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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 72

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NSCN leaders to extend stay by at least four days

New Delhi, (PTI), Jan. 15: Bouyed by the progress in their peace talks with Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and other leaders, major Naga insurgent group NSCN(I-M) leaders will hold two days of parleys with top government officials beginning January 20 and extend their stay here by at least four days.

Human Rights Watch charges cover up by authorities in Gujarat

Washington, (PTI), Jan. 15: A US-based non-governmental rights group has charged the authorities in Gujarat with embarking upon "a cover-up of their own rule and that of the Sangh Parivar in the attacks against Muslims."

Sri Lanka rebels to start upgraded radio broadcasts

Jaffna, Sri Lanka, (AP), Jan. 15: Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels will upgrade their radio broadcasts, reaching a wider area with more programs, to educate Tamils about ongoing peace talks, officials said Wednesday.

Explosion kills at least six in Sri Lanka

By Dilip Ganguly, Associated Press Writer

Colombo, Sri Lanka, (AP), Jan. 15: At least six people, including five children, were killed in Sri Lanka Wednesday when they tried to open an abandoned package that contained explosives, police said.

Ranil-TNA talks on HSZs, N-E local bodies

by Shamindra Ferdinando

The Island: Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Tuesday discussed a range of issues including the re-settlement of people in High Security Zones (HSZs) in the Jaffna peninsula and ways and means of running north-east local bodies when their life-term ends next month, with the TULF-led Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

UNHCR Representative on Myanmar Refugees.

Regional Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Thailand, emphasized that the UNHCR attempts to maintain the highest moral and ethical standard in its work.

I Can Sack the Prime Minister By Issuing Just One Letter – Sri Lankan President

Colombo, Jan. 15: "I can sack the Prime Minister by issuing just one letter. He and his entire cabinet will have to go. If I do that and I know that the entire world will support my decision," said Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, the President of Sri Lanka. She furtherer elaborate, “I will not sack him for personal gain. But I will do it in the national interest.”

We based our decision not on the correct answers.

Compiled by - V.Rajeny

We based our decision not on the correct answers.
Two young engineers applied for a single position at a com-
puter company. They both had the same qualifications. In
order to determine which individual to hire, the applicants
were asked to take a test by the Department manager.

Iraq ready to answer any question raised by UN inspectors

Iraq's foreign minister Naji Sabri said that "Iraq is ready to answer any questions by top UN weapons inspectors when they come here next week, but insisted a 12,000-page arms report submitted to the united nations last month was comprehensive," INA reported today.

Iran: Press Crackdown Intensifies

New York, Jan. 15: uman Rights Watch today deplored Iran’s
closure of two leading independent newspapers on Saturday and called on the authorities to permit them to reopen without delay.

Dalai Lama against 'thrusting war' on Iraq

Bodh Gaya (Bihar), (PTI), Jan 16: Describing war as an organised and legalised form of violence, Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, today disfavoured "thrusting" war on Iraq as it would only lead to destruction.

Anger over Naga talks, Manipur on the boil

By Syed Zarir Hussain, Indo-Asian News Service

Guwahati, Jan. 16, (IANS): Indian troops were put on high alert in the northeastern state of Manipur after a powerful pressure group threatened to launch a secessionist movement Thursday night.