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The Masterpiece of the Masters: Tail Metamorphoses into the Dog, Dog to the Tail

By Swarnajith Udana

No one in right mind cannot and will not ask or hope for a license to kill but unfortunately there are some who do in the name of Elam or Patriotism. Also no one in balanced mind cannot and will not ask or hope for a Sovereign Nation to agree with the world to allow a group of maniacs who violently pursue a mono-ethnic pure super racist state to take the Nation itself as hostage for the asking price of ransom, sovereignty of the Nation itself. Shockingly though that is what is happening. The US seems to have an unbridled need to save the True Sun God. For this reason, they try to obstruct the capture of True Sun God by the Government forces by insisting his surrender to a third party.

I do not have a problem with other Nations for being sincerely concerned and worried with the safety of Tamil civilians. In fact, we need to appreciate such humanitarian gestures and use it to the advantage of our Nation and the benefit of the innocent Tamil civilians themselves. I was one of a rare breed once who believed impartiality of BBC and other international agencies. Being familiar with Amnesty International (AI) manifesto, once I revered that organization with a great deal of piousness. I suspect that the organization has been infiltrated by unscrupulous LTTE agents. A member of this very organization once revealed me the true nature of the LTTE.

Until about seventeen years ago, I was foolish enough to believe in sainthood of the LTTE. A Tamil gentleman from Fiji, who was a member of AI, convinced me the ruthlessness of the LTTE. Also, he referred me to the work of UTHR(J). That was an eye opener. Until that day, I naively believed that the bombs went off in Colombo were the work of then Government, to frame and defame the LTTE. If the Government of that time had an iota of credibility, I would not have fallen for the falsifications, distortions Gobbelism (in the magnitude that even dwarf Joseph Gobbels). This is the very reason that any corrupt activity of a politician is actually a treacherous act against the whole Nation.

USA killed a large number of innocent civilians in Vietnam (which was a wrong war by their own admission), Afghanistan and Iraq. Suffering of unheard, untold unattended magnitude was unleashed against these people. I am not here to claim that if the USA can do such things we should be allowed too. Really, my position is that just because some one can commit such crimes we should not follow the example.

Given all of these, I feel just absolute shock and bewilderment why the world Masters are requesting Sri Lanka to become a lamb of sacrifice in the altar of the unique True Sun God. I can understand one being a pacifist. No person in rational mind can sanction war. Yet, the fact of the matter is that no person in sensible mind can absolutely condemn war either. If we do condemn all forms of violence in all forms of circumstances then we need to dissolve courts and legal systems and governments since all of these are run by the force of sanctioned violence such as law enforcement authority given to the police (or sometimes the military).

The cruellest aspect of the war is not property destruction, cruelty against women and children and deaths of non-combatant innocents but its essentiality at times (please note that not always-only sometimes). I hate war the most for this essentiality. The bottom line is that unfortunately we cannot absolutely condemn violence. If we do then all police and military forces need to be dissolved but this will only create fertile ground for violence of unimaginable horrendousness and ferocity. I am aware that the LTTE could also utilise this argument of selective essentiality of war. The people who really practice selective essentiality of war cannot use suicide killing in city streets, attack sleeping villagers or kill people in worship or conscript children as combatants. So it will be incredibly ludicrous and inhumane if this argument is presented by the LTTE.

I hate war and violence more for the very reason of this essentiality but do not condemn either absolutely. Being a soldier can be the noblest of noblest profession if one puts his or her life in line willingly to save civilian lives and their livelihoods. This is what is happening in Sri Lanka. However, I cannot say that there are no mistakes. It is impossible to conduct a war without having to take a risk on innocent lives. Police duty in streets also sometimes involves such risks. The maxim is to take extreme precaution to minimise harm to the civilians. I sincerely believe that this is what is happening in Sri Lanka. For the first time in my life I am feeling respect, gratitude and piousness towards our soldiers since they are really putting their lives at risk to help civilians. When our soldiers give helping hand to civilians crossing the lagoon our soldiers risk their lives. There are many other examples one can cite to support this. I would like to urge the Government to adhere to this principle as extremely as possible without putting the sovereignty of the Nation in jeopardy. If the forces happen to make a mistake they should be open about it.

Beyond any doubt, the LTTE has convinced me that it does not deserve any form of lenience long time ago. There is ample evidence for the international community to notice if they really want to know the truth. It is not really that they do no know. Mostly they pretend that there is only patchy evidence to the viciousness and inhumane nature of the LTTE. Destruction of the LTTE is a blessing not only for Sri Lanka but also for the whole world. Without any shame they could sneak into the No-Fire-Zone with heavy weapons and use them with in the zone against the very civilians who were kept as defence armour suit for True Sun God. Without any concern they can enlist young children to war.

