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Indian Tamils warn Diaspora against MEP candidate Jan Jananayagam

By Our EU Special Correspondent

Brussels, 04 June, ( Many community leaders of South Asian origin persons in the United Kingdom appealed to their constituents not to vote for candidates sponsored by ‘terrorist organizations or their proxies’. South Indian Tamil lobby in UK said that Jan Jananayagam should be shunned by voters as she represents ‘the terrorists who killed our bellowed former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’.

A female suicide bomber of Sri Lankan terrorist outfit, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) assassinated Rajiv Gandhi at an election rally in Tamil Nadu on May 21, 1991. "Vote for Jan will tantamount to be a vote for a suicide bomber," Raghuvir Samy of the Tamil lobby said.

Janannayagam, an independent candidate for EU Parliament is a member of Genocide Against Tamils, which has been labelled by Sri Lankan Government as a front organization of the LTTE. Many countries including the European Union, US, and India have proscribed LTTE as a terrorist organization.

Many Indian political analysts believe that Jananayagam, if elected as an MEP, could encourage separatist trends in Tamil Nau, the South India state where some separatist elements are linked to the LTTE. "Jan Jananayagam recently said in a BBC interview that there is an "existential threat to Tamils" and her support will be an encouragement to South Indian Tamil separatist groups," warns Atul Saxena, a member of the Indian National Congress. "If she gets elected extremists in India like PMK, TVP will raise their heads once again," he warned.

But he is confident that Indian origin voters in UK would not vote for Jananayagam. "Even Viko (MDMK leader V Gomalasamy) could not get elected in Tamil Nadu and he was defeated because he was a supporter of the LTTE," he pointed out. "Jananayagam too openly expressed her support to LTTE at a recent interview and it is very foolish for any democrat to vote for such a person. That alone is a reason enough for thousands of Indian voters to reject her".

"If you are moderate person who believes in multi-culturalism and peace, please don’t vote for Jananayagam,” said another analyst who wrote to Daily Mirror. “She talks a good talk with her fancy CV, however we all know she is deep down an LTTE supporter. She allows the woeful MIA to advertise on her website, MIA has always supported the LTTE. Jan talks about a two state solution for Sri-Lanka. How pathetic? Is it a two state solution based on one state for Tamils only and one state for Sinhalese, Burghers and Muslims. Wake up Jan, we live in multicultural world, we have to learn to live together and respect one another. I come from a family with Tamil, Sinhalese and Burgher members in it. Jan, you talk about genocide, so will you speak against LTTE terrorism and genocide against fellow Muslims, Veddhas and other communities in the North of SL. No you probably won’t because you love consorting with LTTE terrorist supporters outside parliament and those who are targeting peaceful moderate Sri-Lankans living in London."

Meanwhile, many organizations representing Tamils from South India, Mauritius and East Africa, in a joint statement warned their members about MEP candidates with close connections with ‘those who overtly or covertly support terrorist organizations’. Jananayagam supported LTTE overtly at the recently held World Tamil Forum Meeting in London held in March 2009 although LTTE is listed as a terrorist movement by the European Union. :How can a LTTE supporter sit in EU Parliament when EU has proscribed LTTE?” a member of Indian Democratic Alliance asked.

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