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Sinhalese for Tamils

By Gomin Dayasri

Will you put up your hand to elevate the Tamil People or the Tamil Politicians? Sinhalese will raise both hands with sincerity in favor of the Tamil People. Not merely raise hands; they will clap with both the hands in support.

Such is the bonhomie that prevails presently in Sinhalese electorates as they see flashes on the television screen, the helping hands of the security forces bringing the captive Tamil civilians to safety.

They see the innocent helpless look on the faces of those Tamil civilians looking aged and haggard with years of toil and adversity under LTTE iron fist. Indeed among them are planted Tiger moles!

The time is right for the Sinhala leadership to fight for the legitimate grievances of the Tamil people-not the rights sought to benefit the Tamil politicians.

A 30 year war is sufficient for the lifetime of several generations. A vacuum exists in the Tamil leadership with the LTTE exterminating the democratic options available to their people. For 30 years an emerging youthful Tamil leadership could not surface unless they bowed in obedience to terrorists. It is a subjugated subdued suppressed community where on the political wave length a band of a few TNA outlaws roamed preaching the LTTE doctrine with armed protection from the state they hate They will come back to sow seeds of hatred to further disintegrate a fractured society.

There is Anandasangaree and Douglas Devananda under heavy security capable of expressing themselves from Colombo but not from Jaffna. They are relics of the past having by passed two generations becoming distant voices in the wilderness. It is a lost Tamil leadership speaking to an abandoned unseen audience as the terrorist forbade any nexus to the electorate. Tamil politicians had only the media as their amplifier through which they relayed their message to a filtered miniscule crowd that accessed the media.

Tamil politicians are greedy to extend their power bases to overwhelm and overpower the Tamil voters, just like their Sinhala counterparts. Prabhakaran made the TNA MP’s fiddlers in the basement to play in the Elam orchestra and gave them the right to life and the will to live. They brought forth a set unknown to parliament and pulled the strings to make them gyrate to their tune. With the LTTE leadership fast dwindling, TNA will look towards the Diaspora, the voice and the cash across the seas.

In the Diaspora lives the embryo stacked in ice, hoping to take the Tamils in the hemisphere to seek a Dravidian Kingdom; for a race in search of a state. Yalpanam is a fertile field and they will search for a sophisticated poodle and not another megalomaniac like Prabhakaran with many deficiencies and complexes that brought shame to the movement and contributed to his own downfall.

A Diaspora living across frontiers is like an ameba, forever fragmenting and disintegrating with an array of colonels and no commander. The pioneer generation is rabidly nationalistic; the next under western influence will be less insular and parochial and will probably look to Jaffna as a tourist destination rather than a holy land. Their children see the world in a larger frame and are an unsustainable force to serve in the land of their fathers. Tamil leadership will have to be home grown.

The patriotic Sinhala majority fought within the weapons of democracy to discard the infamous Package, saw to the liquidation of the Equal Opportunities Bill, abandonment of the Sudu Nelum and Tawalama the anti war mind cleansing operations, rejection of the 2000 Constitutional amendment, dismantling of Tsunami Structures, jettisoning of Peace Talks process, de merging the North East and easing from the CFA. They gave muscle to the Security Forces on their forward march with inspiration and motivation. They brought forth a leadership that dared to take the terrorists, face on to liberate Sri Lanka.

They cannot continue to rest on their laurels but must instead build a unitary multi ethnic Sri Lanka for the coming generations. This war could never have been won if the people of the North rebelled while the war campaign was progressing. That was their tacit support to eliminate the terrorists. Terrorists had the support of the Colombians but not the Northerners. If the patriots liberated them, they in return extended their silent support to achieve it.

People admire the patriots who took them on the proper path and produced results. It is in them the public have trust and faith. They can carry Sinhala intelligentsia beyond the reach of the devalued politicians. The time has come for the patriotic forces to extend their frontiers to fight for the legitimate grievances of the Tamils to inculcate a truly Sri Lankan identity. Thereupon the Tamil people with their emerging political leadership can safeguard and advance the rights of an ethnic community. An integrated entrenched community will be less likely to seek disintegration.

If the patriotic leadership are possessed with the grit determination and courage to give leadership the sinhala majority will be more than prepared to alleviate the justifiable grievances of the minorities. Being gracious and magnanimous in the hour of victory will bring lasting results 20 years hence. The finest hour has arrived for the nationalistic leadership to display their commitment to the country by being in the forefront of the struggle to combine a divided nation where the minority rights are fulfilled and the majority rights are safeguarded.

In Sri Lanka, the level of intelligence and social consciousness has reached a plane where people are ahead of their leaders and preachers. People now dictate to the Leaders, if they care not to listen they are discarded-results in the recent elections reflected it no better than at Wennappuwa, Nattandiya and Chilaw when locals voted extending their faith in God and War, relegating a religious hierarchy to oblivion. Such a fate could await the Patriotic Fronts if they seek to swim against the tide.

There is a time for War and a time for Peace. After a successful completion of the war people yearn for peace and are in the zone to display goodwill.

- Asian Tribune -

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