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Accused terrorist's low-key life: 15 years in Canada:.......

[b]Accused terrorist's low-key life: 15 years in Canada: Alleged Tamil Tiger leader staves off deportation[/b]

[b]Stewart Bell -National Post[/b]

[b]Mississauga, Ont. 29 October:[/b] - The slight man waiting at the bus stop on Airport Road clutching a black computer case could easily pass for another office-bound hi-tech employee.

Dressed in loose-fitting blue jeans, shiny black shoes and a hooded winter bomber jacket, he responded politely when approached by a reporter this week.

"I need to catch the bus," he said.

The man at the bus stop, however, was no ordinary morning commuter. He was Manickavasagam Suresh and he has been officially declared a danger to Canada's security.

The Canadian government says the 50-year-old Sri Lankan was a fundraiser for the Tamil Tigers, a rebel group that Ottawa accuses of rape, torture, assassination and terrorism.

Canada's intelligence service says he also purchased military-use equipment. Following his arrest on Oct. 18, 1995, a judge ruled that he should be removed from Canada "as quickly as possible."

But a decade later, Mr. Suresh is still here. The tenth anniversary of his arrest passed quietly last week. He lives in a two-storey Mississauga home on a corner lot with a fenced yard.

The street looks like any other in suburban Toronto, with pumpkins on porches and children walking to school carrying backpacks -- except it is home to a man the Federal Court of Canada has called a "dedicated and trusted member" of the Tamil Tigers, one of the world's leading practitioners of suicide terrorism.

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