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Muthukumar Friends' Movement Charges Delhi With Compromising Nation’s Security

Chennai, 27 April ( As the Lok Sabha election in Tamil Nadu is taking place under the shadow of unfolding human tragedy in Wanni, there is seething anger against Delhi across the state. A peer group of professionals and academics has been formed to articulate the public mood. It has been formed in the memory of journalist Thyagi Muthukumar, who had burnt himself to death on January 29, 2009, to protest against the killing of Eelam Tamils by the Sri Lankan Army. Muthukumar Friends' Movement (MFM), as the group is styled, consists of lawyers, media professionals, students, doctors, academicians, and unemployed lay persons.

MFM has set up a candidate against Indian Home Minister P.Chidambaram in Sivaganga Constituency. ‘It is a part of our efforts to sensitize people how the national security and Tamil Nadu interests were compromised under UPA rule’, a MFM spokesman said.

According to him, the Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has severely compromised the security of the nation and made it vulnerable to threats. ‘We also believe that Rajapaksa government policies have made Tami Nadu border to come within the swooping distance of Pak and Chinese sleuths and within the firing range of Pakistan and China militaries’.

Excerpts from an interview

Question: So, you believe UPA has mortgaged the nation to its enemies?

Answer: Yes. The Congress led UPA which has been in power for the last five years has severely compromised the security of the nation and has made it vulnerable to military threats.

The nation’s southern border-Tamil Nadu border- which was considered safe has been given on platter to China and Pakistan. Now it is in the firing range of foreign militaries.

This has been made possible by the Congress led UPA Government.

Added to that it has compromised the nation’s security by allowing multinational companies-with connections to the military of hostile countries- to do business in India. These companies have already started mining vital data of the Indian citizens. Warnings and opposition from RAW and IB have been consistently ignored by the Congress led UPA government.

Question: Home Minister P.Chidambaram has said in an interview to the Hindustan Times daily on April 24, 2009 that "China is fishing in troubled waters (of Sri Lanka). China is acting with a clear agenda (in Sri Lanka). Our policies take account of the Chinese calculation". So, with Indian Government being vigilant, where is the worry?

Answer: We appreciate Mr.P.Chidambaram's sincerity at least at this late hour to declare the role China is playing in the Sri Lankan war. However, his statement that his Government has policies that take into account of the Chinese calculation in Sri Lanka is sheer rubbish. “Muthukumar Friends' Movement” has released a book titled “India under China's Siege”. This book gives detailed proofs of how the southern border of India has been compromised to our enemies by the Congress led UPA government.

Question: Your answers are very general. Can you provide concrete evidences from your book?

Answer: Yes. First we shall look at the ways in which the Congress led UPA Government has given the border between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka to our enemies.

Sethusamudram Project- touted as the dream project of Tamils by the DMK-was started on 2nd July of 2005.

During the Bangladesh war of 1971, our naval vessels had to sail around Sri Lanka to reach the ports on the east and west coasts. This was cumbersome and dangerous and so the military advisors supported the idea of Sethusamudram project to safeguard our navy-because Sri Lanka acted in favor of Pakistan during the Bangladesh war.

When the Sri Lanka President Chandrika went to China in 28th August of 2005 on a five day tour, she gave a shocking statement that the Thermal Power plant project at Norochcholai will be given to China. Norochcholai is just 70 kms from the southern gate of Sethusamudram canal. Sri Lanka has already announced that the project has been awarded to NTPC of India. But this was changed after her China visit. Chinese workers on this project could easily put Sethusamudram canal on continuous surveillance. The Congress led UPA government did nothing to prevent this.

In 2006 Sri Lanka President Rajapaksha gave another shock to India by announcing that Pearl-1 offshore region is given to China for oil and gas exploration. This region is just 20 kms from Sethusamudram canal and China can monitor round the year the movement of mercantile and military vessels through the canal.

Though this being the most hostile action by the Sri Lanka government against India’s security, the Congress led UPA government never uttered any word to Rajapaksha.

In 2008 Sri Lanka called for global tender for oil exploration in the Gulf of Mannar. India’s ONGC was a serious contender for the contract. But Sri Lanka gave the contract to a private Indian company Cairn India , owned by a British citizen. If ONGC had got the contract, it would have a lot easier to watch the Chinese operating from Pearl-1 and Norochcholai. The Congress led UPA government did nothing to get the contract for the ONGC.

