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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Allow us to live or to choose our plight – the choice......

[b]Allow us to live or to choose our plight – the choice is yours international community[/b]

[b] Colombo, 12 January, ( [/b]"It is the bounden duty of the international community to bring about a reasonable solution to us. If the international community fails in its obligations, then we will without fear or remorse rally round our Leader. We have nothing to loose by our decision. In a people’s war campaign, we will safeguard our existence, lives and the land needed for our survival."

This was declared at the LTTE sponsored Tamil National Resurgence Convention held on 10 January, at Kadatkaraichchenai in Muttur East.

Gunanayagam Nageswary, mother of Black Tiger Major Jeyam lit the flame of sacrifice. Thiryagarasapillai Arulananthan, father of Lt. Sivajini and Lt. Sathananthan lit the common flame of sacrifice. Pathakutty Arasaretnam, father of Major Thamilmaran and Kuttiyan, a member of auxiliary force hoisted the Thamileelam national flag.

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