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Imbalance of Balanced Criticisms of Masters -The Modern Court of King Kakille

By Swarnajith Udana

Every thing needs to be in balance. Take for example food intake. Our criticisms need to be in balance. Our judgements need to be in balance. I assure readers that I have nothing against balance. I am all for balance. Suppose that on the tenet that every thing needs to be in balance, in an attempted murder case the judge gives equal jail terms to both the victim and the victimiser. Isn’t this a summum bonum example of ultimate balance? If it isn’t then it should be, if one goes by international standards of being balance.

Consider following balance views that I am really proud of. Please apply modern international standards to judge my judgements. For these views I am sure that I will win Nobel price for being balanced but only if the international community relinquishes it.

A. A politician of the ruling party of Sri Lanka has abducted a young child to threaten his parents. I admonish both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government to refrain from abductions and other forms of violence in this provincial election.

B. It has come to my attention that huge waste of resources occurs in Government Departments in the capital city of Colombo. I would like to remind both the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE that misappropriation of public money is against good governance.

C. People are fed up with rubbish filing up in streets due to the ineffectiveness of Colombo City Council. I would like to put it to both the LTTE and the City Council that removal of waste from the city streets is an essential service and both parties need to make sure that essential service are carried out without any interruption as the international law requires.

D. The President of Sri Lanka has pardoned a felon convicted for murder without going through due legal processes. This is an alarming situation that concerns the international community. We hereby request both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government to refrain from executing miscarriage of justice.

The above views are shining examples of balance that can stand up to the test of international standards. When a sibling slaps another, the parents choose to admonish both parties in equal vigour. Then the victim suffers two injuries; the injury of the slap and the admonishment. The victimiser gets two rewards; he or she gets to slap the other for free and also get to chuckle and mock the victim about the pain caused by the balanced admonishment of the balanced parents. The net result would be that the victimiser will keep victimising forever since rewards are sure to come thanks to the embellish balanced parents.

Thanks God, my parents did not have a balance view. They always took pain to sort out the victim and the victimiser and choose the consequence accordingly. The net result was that we were dared to fight and strived to avoid fighting as much as possible.

The 1983 July pogrom is organised by then ruling politicians and sanctioned by the LTTE. In this case my parents (any other parents for that matter) would have admonished both the LTTE and then Government. To be balanced, my parents would have been much harsher on the Government since my parents would have been ashamed to follow the international standards.

There were many occasions in the past that the Government forces played into the tunes of the LTTE. I have no qualms on those situations if the international community chose to criticise the Government strongly as it should have been. That is because I am a humanist first, a patriot second.

During the period of CFA, time after time, the international community chose to exhibit their ‘balance’ by criticising both sides equally. If my parents did the same each and every time when I chose to take advantage on a sibling the victim would have felt and accused that the parents and I had a secret pact to demoralise the victim. The victim should have really felt that he or she was adopted and parents were wishing him/her out of the family.

Certainly Governments should act properly and we need to set higher standards for Governments, but setting higher standards it needs to be a condemnation and needs to be seen as condemnation of evilness of terrorism not sanctioning of it. If the International community has done this rightly the LTTE would have had to find an ocean of sand to hide his monstrous ugly face.

One reason of this LTTE evilness is to continue this long is that our ambassadors are appointed for extended holidays, expenses paid by the public purse. So mostly they enjoy their time serving the LTTE by indirect or direct means. (In Saudi Arabia, Saudi Nationals say to their Sri Lankan maids "Your embassy is worse than our toilets." The reasons for this magnificent credential is that the ambassadors and their officers have a balance view on the money offered to them to look other way and for not standing to protect Sri Lankan citizens form injustices and cruel treatment by the Saudi Nationals. This should not go against all Saudis, though. Also, please pardon me, the diplomats who work hard to counter vicious propaganda of the LTTE.) This is the part that we would have been able to control and neutralise but more significantly there was another reason; the international community wants to appear as being impartial.

One can only surmise that this need of the international community to appear as being impartial at the expense of impartiality itself may be driven by its secret wish of LTTE’s triumph. Then the international community will able to demand back the favours for impartiality from the triumphant evil empire of True Sun God.

If my parents behaved in the same manner for the sake of appearance of being impartial one of the siblings could have concluded that the parents were in fact shamelessly partial. Since the international community has chosen the approach of equal blame its partiality has become only too transparent. For this reason, the international community has become a joke in front of the LTTE and the LTTE did not care even an iota the attitude of the international community. Its blatancy in assassinating former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and repeated violations of CFA with unimaginable arrogance and their stance of glorification of suicide killing are examples of a spoiled evil child.

Imagine that the Sri Lankan Government has committed a crime in the magnitude of killing of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi or a suicide killing. The international outcry would have surpassed the fury of the most humongous thunderstorm one has ever witnessed. Not only does the LTTE able to ridicule, humiliate and laugh at the international community, it is also audacious enough to question the impartiality of the international community whenever it seems like that the international community is vacillating to act according to the wishes and whims of the LTTE.

Now the tables have turned around and the Government is acting more assertively than ever before and questions the judgements of the international community. The UNP is saying that they put an international safety net around the LTTE but the fact of the matter was that UNP was able to get an international cage around the sovereignty of the country itself. The current Government, which is still traitorous in some aspects, was able to perform a Hudini act to get rid of this international trap with amazing skills. If, for some unforeseen reason, the Government fails on this regard then still a huge gratitude of mountainous magnitude is owed to them by the Nation for the work they have done so far. The responsibility of the failure should go to the opposition which does not stand up with shoulder to shoulder in this herculean national task and looks for every possible way to sabotage the Government program on National sovereignty.

As a spoiled child would, seeing its victim has become more assertive and the parents control has weakened to a significant level, the LTTE has begun to whinge about impartiality of the International community. For the LTTE only impartiality is being partial with their each and every crime against humanity including hostage taking, drug trafficking, prostituting rings, credit card frauds, suicide killings, use of civilians as body defence armour and many more abhorrent crimes.

What else can they do apart from whinging?

- Asian Tribune -

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