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Bruce Fein, LTTE Attorney has Still Not Replied to Asian Tribune

By K T Rajasingham

The Asian Tribune send 25 questions to Attorney Bruce Fein, the moment we heard that he had been retained by the tottering LTTE hierarchy in a new garb calling themselves "Tamils for Justice" to pump new life into the dying movement for an illusive “Eelam”. For reasons known only to Fein, it seems that answers to our questions have been sent to various publications except the Asian Tribune. Bruce Fein repeatedly informed us that he would reply to our questions. As our readers have waited for the same, and now we are compelled to give the facts: how we wrote to Fein, what we asked of him to explain and why LTTE is now trying their best to get them de-banned as a terrorist organization proclaimed by the Government of United States of America.

The sequence of the correspondences and our reasoning are given below for the edification of our readers. All correspondence on this matter is also given at the end.

Here is our rationale for engaging and finally Asian Tribune decided to come up with its side of the story.

There is a wrong conception among some Tamils as well as in the midst of a section of the international community that if anyone is a Tamil he has to support LTTE and Prabakaran and his evil ways, and also should renounce any claims to be a Sri Lankan and oppose the Sri Lanka Government. Or else you are a traitor.

But everyone should know that though at present I am a resident of Sweden, I am a Sri Lankan and I will be Sri Lankan until such time my life is spared by this Attorney’s retainers.

For me Sri Lanka is my homeland. From Point Pedro, the northern most point of the country, where I was born to Dondra Head in the South, the whole Island nation is my country. I am not going to and not willing to give up 7/9 of the entire Island to the Sinhalese of this country. I am not prepared and will not be satisfied to the foolish claim that 2/9 portion of the country – North and Eastern provinces as my homeland. Why should I give up 7/9 portion of the country to others and be satisfied with 2/9 portion of the country, the so called ‘Eelam,’ as my homeland?

I think many, including this Attorney from United States of America are confused with the proper noun “Eelam.” They are of the view that Eelam means, a name of a place that denotes north and east of Sri Lanka. It is not so. Eelam is another name for Sri Lanka and there is no Tamil Eelam and Sinhla Sri Lanka.

I am a Sri Lankan and for me Mahinda Rajapakse, the elected President of Sri Lanka is my President and the Government of Sri Lanka is my Government and Sri Lanka is my country. Supporting or opposing President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Government under his leadership is my sole discretion and no one can dictate to me what I should do.

Furthermore, I have to point out that I joined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party long back in 1967 and after 1979 I became completely inactive in the Party politics and since then I have not taken any interest in the party affairs and has not joined any other political parties since then. Had I remained continuously active in the affairs of Sri Lanka Freedom Party, I would have been today the second most senior party member living next to my friend, and veteran Party member Alavi Moulana, Governor of Colombo.

Unlike the Attorney, who is a US citizen striving to unnecessarily interfere in the activities of my country, I remain loyal and patriotic to my country. Bruce Fein who is retained by Tamils for Justice, and reported of being paid US Dollar 25,000 a month and he seemed bent on barking so loud. He is his master's voice and perhaps would bark for others if given the monetary incentive.

By accepting the blood money from the world ruthless terrorist organization, Bruce Fein has tainted his hands with the blood of the innocent Sri Lankans, who are victims of Prabakaran and his terrorist’ organization.

Today, by representing a proxy organization of a terrorist outfit, which is banned in USA, he has developed selective amnesia about the things he wrote about the LTTE sometime ago and how he described them as terrorists. Now he is singing hosanna to Prabakaran – world’s most ruthless terrorist leader who is more ruthless than Osama bin Laden.

For the record, Bruce Fein the American Attorney should know that he was retained by the so called “Tamils for Justice”, a new reincarnation of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the separatist Tamil terrorists organization of Sri Lanka which is a banned organization in the United States of America, Canada, 27 European Union Countries as well as in India.

Correspondence :

Asian Tribune as an online news daily wrote to Bruce Fein about the 25 questions prepared on behalf of Asian Tribune by H.L.D. Mahindapala, the editorial consultant of the Asian Tribune.

The questionnaire was forwarded to Bruce Fein on 30 January and wrote to him as follows:

“Mr. Bruce Fein,
Tamils for Justice

“Dear Mr. Fein,


Further to your posting on your web site soliciting money for “Tamils for Justice,” we would thank you to kindly answer the following questions.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

We will be posting this questionnaire in our website with an introduction. Your replies will be carried when you send them with our comments.

With thanks and kind regards,

Editor - Asian Tribune”

Subsequently Asian Tribune posted the 25 questions in the Asian Tribune on 08 February, Twenty Five Questions to Attorney Bruce Fein, Representing “Justice for Tamils”

On 9 February Asian Tribune received a response from Bruce Fein.

“Mr fein will be answering your questions this weekend as he has returned from his speech. Please confirm answers should be sent to

The answers will first be posted on tamils for justice website prior to our sending them to you.

Bruce fein and assoc staff

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry”

On receipt of Bruce Feins mail, Asian Tribune responded as follows:

“Dear Ambassador Bruce Fein,


We are very much disappointed over your silent with regard to your response to our questions.

We are still hoping that you may come up soon with a response to our questions.

Kindly note, if you are interested in responding to our questionnaire, it has to be sent to us and after it is carried in the Asian Tribune you may publish it anywhere you want and we will not object to it.

But in case if you decide to first publish it in some other website and then send it to us for publication in our website, then we will not accommodate your response to our questions.

I think that we initiated the questions and you are expected to respond initially to us. We will take our own time to study your comments and post them according to our convenience. This is our position and it is up to you decide on this matter.

Furthermore, Asian Tribune has a practice of only carrying reports and article written exclusively for Asian Tribune. We have some exception to this rule too, but in this case we are not willing to do so.

If you feel comfortable with our practice, you may send in
your response.

Thanks and regards.


Again on 10 February Asian Tribune, received another mail from Bruce Fein:

“As my e-mail stated mr. Fein is answering your questions which I am certain after reviewing the first several you will be violently insulted and angered.

You should never fear Mr. Fein never responding. He loves and thrives on these challenges.

Bon chance

Bruce Fein and assoc staff
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry”

In the meantime Asian Tribune began to receive calls and e-mails stating that Bruce Fein has responded to the questionnaire. Unfortunately the US Attorney retained by “Tamils for Justice”- another version of LTTE in USA, never had the courage to respond to questions directly to Asian Tribune. We did not receive his response.

He must have had some ulterior motives for not responding to Asian Tribune at all.

As a Sri Lankan and a Tamil, I as Editor of Asian Tribune I am used to face rivals face to face and not interested to go behind those lurk behind trees and howls at others.

Therefore I as Editor of Asian Tribune decided to ignore the lamentations and elegy of those who beat their chests as in the funeral houses in Jaffna for coolie (payments).

However Asian Tribune continued to receive mails from our readers and the last one Asian Tribune received on this issue was from one Wije de Silva from New York:

“Dear Editor,

The answers to your 25 questions have been submitted by Bruce Fein and I read them on website.

Why these answers have not been published in Asian Tribune. In addition Bruce Fein says that he has now asked 25 questions from Asian Tribune, when you plan to publish these questions in Asian Tribune.


Wije de Silva
New York.
19 February 2008”

- Asian Tribune -

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