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A Peace Dove From Yonder Estonia

Stockholm, 04 January, ( The Estonian peace activist Dr Kaido Kotkas, is a medical Doctor, a peace dove from yonder Estonia and a true friend of Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans. He was one who recently readily responded to the SOS put out by the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry with € 3,000 worth of Foot Spray medicines urgently needed to treat the fungal and bacterial foot infections for the Sri Lankan soldiers, when they were engaged, during those rainy days, in their military campaign to evict the Tigers from Kilinochchi. The Estonian peace activist Dr Kaido KotkasThe Estonian peace activist Dr Kaido Kotkas

Dr Kaido Kotkas, an Estonian and a friend of one of Sri Lanka’s reputed academic, Dr. Nazeem Seyed-Mohamed, Professor of Department of Business Studies at the renowned Uppsala University, in Sweden.

It was Dr. Nazeem who recommended to Sri Lankan Ambassador in Sweden Ranjit Jayasuriya to approach Dr Kaido Kotkas, a medical doctor for the foot spray donation to Sri Lankan soldiers.

Dr. Koida an Estonian and a frined of Dr. Nazeem responded with the foot spray medicine containing a potent anti-fungal/anti-bacterial compound: the main ingredient being one per cent (1%) Triclosan. Asian Tribune reported the news item Foot Spray to Sri Lankan soldiers airlifted- thanks to an Estonian generosity

Recently Asian Tribune, when contacted Dr. Kaido, he said, "I am in fact opposed to terrorism of all kinds - good and bad. I am interested in promoting peace in whatever small way possible. All people in earth deserve peace without any problem of terrorism."

He further said, “President Martti Ahtisaari, a former Finland President and a Nobel laureate said that peace is in our hands and in our mind. If we like to do it, we can do that. I believe in that.

"I really hope that people must have much better life in the future. I hope that people in Sri Lanka too will soon start living peacefully and all their misunderstanding are gone and live together peacefully.

"I hope and pray Peace in Sri Lanka dawn soon, Dr. Kaido said, when speaking to Asian Tribune.

Sending the foot medicine to Sri Lankan soldiers was just a token contribution, an expression of our goodwill, he said.

He said, I am an Estonian. I live in Tallinn, Estonia, and earlier I was involved in some small way as an advisor to the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria. But not now, it was a couple of years ago.

First of all I am a Doctor; I am also operating one week every month in Finland. I am operatic orthopedic. In Tallinn I am running a private medical and sports centre called Arigatta.

He spoke about his family and two sons. He said that his wife is also a qualified medical doctor but she is involved in 'Long Life Program' and is an educator.

I have two good Sri Lankans as my friend, one in Estonia and other is Dr. Naseem in Sweden.

Asian Tribune asked, Tell us what made you to help the Sri Lankan Army personnel?

I think I consider this as a part of medic services we render to humanity.

First of all kindly remember that most important is the peace to every single person.

We experience this when Estonia was under Russian control and my family suffered a lot. Therefore I realized that what is more important is to keep peace.

To bring about peace in a country and restore peace and stability, we have to use certain amount of force. It is very sad, but it is unavoidable and sometimes we have to do this to safeguard the independent, sovereignty of the concerned country.

Asian Tribune interrupted and questioned Dr. Kaido, "You mean to say that you decided to help the Sri Lankan cause, because you know and experienced the sufferings by war?

We, Estonians did not experience any serious terrorists’ attacks except for an attack one and a half years ago. My be they were not terrorists, but just a group of angry people, but our country suffered by it. May be they were led by Russians officials, but I am against such kind of acts.

When asked whether he has ever visited Sri Lanka, he said “no” and said he wishes to visit Sri Lanka. He said if he is invited then he will definitely visit and also wishes to give his thoughts on the health and social services in Sri Lanka.

In conclusion he reiterated, I really hope that people must have much better life in the future. I hope that people in Sri Lanka too will soon start living peacefully and all their misunderstanding are gone and live together peacefully.

- Asian Tribune -

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