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In South Africa : Erroneous assertion of LTTE exposed

Pretoria, 03 February, ( The erroneous assertion of the LTTE as involved in a 'Liberation war for self determination' was exposed. Sri Lanka's High Commissioner in Pretoria pointed out that the recent statement by the African National Congress has erroneously termed the terrorists activities of the LTTE as a War of Liberation for Self Determination

Sri Lanka's High Commissioner Anura Rajakaruna in missive said that the recent statement made by the ANC is against the aspirations of a friendly country which championed the cause of the majority people of South Africa in several international fora during the apartheid period.

He reminded the position taken by Sri Lanka at the Conference of Foreign Ministers of Non-Aligned Countries in Lima in August 1975, in demanding that apartheid South Africa strictly respect the unity and territorial integrity of the territory while also denouncing the creation of so called "homelands".

While writing to Mr. Gwede Mantashe, Secretary General, African National Congress (ANC) Sri Lankan High Commissioner Anura Rajakaruna took exception to the statement of the ANC that appeared in a pro-LTTE website on 29 January, under the headline "ANC urges immediate ceasefire between GOSL, LTTE citing genocide".

Sri Lankan High Commissioner Anura Rajakaruna wrote to Gwede Mantashe, Secretary General, African National Congress (ANC) -

"I was surprised to read that the ANC still sees the LTTE's ruthless terrorism as a liberation war! It is unfortunate that the ANC is yet to realize this conflict as a violent terrorist campaign to divide a country and its people on ethnic lines. For your information, I wish to outline below some facts about these "liberators".

Sri Lankan High Commissioner went on to clarify -

"The LTTE killed unarmed civilians including children in cold-blooded bombings, suicide and other attacks. The LTTE has in horrendous and cowardly fashion, slaughtered Muslims at worship in Mosques and Sinhalese at worship in Temples, crowds of innocent people in buses, trains and other public places – thus deliberately targeting innocent civilians.

"The LTTE is responsible for ethically cleansing the North and parts of the East of Sri Lanka and expelling thousands of Muslims and Sinhalese from their habitual lands as part of their campaign to deceitfully stake claim for an establishment of a mono ethnic separate state in Sri Lanka.

"The LTTE is led by a psychopathic leader Prabhakaran. Countries have given the LTTE its due label in going by its track record and not by what it claims itself to be. The LTTE has perfected the use of suicide bombers and invented suicide belts. The LTTE is also known for its illegal activities of human trafficking, money laundering, extortion and drug trafficking.

"The LTTE has continued to eliminate any opposition to its terror campaign by brutally eliminating any dissenting voices within the organization and eliminating the moderate democratic Tamil political leadership throughout its campaign of terror. Such assassinations include TULF leader Mr. A. Amirthalingam, who was once the Leader of the opposition in the Sri Lankan Parliament, eminent Harvard educated lawyer and Member of Parliament Dr, Neelan Thiruchelvam and a host of others.

"The LTTE is responsible for attempting to destroy the democratic structure which has been nurtured in Sri Lanka since universal adult franchise in 1931. It has undermined the democratic electoral processes by assassinating and threatening nominated politicians, forcibly instructing the people of the North and the East not to engage in democratic elections, killing in cold blood several elected political personalities such as President Premadasa of Sri Lanka as well as a number of Sri Lankan Ministers including the late Lakshman Kadiragamar, himself a Tamil – a serving Foreign Minister.

"The LTTE has been described by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation as being ‘among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world’ and has been quite appropriately designated a terrorist organization by many other countries such as the European Union, UK, USA, Canada, India. It assassinated two world leaders – the only organization to do so. It is also listed in the UNSC Resolution 1612 for its direct involvement in the recruitment of children as combatants into its ‘Baby Brigade’ some as young as 9 years.

"The LTTE has never engaged in a genuine political process. The LTTE refuses to be involved in a peaceful political process and has never displayed its willingness or ability to engage in bona-fide negotiations to arrive at a peaceful solution to the issue. All attempts at negotiation have failed due to its intransigence and insincerity. For instance, the negotiations in Oslo were jeopardized by the LTTE’s refusal to sit down for talks with the Government despite its arrival in Oslo.

I have also noted that your Statement has failed to demand the LTTE to release the civilians and not to use them as "human shield", as appealed by the Secretary General of the United Nations in his recent Statement. This situation was deliberately created by the LTTE by forcing the people to move with them in order to use them as 'human shield' ".

- Asian Tribune -

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