The fact that some hundreds of wounded civilians were air lifted by the military is iron clad proof, beyond any doubt, that the Government forces do not seek to harm civilians. Why should they try to save the witnesses against them if they are the perpetrators of the crime? The fact that war has dragged so long is absolute proof of this humane attitude. The smiles and gratitude of the civilians is concrete proof for this gentile nature.

Our Masters totally ignore these facts. They pretend that their countries are run on absolute condemnation of violence but what they have forgotten is to dissolve their courts, law enforcement authorities and militaries. Existence of law courts and supreme courts themselves are sanctioned forms of violence as I argued before. Only one percent of people will pay a traffic light fine unless the law is not enforced by police through threatened violence. Think of running prisons. Will a murder go into the prison just because law requires and if there are no people to support the law with guns? Of course laws are broken with guns as well as they are maintained by use of guns.

By observing the demands of the international community for an immediate ceasefire, it can be clearly seen that the most of the International community is serving the LTTE’s vicious agenda regardless their feeble noise against the LTTE.

The tail for a dog is created by God for the duty of wagging. The dog wags the tail. Under no circumstances can the tail wag the dog. Masters created its paw-tail to get things done according to the interests of the Masters, but the tail-paw itself began to grow muscles, not necessarily military muscles but muscles that can flex even the large armies. At the end, the tail-paw has become the dog and the original masters have become the tail and the paw. This happens right at the moment that the first victim of the tail-paw has become the tail-paw terminator. What an irony? The international community by and large has become the tail of True Sun God.

Even thought the Government is winning the war in the military arena, it is loosing the war big time in the arena of propaganda. There are several reasons for this.

• LTTE’s ability to bend, blend and mend the truth against all human norms (Then some of our politicians are not far away from this. Some of our politicians beat or kill another then admit themselves into hospitals and claim innocence and blame the victim for attacking the victimizer. Also the claim is that the victim harmed himself just to make trouble for the politicians. (May God bless them if HE really can.) Again this is why corrupt, violent behavior and duplicity of a politician is crime against the whole Nation. The Nation is viewed through these corrupt politicians.)

• Inactivity and ineffectiveness of our foreign service (Foreign service is a mean of giving extended holidays, paid by public purse, to political and personal cronies who facilitate dirty dealings (Forgive me, the foreign service people who work hard for country.)

• Willing gullibility of some of our Masters to believe any thing said by any body against a country like ours so that they can keep the lid on us.

• Strategic willingness of some of our Masters to pretend that LTTE is not so bad and the Sri Lanka is the most horrendous offender.

• Naivety of some of our Masters so they genuinely fall to Gobbelism of LTTE.(This again epitomizes the ineffectiveness of our foreign service and lack of principles of our Government and Opposition politicians. Some of our politicians’ seem to be in the payroll of the LTTE and performing tale-telling-duty to international Masters.)

Is there a division in the Foreign Service Department that deals with propaganda matters that monitor Internet, global newspapers and foreign government statements? Are there immediate and effective statements against the assertions and demands of the international community? It is widely believed that it is the Sri Lakan forces that who killed hundreds or even thousands in NFZ. Is there effective campaign against such false and vicious propaganda? Or has the department chosen to be silent believing that no one would give any credibility to such lies since the lies are uttered by utterly disgusted pathetic liars, LTTE? If so, you are dreaming.

For example suppose that a neighbor country advises us to take extreme precaution to avoid civilian casualties and treat refugees well. Our Foreign Ministry should be able to handle this with assertiveness without sacrificing our National pride or giving a wrong impetus to the neighbor country to become an outright enemy of ours. If we say: We are glad to hear that our friendly neighbor country shares our values in dealing with a difficult war. It is heartening that we share a same platform on this issue. We appreciate any positive criticism that helps us to conduct this war without harming our genuine National interests while being extremely mindful about our people, may it be Tamil or Sinhalese.

I would like to ask the authorities how many interviews have you recorded with Tamil civilians? I was able to see only a few. Why not video record their statements and share with international bodies? May be you have done so. If so, put them on the internet in hundreds.

I am glad to see that now there is a systematic aid collection from the general public. Please remember that this should be done not just because the Government cannot provide our Tamil brothers and sisters but also because we need to bond our people to the National unity by spiritual means. Are there daily religious observances to facilitate this bonding?

Surprisingly UNP has said something reasonable (among millions of statements of comics and acts of national treachery). It has asked to provide psychological counseling to our brothers and sisters. Psychological counseling is effective when it is done in native language. Sri Lanka suffers from an acute shortage of psychologists even for usual health care needs. Even though this is a welcome thoughtful positive suggestion it is not practical. It can be achieved by giving access to religious worship in the camps and utilizing elderly educated Tamil people (They can be given a basic understanding -based on religion, culture and science-of psychological counseling on war victims prior to enlisting their services.) Also it will be nice to plan such services for our war heroes.)

