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Responsibility To Protect Israel (R2P)

By L. Jayasooriya

This is your day Mr. Gareth Evans to protect Israel from the Palestinians by applying your R2P formula for which you have been given immense resources to exercise your right to protect everybody in this world the details of which are in your biography in the internet which states that you are the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Brussels–based International Crisis Group (ICG), an independent multinational non-governmental organization with 90 full-time staff on five continents which works through field-based analysis and high level policy advocacy, to prevent and resolve deadly conflict.

So now we see that the above job description is not something like that of the Secretary General of the United Nations and that basing it in Brussels was to give the impression that it is a respectable international body as the UN. You Mr. Evans are the head of a vast NGO funded by the famous "International Community" (IC) whose wealth and power has been at the expense of those nations the IC has exploited. With regard to the wealth of the IC, Khrushchev said that Europe without Africa would be like a hen without feathers. That is the best explanation that can be given for the wealth of the IC.

The IC is now getting worried that their prey on whose blood sweat and tears they fattened on, for so long are trying to assert their rights and free themselves from exploitation. So this is how the R2P came to be. It is the brain child of the IC think tanks to ensure that the exploitation will continue. Incidentally your replacing the English word 'to' with the numerical digit 2 is not clever as you may have thought. We see it as a perversion of the English language.

Your first attempt to apply your R2P formula to destabilize Sri Lanka and Balkanize it for easy exploitation was revealed the day you delivered the Eighth Neelan Tiruchelvam Memorial Lecture in Colombo and spoke at length on the 'Limits of State Sovereignty: The Responsibility To Protection In The 21st Century' on July 29, 2007.

Neelan Tiruchelvam was a politician who was murdered by the LTTE chief Prabhakaran that Garath Evans is fully supporting when he said at that lecture that unlike in the east where the government forces were able to defeat the LTTE and take over the terrain with minimum casualties, he expressed the opinion that extending the war to the Tiger stronghold in the northern Vanni will have a devastating impact on civilians, giving rise to a R2P situation which demands preventive action in the first instance by the Sri Lankan government with possible military intervention by the international community to ensure their safety. You had the audacity and the courage to say that within the safety of a private audience where you were the invited guest. Would you have said that at a public meeting? You are a brave coward you Evans.

The Sri Lankan army is now steadily extending the war into the Vanni. By doing that we treated your threat with absolute contempt. Why don’t you invoke your R2P on us? Are you scared? If you are scared you have let down all the multinationals of the IC who expected you to destabilize our country for easy exploitation. Now with the closing of ranks by Iran, Russia, China and Pakistan together with the entire Muslim world the multinationals of the IC might as well divert their money to set one African nation against another.

Lastly if you cannot with the entire support of the IC protect Israel by applying your R2P and invading the West Bank and annexing it to Israel and declaring that Palestine does not exist and never existed there is nothing that you can do except waste the money of your providers.

-Asian Tribune -

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