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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 75

The Colombians

By Gomin Dayasri

* "How ever can our Security Forces defeat the LTTE"

* "Negotiate we must with the LTTE, otherwise the war will not end"

* "LTTE are so smart, well organized and committed unlike our Forces"

* "Economy will go bust if we do not open talks"

* "Let them have the North-East, what does it matter?"

* "We met them in Killinochchi, Army is no match to them"

* "My friend in the forces, now retired, says we cannot win"

This was the chatter in the cocktail circuit-the women outdoing the men- until the forces opened the Northern front. Unaccredited pundits given a hearing not because of acquired knowledge but of social positions held in society. They had contacts with diplomats of the west, journalists of doubtful integrity, INGOs seeking audiences, pseudo intellectuals with social graces, professionals of opportunistic nature and academics in search of dollars and an assortment of social climbers of like mind. They truly believed in what they said, because their minds were small, compartmentalized and closed –partly genetic largely environmental.

So distanced were they, knew not the feelings of the masses. They lived virtually on another planet- in a mini world of their own. Latterly with the winds blowing in the other direction, they are quiet, but still wishing their dreams will come true, waiting for some news to come- at least to say, so we said. Wait in vain, they still do.

Silly Bunch stand and serve to make the UNP the perpetual loser; turned once to Chandika and otherwise to Ranil; and made both daft and stupid. For stimulation they read Centre for Policy Alternate, for knowledge turn to Society for Law and Trust. They idolize Rani Mani or Eric Solheim and the gospel they swallow is from the Sunday Leader and the slightly less literate, hunt for high society in Hi Magazine. Their high priest is Bradman Weerakoon, the pathfinders- the locals who mouth the BBC trying to imitate foreign accents.

The damage they did with little knowledge and big talk often with a glass in hand is insurmountable. They created an opinion for a class in Colombo-the Colombians. Those mindless private sector executives-from bank clerks carrying glorified titles of no prestige; to garment exporters with a fistful of dollars whose world revolves around the GST ; the insipid servile public officials (mostly retired) sitting in every conceivable committee doing sweet nothing seeking upward mobility depending on a diplomatic or NGO connection for a trip abroad; to the breed of academics who have more to learn than teach, making a living on international connections as their hired hands; associates among the NGOs who sing for their breakfast to the tune of their foreign masters- to such, this is a war that cannot be won-where defeat awaits us, their anthem to the nation They made that opinion infectious on epidemic proportions.

There were a few coming from their own ranks who told them where they were wrong. Such were dismissed as freaks, fanatics and fakirs unfit to be a Colombian. Those who held competing views were socially ostracized. Such yakos in their artificial genteel world were fit to be in the domain of the servants’ quarters. Those who opposed were ridiculed.

The war was not fought not in wilds of Wanni alone but on media, at seminars, in publications and talk shows. There was both the known and the unknown enemy. In the streets of Colombo roamed the suicide bombers in search of prey while in plush limousines traveled those who thirsted in desperation for devastation on detonation, hopefully it will down the morale of the forces. Of course it must not descend on them or on their close ones- little did they care for any other. Logic was elementary-LTTE was on a rampage to destroy many whom the Colombians yearned destroyed. Hatred against a government they voted against made them proximate in mind and body to a terrorist organization.

There were no Colombians in the battle front. The Colonel Blimps have all faded away. The fodder for the war was provided by sons and daughters of the masses. To the Colombians, loss of life on the battle field did not count, as they are not their children. No heroes or heroics can be raised other than from the wombs of affluent Colombo or outside the shores of the island. LTTE links with west made it easy to cheer terrorism. They wanted the terrorist to defeat our sons and daughters who were sacrificing their lives to give security and stability to the Colombians to send their children to school, to do their business, to earn from their professions and to have fun. The source of the distorted psychology was inherited genetically or soaked by impersonation -those aping did it in with more flourish than those born to it.

It is their style to be different to mortals whom they consider less. If others were cheering with the forces reaching Kilinochchi; instinct made them pick holes in a victory achieved with lives lost to defeat terrorism. Who ever did it, torching a TV station was breaking news not the taking of Pooneryn or Paranthan. They cheered for Colombo not for Sri Lanka. Without the LTTE they have to search for another effective force to destabilize the government with an opposition stupid; like the redundant war correspondent who has to find an isolated battlefield rather than go home without a war.

Even the terrorists are better than a government they voted against. To keep the LTTE alive was a live factor to destabilize the government they hate- the psyche and hype of the Colombians. Instead of the four letter initials of the local terrorists if the name was Hamas or Hezebulla or Al Queida detested by the West possibly the equation may have changed.

It is the Colombians that make Ranil a permanent loser, little realizing that in terms of the eternal reversible reaction; the Colombians too are the consequential losers. With the downfall of the LTTE, occult may well say the serial losers have the enduring knack in selecting the fallen, whenever an option is available. Naturally, they are so out of touch with the reality in the country of their birth. In the search for an alternative they may soon turn to the contemporary scriptures originating from the Supreme Court orders at least for a while. They well seek salvation from any saint or scarecrow, if the gospel is according to the elite.

The final victory was delayed primarily due to the voice of the opinion makers of Colombo with the perennial chant the "war cannot be won on the battlefield". We have suffered for 25 years, in getting our priorities in order because of the misguided sounds of a vocal minority in Colombo given a hearing by the ruling elite. Their mantra has a greater reach because of easy access to media and advertising channels. Their erroneous imprudent flawed wisdom has contaminated society many times; but never as toxic as when they prevailed upon, to seek the path of negotiating instead of eliminating terrorism.

Admiration for Ranil is possible-he will squeak at the worst of times and sound dim witted but yet to his credit he stands on principles, however blemished unlike those who sit in the front benches of the government who introduced the federal package, sang the CFA song with the Norwegians, and swayed with the LTTE and the UNP, and now earn perks sailing with the winner. So will the Colombians silently stealthily slyly move to the victor?

- Asian Tribune -

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