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Foreign aid key to Norways peace bid in Sri Lanka

Oslo, Dec. 02: - Sri Lanka's warring parties have virtually pledged not to return to war, but Norwegian peace brokers believe the durability of the fragile peace could largely depend on foreign aid and how it is spent.

Report Published By British Foreign and Commonwealth Office On Iraqi Regimes Human Rights Abuses.

Edited Transcript Of A Briefing Given By Foreign Office Officials and
DR Hussein Al-Shahristani, London, Monday 2 December 2002.

Britain: Iraq Guilty of Torture, Rape

By Jane Wardell, Associated Press Writer

London, Dec. 02: - The British government accused Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on Monday of masterminding the widespread and systematic torture of his political opponents and other citizens to hold on to power.

Investigation on Licence to Rape – A ploy crumbles under the very feet of the Army Generals.

by K.T. Rajasingham

Bangkok, Dec. 03: The Burmese (Myanmar) Governments propaganda ploy on the allegation of the investigation of rape charges in the Shan state has fizzled out. In the height of the criticism pouring in against those barbaric acts of the Burmese soldiers for mercilessly raping women in the Shan state, the military government was forced to make amends by ordering some form of investigation. But their move failed miserably.

Santa Claus Goes Digital.

For kids from six to 60 and beyond, Santa Claus is online through Christmas Day.

A Qatari Arab man has no political rights

By K.T.Rajasingham

Qatar is the fourth Gulf country, situated in the Asian continent, which does not allow its Arab citizens any political rights. Qatar is one of the oil-rich countries in the Gulf and a hereditary monarch runs the country. Unfortunately, an ordinary Arab Man in this country is denied of all the political rights.

Ever get the feeling you were being watched?

Compiled by: V.Rajeny

Unfortunately, it may be true in the near future if the Home-
land Security Act is not amended before passage. Every little
move you make will be closely watched by the government thanks
to some power-hungry genius named John Poindexter. He has been
appointed by the government to head the "Information Awareness
Office" and is getting the "data-mining" power to snoop on
every public and private act of every American.

Cambodian activists want Khmer Rouge trail

Dec. 03: Activists in Cambodia say the country's surviving Khmer Rouge leaders should be put on trial, rather than escape prosecution by testifying to a truth and reconciliation commission.

Cambodias Pol Potists want to avoid trial

Dec. 02:Surviving Khmer Rouge leaders have urged the United Nations not to put them on trial for genocide.

Economy likely to grow 5.2% next year, says TDRI

Bangkok, Dec 3 (TNA): – Thailand Development Research Institute expects the Thai economy could enjoy a maximum growth of 5.2% next year should the country’s export expand considerably.

SLMC rebel group nominates Subaideen as new leader

by Franklin R. Satyapalan

The Island:The continuing leadership discontentment in the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) erupted into the open, creating an imminent split in the party with the rebel group of four MPs led by its former chairman and Minister A. L. M. Athaullah going ahead to nominate S. Subaideen as its new leader, a spokesman for the rebel MPs said yesterday.

North-East Development: PA to sound alert to Indian leaders

by Zacki Jabbar

The Island:Presidential Adviser and former Foreign Minister, Lakshman Kadirgarmar said , yesterday that the People’s Alliance delegation visiting India would urge the Indian leadership to "study" and also be "alert" to developments in the North-East of Sri Lanka vis-a -vis the on-going government-LTTE peace talks.

PMs report of Prabhakarans shift to one Lanka an attempt to fool country – Mangala

The Island:Chief Opposition Whip Mangala Samaraweera said that the latest episode of the tragi-comedy on the future of our country enacted in various capitals of the world has now gone from the sublime to the ridiculous with the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka demeaning his position to that of the press secretary to ‘His Excellency’ Balasingham and the LTTE.

Indian fishing trawlers arrested in Sri Lankan waters

According to Sri Lankan Army ews, four Indian fishing trawlers in Sri Lankan waters were arrested by Naval troops with fourteen fishermen on board on 30 November 2002 around 1.35 p.m. while they were engaged in fishing in the general sea area of Karaitivu.

Talks Resumes in Oslo, where both sides reached agreement on some minor issues.

Oslo, Norway, Dec. 03: Sri Lanka's government and Tamil Tiger rebels held a session of peace talks in Oslo on Monday but Norway predicted that many more meetings would be needed to end Asia's longest-running conflict.

Sri Lankas top Muslim leader says crisis could lead to fall of government, stall Tamil peace talks.

By Dilip Ganguly, Associated Press Writer

Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dec. 03: - The head of Sri Lanka's powerful Muslim political party warned Tuesday that a split in his party could bring down the government, jeopardizing peace talks with Tamil Tiger rebels, underway in Norway.