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High Commissioner in London suspends weekly diplomatic meetings as she suspects her diplomatic colleagues

London, 20 February, ( In the worst leadership crisis that ever occurred at the Sri Lankan High Commission in London, the out going High Commissioner Ms. Kshenuka Senewiratne who presided over the last diplomatic officers weekly gathering said she would suspend the sittings of the meetings until her departure from the mission as she cannot no longer trust some diplomatic officers, working under her.

The highly controversial diplomat visibly upset over some “news leakages” accused some of her unnamed diplomatic officers of releasing “false” and “deceitful” news against her in the press and said even after she leaves London as the head of mission the news leaking diplomats should remember they would have to repent for what they have done. They should remember “What goes around comes around,” the powerful diplomat severely warned.

The meeting occurred after she sent a state funded civilian group to lobby the government of Sri Lanka, partly on her behalf.

Stunned diplomats, by her wild accusations were informed that until her departure as head of Sri Lanka’s most important foreign out post in London, she would not hold a single meeting of the diplomats, simply because she “no longer trusts some”. Participants said they expect no diplomatic officers meetings held at London’s 13 Hyde Park Gardens High Commission building, probably until the end of this year, the time she is expected to arrive at her new posting in Colombo or Geneva depending on the changing political fortunes.

“I am sure all what I have said would appear in the web immediately after I talk,” Ms. Senewiratne predicted. While all diplomatic officers selected to be silent the first Secretary political, Mr. M.R.Keegel, flanked by Minister Trade D. Kulatilleke said they fully endorsed everything the High Commissioner said. He said if people start leaking confidential information the high Commission cannot function.

But other sources close to the participants of the meeting said, news leaking and planting against individuals who do not belong to the same “ideology” of the High Commissioner have been occurring for the past several months even before the targeted diplomats took over duties at the High Commission. One said, a man named, “non-playing captain” took a major role in planting news. But what happened now is, highly controversial doings, that could possibly harm the prospects of the status quo have leaked, the same sources said. “In fact, what is happening at the High Commission, like inappropriate funding of controversial individuals, could damage the whole country,” he added.

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