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Action plan to revive health care facilities in N/E

A rapid action plan to revive and upgrade the deteriorating health care facilities in the North and East is now being prepared by the Health Ministry.

Peace ombudsman to deal with east?

by Himangi Jayasundere - The Island

The Island:The government is considering the appointment of a peace ombudsman to deal with some of the problems arising in the east.

19th Amendment dead: President also has options — PA

by Himangi Jayasundere - The Island

The Island:The People’s Alliance (PA) yesterday declared that the 19th Amendment was as "dead as a door nail".

Child Soldier Use : Denail by Burma- Not Credible.

New York, October 18: - The Burmese government's claim that it does not use child soldiers is contradicted by the evidence, Human
Rights Watch said today. Burma has said a recent Human Rights Watch
report is "just another example of attempts to tarnish the image of
Myanmar and the Myanmar Tatmadaw (military) in the eyes of the
international community."

Want an Elephant for just one hundred buck?

Compiled by: V.Rajeny

Moskowitz met Finklestein on the street one day and said,
"Finkelstein, have I got a bargain for you! An elephant! A
whole living elephant for just one hundred dollars."

Licence to Rape: An Earth Shattering Revelation - Exclusive Interview


Interview Asian Tribune conducted with Hseng Noung of SWAN, who is one of the researchers for "Licence to Rape," a well compiled documentation, which is an earth shattering revelation of how the Burmese military used rape as an instrument to terrorize innocent women into submission.