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Sri Lanka President mandated by the people to get the LTTE

By Ranjith Soysa-Melbourne

"Not even the goddess of milk can transform the colour of charcoal into white" Guttila Kawaya (Poem of Guttila )

British Foreign Minister and other advisors MUST not forget that they are dealing with a sovereign country governed by a President mandated by the people to get rid of the LTTE.

Britain and many of the Western countries who directly and indirectly provided nourishment to LTTE through the fronts operating in their respective countries having failed to save the LTTE from a military defeat are now on mission to save the LTTE leaders. Their concern for human rights and the well being of the Sri Lankan civilians was visible through their shameless protection given to the senior LTTE members and LTTE fronts.

The LTTE international head quarters was located in London Anton Balashingham, Adela Balasingham,Shanthan and other partners of Prabhakaran enjoyed VIP status in the UK leading the anti-Sri Lanka campaigns. The British leaders, policy makers and the law enforcing authorities were aware of the LTTE activities , yet, they continued to extend a blind eye. The British knew that the LTTE had a network of business and commercial establishments in the UK as a part Tamil Tigers global support structure. The LTTE activists raised funds at rallies, charity and sports functions including so called cultural festivals. During the CFA period the British worked hand in glove with Norway in strengthening the LTTE to a level where Anton Balasingham , a British citizen was recognized at a level of an Ambassador.

In Sri Lanka, more often than not the British High Commissioner acted as if he was the British Governor of colonial times. Their direct association with the LTTE fighting cadres and NGOs who helped the LTTE with funds and material enabled the British High Commissioner to make statements and act in a manner prejudicial to the interests of sovereign Sri Lanka. On a number of occasions they clearly overstepped the conventions of diplomacy as if the British had the right to dictate Sri Lanka’s internal policy. The British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka with diplomats of other Western countries through NGOs such as Berghof Foundation made attempts to re-make the armed forces of Sri Lanka advocating "demilitarization, de-mobilization and disarmament.". They hobnobbed with the servile Sri Lankan politicians, the media and even hired retired military personnel claiming that their recommendations were "critical to the success of peace agreements!"

The British and a number of Western nations paid a scant respect to the request made by successive Sri Lankan governments to ban the LTTE effectively so that the funding for the arms could be arrested. The appeals made by the SL Presidents, the Prime Ministers and the Foreign Ministers to their counterparts in the UK , France and other Western countries were treated with a pinch of salt. They had endless excuses even though it was obvious that the LTTE killings in Sri Lanka were carried out with the funds and arms from London, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne among others. Some countries shamelessly reported that the LTTE was not a threat to their countries. In short, the LTTE was an issue for Sri Lanka.

Some even went to the extent of differentiating the LTTE from Al-Qaeda and Thaliban may be due to the LTTE and their fronts were alive and kicking in the Western capitals and Tamil Tigers were frequent guests of foreign diplomats based in Sri Lanka.

But, UN Resolution 1373 (2001) was very clear in its intentions viz a viz the terrorist organizations and the member countries were expected to honour its legal and moral obligations. The member countries were obliged to:

1. Criminalize the wilful provisions or collections, directly or indirectly, funds for terrorism.

2. Freeze resources of persons who commit , or attempt to commit terrorist acts either by their nationals or those in their territory.

3. Prevent financing of terrorist acts and

4. Prohibit their nationals or any person and entities within their territories from making any funds, financial assets or economic resources available to terrorists.

The refusal to ban effectively the LTTE by the UK, France and other Western Countries can be considered as sufficient to establish more than a prima facie case of these countries guilt in violating UN resolution 1373.To summarize the UK , France and many Western countries are guilty of:

1 Providing financial bases to collect and bank funds by Tamil Tiger agents.

2 Harbouring Tamil Tigers.

3 Giving grants to Tamil Tiger agents, allowing propaganda , print and electronic media facilities, exhibiting of LTTE flags etc

4 Allowing to run hate campaigns against Sri Lanka and anti –LTTE Tamils by LTTE agents.

The New York Times identified the Tamil Tigers as one of the most brutal terrorist organizations and … was of the view that "the LTTE is probably decade ahead of A- Qaeda".

When one examines the benign attitude of specifically the British and generally the other Western governments towards the Tamil Tigers and killings and destructions caused by this terrorist group in Sri Lanka with funds, armaments, equipment supplied by the West, it is not irrational to conclude that either Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankans were not important to them or they had their own plans for Sri Lankans.

The visit of the British foreign minister to show the world that the British are concerned about the plight of the civilians and French foreign minister’s lament that he was not allowed to visit the NFZ including the Swedish foreign minister’s childish tantrums are factors which should be recognized appropriately by the independent observers. Any conclusions as to their antics should take into consideration the direct and indirect support given the the LTTE machine by them even at the expense of UN resolution 1373 (2001)

Sri Lankan leaders, –we are fortunate that we have a leadership which refuses to subject the country and the Nation to suffer continually- and the people with a historical tradition of fighting the invaders and the colonialists should send a clear message to the West that we are now on the verge of stepping into a new world environment where the West is forced to decarbonize its engines. The Western threats must be made to boomerang while Sri Lanka should go in search of new friends internationally. The dependence on the West should be quietly adjusted so that as a sovereign country we should not be allowed to be dictated or even advised, if it is obvious that the advisors in the international community have no qualms in ignoring UN resolutions on terrorism. To add insult to injury they been extending a blind eye to the Tamil Tigers nourished while tens of thousands of Sri Lankan civilians were killed and the public property was destroyed.

Their obscene morality should be exposed. Their bleeding hearts are definitely not for the Sri Lankan civilians as they could have criminalized the LTTE long time ago to extricate the misery of Sri Lankan people. Their duplicity is further proved when the British and the Western leaders with their media talk of defending "the democracy" in Pakistan from the Taliban terrorists while in Sri Lanka, the elected, mandated Sri Lankan Government is stifled as much as possible by the very same nations.

Sri Lankans should be deservedly proud that with the support of genuine friendly members of the international community they were able to reduce the world’s most ruthless terrorist organizations to a few hundreds of cadres restricting them to a sliver of land less than 10 sq miles. Sri Lankans should feel confident that they were able to defeat the political plot of separatism hatched by the former colonialists now struggling to overcome the economic downturn caused by their greed and over expansionism.

"Deep knowledge is to be aware of disturbance before disturbance, to be aware of danger before danger, to be aware of destruction before destruction, to be aware of calamity before calamity. ….By deep knowledge one can change disturbance into order, change danger into safety, change destruction into survival, change calamity into fortune, …By strong action on the way…one can bring tasks to great fulfilment." - Taoist Book of Balance and Harmony

- Asian Tribune -

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