From 2nd to 4th April of 2009, the Foreign minister and leading Industrialists from Qatar visited Sri Lanka and expressed interest to start industries in the north and eastern parts populated by Tamils. They also expressed interest for oil exploration in the Palk Bay between Ramnad in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is willing to give this region to Qatar. Qatar is a close friend of Pakistan and giving this region to Qatar amounts to giving it to Pakistan itself. The Congress led UPA government has not taken any steps to prevent this.

From 8th to 10th April of 2009 Rajapaksa was in Libya. Though Libya was not at good terms with Sri Lanka before, after the visit it assured 50 crore dollars as aid to Sri Lanka-this surprised all nations. The Airport project at Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka and part of the road project connecting Colombo and Trincomalee were awarded to Libya. Libya has also evinced interest in oil exploration in Palk Bay. Sri Lanka has agreed to this.

Libya has close relations with Pakistan. After 1971 Indo-Pak war Libya helped Pakistan in its reconstruction in big way. In 1974 Libya declared that Pakistan has all rights to make nuclear weapons. It also showed its sincerity by supplying uranium-it got from Niger-to Pakistan.

Hence giving space to Libya and Qatar in Palk Bay amounts to giving space to the Pakistan army itself. These regions are just 10 to 20 kms from Sethusamudram canal. The Congress led UPA government has not taken any steps to stop this.

This has led to a situation where instead of Sri Lanka as a neighbor in the south we will be having China, Pakistan, Libya and Qatar as neighbors.

The recognition of Tibet as integral part of China by Nehru in 1951 has compromised the nation’s security. It is still haunting us. A similar situation is developing in the southern boundary of the nation. The Congress led UPA government has not taken any steps to stop this.

Question: Ok. You have given evidence for enemy nations gaining a foothold on the southern borders of the country with the connivance of Sri Lanka. Do you have any more evidences?

Answer: Like the enemy nations who have come to occupy the southern borders in the garb of Oil and gas exploration, many have entered Sri Lanka in the garb of doing business. Few such Companies are posing a grave threat to India’s security.

One such is the Global Telecommunication Holdings [GTH] owned and controlled by Anantha Krishnan, a Malaysian. He is holding 74% share in Aircell India, 20% in Sun DTH and 7% in Sun FM.

About Anantha Krishnan - concrete evidences are there for this which you can find in abundance in the book ‘India under China’s Siege’ published by the ‘Muthukumar Friends Movement’. Here are some samples:

The Japanese company NTT was holding 35% share in the Sri Lanka government owned Sri Lanka Telecom from 1997. In 2007 Rajapaksa made tremendous efforts to transfer these shares to Anantha Krishnan’s GTH. Former minister Sripathy Suryrachi who objected to this transfer and went to Court to stall the transfer was killed in mysterious car accident in February of 2008. On 1st April of 2008 the shares were successfully transferred from NTT to GTH.

Our BSNL along with Sri Lanka Telecom has laid the 324 km long fiber optic undersea cable connecting Tuticorin and Colombo at a cost of Rs.180 crore. Only through this cable international calls and Internet services from India are routed. By bringing the cable under it’s agent Anathakrishnan’s company China is now able to put under surveillance all the electronic traffic from India routed through BSNL. The Congress led UPA government did nothing to stop this.

In the last three years, presence of Chinese Intelligence in Sri Lanka has increased manifold. The most surprising thing is that the Indian companies were made to bring these Chinese companies with links to the Chinese intelligence agency MSS.

Huawei is the China’s foremost Telecommunications giant. This company operates from Bangalore from 1999. The Indian intelligence agencies in 2001 announced that this company has links with Chinese Intelligence agencies. Due to Globalization fever it became difficult to expel the company from India. Anyhow Mr.L.K.Advani, then Home Minister gave a stern warning to that company.

In 2007 April, Rajapaksa gave permission for Airtel to operate from Sri Lanka. In the same year in September Airtel gave the Rs.750 crore contract for commissioning the infrastructure throughout Sri Lanka to Huawei-the same company that has been accused of espionage activities in India.

The Congress led UPA government ignored this act of Airtel wantonly. Huawei is an extension of China’s Intelligence agencies which is still helping the Taliban. The Congress instead of preventing the deal of Airtel with Huawei is accusing L.K.Advani of helping Taliban Terrorists. Due to this in another three years Chinese engineers will be spread throughout Sri Lanka.

Chinese intrusion in to Sri Lanka does not stop with this. The contract for building the infrastructure for the Port in Hambantota in the south Sri Lanka has been given to China. Western intelligence agencies have already expressed their fears that this port will become the center of activity for Chinese Navy.

Sri Lanka has given infrastructure contracts to Iran, Libya and Qatar. All these contracts will be carried out by Chinese engineers only.

