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The Last Days of Prabakaran - Submission in mitigation of sentence

Commentry by L. Jayasooriya

Already one government minister has suggested that Prabakaran should write his Last Will. That means the prognosis for Prabakaran is not good but it is also most unlikely that Prabakaran will commit suicide because he has so much wealth and his family and he also loves the desires of the sense pleasures as you can see by looking at the man. He will therefore hold on praying to his God to protect him till Solheim and the IC nations save him for another assignment.

If he is caught alive India will want him not for killing Rajiv Gandhi but to make further use of him for her benefit even though it will be an impossible task. Prabakaran has already put India on notice. The IC nations will want him for trial at the famous International Court at The Hague that declared apartheid does not violate human rights so that they could use him to lever Tamil Nadu out of India in order that the “D” component of India’s R&D program will be drastically affected and India will no longer be a threat to the living standards of the West. With Tamil Nadu gone it will be a lot easier to totally eliminate the “D” component by separating one more large state which Prabakaran could easily do. As a fall out benefit the IC nations could then go to the carved up portions of India to deal directly with the Maharajah’s they appoint.

If we have any self respect we should try Prabakaran in a Court in Sri Lanka and sentence him for all the crimes he has done against innocent Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims in his ethnic cleansing and other programs but whatever sentence is passed I would like to remind all the national patriots of this country that the feelings of pride, security and dignity that we now have are, I would say, totally due to Prabakaran because he surprised the world by single-handedly decimating the Indian troops that invaded our country under the code name IPKF. He did not do it for us. He only took revenge against India for making use of him to invade Sri Lanka and then betraying him but the fall out benefit for us of his action has changed the future course of our history in which we could handle both India and Tamil Nadu with drastic consequences to them if they ever attempt to invade us. .

India invaded us to annex our country the most beautiful in the world because of its bio-diversity within such a small area and also its unique beauty which the politicians keep on raping day after day. That is not the only reason. India wanted and wants to be the supreme commander of the Indian Ocean and she cannot do that without owning Sri Lanka which is located at the most strategic position. Sri Lankans do not know the details of the invasion because Rajiv Gandhi’s viceroy Dixit saw to it that they were kept in the dark but Sri Lankans abroad got to know everything that was going on.

That was the time when Rajiv Gandhi displayed his arrogance in measured tones on Western television and the Indians abroad also openly displayed their arrogance to the Sinhalese using humiliating language that amounted to saying that we are now their subjects by virtue of annexation. That was also the time when both Sinhalese and Tamils lobbied every arm of the American government to get the Indian troops out and I was one of them. I lobbied Senator Vic Soares office and the officer in charge of foreign affairs interviewed both our Ambassador Mr. Alwis and the Indian ambassador. The officer told me that India was not going to pull out of Sri Lanka. Details of this are omitted in this posting because of the space it would require.

As a result of the beating and humiliation that India received at the hands of Prabakaran by routing the third largest army in the world India will never ever dare to come here again especially now that we have the most disciplined army in the world who can survive in the jungle with mosquitoes, snakes and rain and mud. We need no longer live in fear of India as a result of Prabakaran re-arranging India’s arrogant teeth. The pride, dignity and security we have today were all made possible due to this one act of Prabakaran even though he never meant to help us in doing so. All I want to say is that we should not forget this fact whatever the sentence is going to be.

Those who blame Premadasa for supplying arms to Prabakaran saying that if the so called IPKF had been allowed to complete their job of annihilating the LTTE we would not have the LTTE, do not have the brains of a donkey to realize that if the LTTE had been annihilated India would have annexed Sri Lanka by declaration. So the LTTE saved us from the monster even though not intended. Fact or not?

Our parliamentarians were convinced that we could never resist an invasion by India and they shamelessly tried to be on friendly terms with India in the hope that she will not invade us. What respect could India have for us for the behaviour of such ignorant and shameless men? As I said before the goal of India is to become the undisputed master of the Indian Ocean and that India can never be as long as Sri Lanka occupied the commanding position of the Indian Ocean. That is why India wants to divide Sri Lanka in the hope that India will one day be able to get a foothold in Sri Lanka to achieve their aim which we will never allow. We will write a new constitution deleting all what India imposed on us during the invasion.

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