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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 74

Advisory piece : Be Wary and Wise

[b]Advisory piece:Be Wary and Wise[/b]

By Prof: Kanbawza Win

It would be a fool if one remains jubilant at the Junta's giving up its chairmanship and witnessing the uncomfortable Li Zhaoxing, China's Foreign Minister chastising the Junta's bulldog, General Than Shwe. Geopolitics dictates that Burma is just a small cactus among the mammoth viz the dragon, the elephant, with the flying eagle under the scorching sun. All of them are out and out to outshine each other driven by self-interests, priorities and concerns. But the most important aspect is that the Junta is still in the driver seat and is heading at full speed for its power in perpetuity.

Stocks have to be taken and the Burmese opposition in Diaspora should meticulously plan out what the next objective should be in their endeavour to their cherished goal. Now that several battles such as the ASEAN chairmanship, President Bush signing the law and very lately the WFP James Morris report that genuinely reflect the real situation of the country to the international community has been won, we should prepare for the coup de grace. But still our war of liberations faces many hazards and is still far from over and we have to work more relentlessly.

Since the fateful announcement of relinquishing the post of a chairman, Burma has become a fair lady, where every eligible bachelor tries to woo. Of course the first person happens to be our neighbour, the pigtail Pauk Paw who is very worried that the neighbouring damsel might elope with another person and came rushing over the fence shouting "Wor I Nee" bringing 400 trucks.

The second one is a conglomerate of our family members better known as ASEAN, who altogether vividly sees the writings on the wall of the Pauk Paw's influence over Burma came rushing towards Burma, all eager to help the country on her road to democracy. How come when all these years of one and half decades they have not lifted a finger to help Burma in the prevalence of democracy and human rights are now suddenly all eager to help? If the ASEAN had chosen to coax the Junta to have some semblance of democracy as releasing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi or good governance or a genuine National Convention earlier, then Burma would have taken up this prestigious chairmanship without anybody objecting and to everybody's delight. The centre of their hypocrisy is ASEAN self interest. The economic exploitation of the Burmese under the smokescreen of Constructive Engagement has carried them too far and in their endeavour to counter weigh China with the help of Uncle Sam has now back- fired. "Oh darling you came late"

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