In 2007 Sri Lanka got JY113D a radar with capacity to reach many hundred miles from China in spite of objections from India. The radar is in Mirigama town near Colombo and is operated by Chinese engineers. It can monitor all flights taking off from south Tamil Nadu. The Congress led UPA did nothing to stop this.

Even after knowing that Rajapaksa is putting in to jeopardy Indian security, the Congress led UPA government is providing military aid to Sri Lanka. This raises the suspicion that the Congress led front may be an anti national front?

Above all these, China is bent upon gaining control over Colombo Port and Rajapaksa is helping them. Almost 70 % of goods handled in Colombo Port are from India and it will be under Chinese surveillance soon. The Congress led UPA government which is bleating about the progress of Indian commerce has failed to stop this. The actions of Congress led UPA front has helped only our enemy nations and not India-all the evidences point to this.

Question: Sri Lanka is a sovereign nation. It can decide to give anything to anybody. How can we expect it give everything to India as you say?

Answer: We are not arguing that all infrastructure works in Sri Lanka is to be given to India. But we are raising the question that why for the past five years, all the infrastructure projects have been given to military enemies of India? This cannot be a coincidence. Because Rajapaksa has declared in February 2007 during his tour of China that Sri Lanka will give priority to China and it’s allies in all ways. And that has been implemented till now. Let Rajapaksa implement his policies. But the big question is why the Congress led UPA government has never objected to it?

Let us go back to 2002 when Vajpayee government handled a similar situation.

In 2002 Ranil Wickremasinghe was the Prime minister of Sri Lanka. That was a period when there was a peace agreement between Sri Lanka and LTTE. During his tour in that year to China, Ranil Wickremasinghe announced that all Sri Lanka retail petrol outlets will be given to SINOPEC a Chinese government company.

This was objected by the BJP led government. It pressurized Sri Lanka to give all the 99 oil terminals in Trincomalee to India. It also compelled Sri Lanka to share its retail oil outlets with India. Sri Lanka accepted India’s contention. Over 100 retail oil outlets were given to Indian Oil Corporation. All the oil terminals in Trincomalee were also given to Indian Oil Corporation. Nothing was given to China’s SINOPEC Company.

Though we have precedence by BJP led government on how to handle Sri Lanka, why the Congress led UPA government allowed Sri Lanka to gang up with India’s military enemies?

Question. Your argument that India’s security has been compromised along Sri Lanka by the Congress led UPA government is acceptable. You have also mentioned in the book that the Congress led UPA government has allowed foreign intelligence agencies to establish a base inside India. Can you give some evidence?

Answer: Malaysia’s Anantha Krishnan’s Astro company signed a memorandum of understanding with Sun network of Tamil Nadu to produce television programmes in the year 2004. In the year 2005, Malaysia Maxis group of Anantha Krishnan along with Apollo group’s Reddy family, took control of Aircel of India. Immediately after the takeover Aircell was established as the top most cell phone company in north east India - a region known for internal conflicts and also known for its links with Chinese army from 1950’s.!!!.

Indian government has not bothered to look into the background of Anantha Krishnan.

In 2006, India banned ‘Hutchison Port Holdings’ because it’s President Lee Ka Shing had Chinese leanings. But on the other hand it is a surprise that its sister concern ‘Hutch Telecom’[belonging to the same Lee Ka Shing ] was allowed to operate in India from 1992 to early 2007. It shows the confusion prevailing in the Indian Government [whether Congress or BJP]. At last ‘Hutch Telecom’ went out of India-the reasons and events surrounding this are given in detail in the book.

Huawei company has been banned from working with many companies in USA, Canada and Australia. But the Congress led UPA government has always favored its partnership with Indian companies. When Reliance and Tata went in to partnership with Huawei, Dayanidhi Maran the then Telecommunications minister never took any action though he was talking about nation’s security as the first priority.

This is the dangerous state of affairs after five years of the Congress led UPA rule.

This state of affairs will not change but persist if Congress is again elected back to form the government.

Now the only option available to save the nation from its enemies is to defeat the Congress front and prevent it from capturing power again.

By doing so we can expect other political parties to keep away from the dangerous policies of the Congress party which compromised the security of the nation.

Question. Other than the book, are you taking any other steps to propagandize your findings?

Answer: Yes. We have fielded a member of our Movement for the Parliamentary Elections against P.Chidambaram in Sivaganga Constituency. All our members are now very busy in Sivaganga and the other constituencies of Tamil Nadu telling the people of how our national security has been compromised by the congress led UPA government over the past 5 years.

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