Are the officers handling refugees aware of basic human nature? In the first few weeks, our Tamil brothers and sisters will be ecstatic for being alive and safe. Then they will begin to complain. (This is the basic human nature.) Have you thought of handling this difficult situation in the most possible humane and gentile and genuine manner? Do you understand that their statements need to be recorded before they forget their hardship in LTTE regime? Is there awareness that extreme work load can lead refugee camp managers to be rough? Have they been counseled against such harshness?

UNP has made a demand that our refugees should be resettled within three months. To do that we may have to stop the war first and hurry up cleaning the mines and engage in all other preparations. Even though this suggestion did come as a mean of undermining the Government it should be the aim of the Government to resettle the people in the least possible time. This is the first of step of rebuilding the Nation.

President Mahinda Rajapaksha has done the Nation proud against all odds. Even the most of the Opposition was saying waskavi to curse the Government’s military effort. The behavior of the opposition only points out to their lack of respect for intelligence of the people and inability to feel the aspirations of the people. Through this insensitivity arises the willingness to sacrifice genuine National security for power and the blessing of the Masters. You, Mr. President, handled this delicate and extremely difficult task with an amazing mixture of flexibility and firmness. You stood up to the pressure of the Masters. At times you even threw protocols away. This almost reminds me Buddha’s taming of raksha Alawaka. We the people salute you from our hearts!

In my opinion, the worst political betrayal of Sri Lankan people was skillfully executed by Mrs Chandrika Bandaranayka. For the first time of our history, people voted her for the sake of the country itself not for the sake of their stomachs. The Lady thought the enormous mandate given to her was a mandate given to look after the stomach of her and her cronies. Mr. President you were democratically elected but you did not get such a large mandate. Of course you just passed the line. Nevertheless now you have created a mandate from the voters that surpasses the mandate given to the Lady. This means that now you are in the position to become the worst betrayer of the public trust or the mythical prince Diyasena.

I hope that you realise the gravity of the responsibility lying on your shoulders. I hope that this will energize you to stand on principles and transform yourself into King Dharmasoka-Elara-Diyasena. One contemporary example to follow is the Indian police officer who fined himself for crossing a red light signal and sued the wife for misuse of public property. Tamil, Sinhalese and Muslim people have come a long way to forge a genuine national bond, almost. Please do take all the steps to condemn Sinhalese hegemony, supremacy and Tamil racist supremacy. Sri Lanka for all and all for Sri Lanka.

Once again the Opposition has a noble duty towards the Nation. One UNP MP has said the Government is using prisoners for election violence by the day time and then returns them to their prison cells by the night time. If this is a false accusation it is treason against the people just by the UNP. If it is true then it is treason by both the Government and the Opposition. This is because almost nobody believes (except for Masters) what UNP says. By turning themselves into ludicrous bunch of selfish power seekers, they have made themselves an utterly ineffective Opposition that cannot carry out their noble duty of serving people.

A Government Minister has made another statement. This is an eye opener that gives glimpses into the inner working of the minds of our politicians. Listen to this first. I say: if my father is at the temple then he is not at home. This statement is equivalent to the statement if my father is at home then he is not at the temple. We have a saying even if the mouth lies the tongue does not. The Minister has proclaimed that the Government does not need to engage in election violence since its victory is assured. This is equivalent to the statement that if the victory of the Government is not assured then the Government would engage in election violence. Certainly the tongue does not lie even when the mouth does. Any improper attack on the Government by the Opposition is an attack on the people and any improper attack on the Opposition by the Government is an attack on the people.

Mr. President how can you stand tall against your foreign counterparts when your party shelters rapists, drug dealers and underworld thugs. Many people say that reason for all of these is the Bahu Bootha constitution of JR. I do not like some of the constitution of JR. I even support abolition of Presidency, but Sri Lanka is now the threshold of freedom from terrorism thanks to the office of executive presidency. I agree that there must be a change of election processes and even change from executive presidency to executive Prime Minister, but what we need to recognize is that the constitution or the election processes do not corrupt or abuse the people. It is the corrupt politicians who abuse the election processes and the office of executive presidency. Please, Mr. President, do not look for any more excuses for sheltering corruption and thuggary. Stand up and clean up this mess please. Then I will address you not by Mr. President but by Dear Mahinda.

Mr. President, the whole Nation will show gratitude to you if you stand on principles and govern the country for the people not for cronies. Otherwise you will earn the curse of the people as our Lady did. The choice is yours and the fate is ours.

- Asian Tribune -

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