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Absolute support for Government’s efforts to eradicate the scourge of terrorism from the soil of Sri Lanka - Canadian Tamils

Toronto, 03 April, ( The Executive board members of Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy today voted unanimously in favour of an emergency resolution put forward declaring absolute support to the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa to eradicate Terrorism in Srilanka.

The resolution, requests the President to undertake "whatever actions deemed necessary" to crush Terrorism and putforth a reasonable political solution to Tamils. It also thanked the Government of Srilanka for the conference in Colombo inviting moderate Tamils – Sri Lankan oversees to consult and discuss the solution.

The resolution strongly rebuked some member countries of the United Nations and European Union for launching attack on the rights of the democratically elected Government of Srilanka and for undermining its efforts to eradicate Terrorism from Sri Lankan soil. Sri Lanka’s decision to fight the Terrorists is a historical one, because for the first time in Sri Lankan history, the Government is determined to fight the Terrorist to protect Sri Lankans without bowing down to International pressure.

Therefore, the Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy calls upon all countries to support Sri Lanka's effort to crush Terrorisim. Furthermore, the Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy urges the United Nations General Assembly to vote a resolution asking the International body to give legitimacy and strongly support the war on Terrorism.

The Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy strongly condemns the recent attacks by LTTE against the civilians fleeing from the war zone, holding civilians as human shield and their Terror tactics accountable for such attacks.

The Government of Sri Lanka has shown great restraint despite the fact that LTTE has launched attacks into the Government controlled areas using rockets, ground forces and suicide cadres. Whereas LTTE strength derives significantly from the direct financial, military, and political support it receives from the Tamil Diasporas, the LTTE also receives significant support from foreign Government sources.

LTTE terrorist operations threaten Sri Lanka's security and are an affront to the sovereignty of the Sri Lanka. LTTE's actions are not in the interest of the Tamil people, whose welfare should not be held hostage for the interests of the LTTE regime.

The Resolution is as follows:

(1) Reaffirms its steadfast support for the Government of Sri Lanka,

(2) Condemns LTTE for engaging in unprovoked and reprehensible armed attacks against the Government of Sri Lanka

(3) Further condemns the LTTE for cynically exploiting civilian populations as shields, locating their equipment and bases of operation, including their rockets and other armaments, amidst civilian populations, including Hospitals,

(4) Recognizes Sri Lanka's longstanding commitment to minimizing civilian loss and welcomes Sri Lanka's continued efforts to prevent civilian casualties,

(5) Demands the International Community to direct LTTE to immediately and unconditionally release civilians, which they hold captive,

(6) Affirms that the Tamil Diaspora, which has provided continued support to LTTE share responsibility for the act of Terrorism and attacks against innocent civilian and civilian targets. They should be held accountable for their actions; and condemns their continued support in their armed attacks and their other terrorist activities,

(7) Supports Sri Lanka's right to take appropriate action to defend itself in accordance with international law, including Article 51 of the United Nations Charter,

(8) Commends especially the Government of India, China and Pakistan and the regional Countries who strongly supported Sri Lanka in the war against Terrorism,

(9) Urges the International Community to bring full force of political, diplomatic, and economic sanctions against the LTTE,

(10) Calls on the United Nations Security Council to condemn LTTE Terrorist acts and to take action to ensure full and immediate surrender of weapons,

(11) Expresses its condolences to all families of innocent victims of recent violence.

- Asian Tribune -

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