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Tamils conference: ‘forget differences; create public opinion for devolution of powers’

By Gopal Ethiraj from Chennai

Chennai, 10 June ( The Sri Lankan Tamils’ rehabilitation conference, organised by International Tamil Centre ("Pannattu Thamizh Naduvam") here on Monday, dwelt on the future of the Eelam henceforth, and urged the Lankan Tamils to forget differences and create public opinion in favour of devolution of powers to the Tamils in Lanka.

Dr. Boyle, professor of international law at University of Illinois College of Law, said he was sure the government of Sri Lanka committed genocide of Tamils from January 2009 to May 2009. He said this genocide eclipsed that committed by Serbia between April 1992 and August 2005. “The genocide of over 50,000 Hindu, Christian Tamils by the Sinhala Buddhist regime should be taken up before the International Court of Justice," he said.

R. Bhagwan Singh, consulting editor, Deccan Chronicle, gave a glimpse of the sufferings of the Lankan Tamils as witnessed by him, reported by him. He pointed out that it was important to forget the burden of the past and bring about unity among the Lankan Tamils to form a coalition of various Tamil democratic political outfits. “The diaspora Tamils must actively involve themselves in the post-conflict democratic process to ensure devolution of powers to Tamils,” he said.

Dr. Bruce Fein, ex-deputy associate attorney general, US, suggested a pact between Tamils and the Government of Sri Lanka on the lines of Cyprus Pact or on the lines of China-Taiwan relationship. Political reality may not allow the idea of a separate state as of now. We can explore the relationship China and Hong Kong or China and Taiwan have, he said.

"Though Tamils will be conceptually under the federal set-up of Sri Lankan government, they can be practically independent. The lobbying for such a political set-up may begin simultaneously within Lanka and in Washington where the attention of the international community could be attracted," he advised.

Prof. V. Suryanarayan, former director of South Asian Studies, University of Madras, spoke on the failings this side and that side on the Tamils issue. Dr Winston Panchatsaram, of New York, Ms Sudha Ragunathan and Ms Manimegalai Kannan organized the event.

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