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LTTE Leader Prabakaran and his son Charles Antony in Puthukkudiyiruppu

By Ruwan Weerakoon

Colombo, 14 February, ( The surrendered two Black Tiger cadres say that LTTE leader Prabakaran and his son Charles Antony are in Puthukkudiyiruppu and only his second son Balachandran and wife Mathivathani are out of the country. They also said that Prabakaran’s only daughter Duwaraka is away in Ireland continuing with her studies.

The two surrendered Black Tigers said that the innocent Tamil civilians are held as human shield to safeguard these two people – Prabakaran and his son.

Sri Lanka Army intelligence sources said that those two Black Tiger cadres surrendered at Theru Murukandy on 28 January 2009. They said that they have been briefed about their mission by Charles Anthony the elder son of Prabhakaran who is handling the IT unit of the LTTE in Visuamadu on January 23.

Initially they claimed that they had arrived there to surrender to the Security Forces but later accepted that they had arrived there on a suicide mission to explode the bund of the Iranamadu tank.

Those two Black Tiger cadres identified as Thillainathan Thivakaran alias Thamil Alai (22 yrs) (enlistment on August 2005) and Kanakasuthasan Suthas alias Shanker 22 yrs,( enlistment on April 2006) have made surprising revelations to the Security Forces.

Those shocking revelations by those two Black Tiger cadres 'Shanker' and 'Thamil Alai' confirmed the fact that the LTTE had more terror plans in their hand to reverse the Security Forces victories even at the last moment.

According to the investigation, those two cadres having completed their basic Sea Tiger training in Mullaitivu, and were involved in the LTTE Sea Tiger activities since January 2006 and September 2007, respectively.

They were mainly involved in performing duties in the LTTE Sea Tiger Assault Boat Squadrons. They had been tasked by LTTE Sea Tiger Wing leader Soosai to carry out an underwater demolition of the Iranaimadu tank bund. Having failed to complete their mission they surrendered to the Special Forces of the Sri Lanka Army on 28 January 2009.

In an, interview with those cadres it was revealed that one of those cadres namely Thamil Alai has at various occasions provided protection to Sea Tiger smuggling activities that took place in the western and eastern coasts of Sri Lanka.

Sea Tiger smuggling activities

Thamil Alai had first been deployed in the Illupaikadavai area from November 2006 to March 2007. During this period, this cadre had carried out escort duties in a LTTE attack craft (along with another 2 LTTE Sea Tiger attack boats), to LTTE smuggling activity using 4 logistics boats (approximately 22ft in length) at a time that took place at least 3 times a week between the Silavathurai/ Kokkupadayan Sea Tiger base to the Illuppaikadavai Sea Tiger base.

During that period of 5 months, this cadre had conducted, an approximate of 50-60 movements between those 2 locations through the sand banks across Adams Bridge, sailing approximately 4 nautical miles away from the coast. As revealed by the cadre, those movements have been observed by the Sri Lanka Navy only on 5-7 occasions. However, no confrontations had taken place on those occasions. Further, it was reported that the LTTE continuously monitors theses movements by shore based radars. The items smuggled between these locations during this period had been mainly 120mm mortar ammunition rounds and other supplies such as diesel and petrol.

Intelligence report indicated that the LTTE was planning to unload a consignment of combat supplies in December 2008. This cadre had been employed to unload the lethal cargoes from a trawler (little bigger than the standard trawlers) during the third week of December 2008, further confirming the intelligence reports. Navy couldn’t destroy or locate the LTTE mother ship that brought the lethal consignments.

Furthermore, this mother ship which unloaded military hardware to trawlers in the mid sea, it was revealed that confrontations with the Sri Lanka Navy took place. However, the LTTE had smuggled and unloaded 2 consignments of combat supplies. Those goods along with the trawlers had been dragged ashore by the LTTE using improvised boat carries in the Mullaitivu north area. It was further revealed that the LTTE had planned to smuggle in another shipment during the same period.

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