only voted in the masses but could be seen in political rallies and campaign offices. Somali-Minnesotans could possible be sending one of their own to a public office.

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