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Lawyers on the prowl waiting for their prey.

Compiled by - V. Rajeny

A barber gave a haircut to a priest one day. The priest
tried to pay for the haircut, but the barber refused saying,
"I cannot accept money from you, for you are a good
man - you do God's work."

Sri Lanka to sign IT agreement with India

Colombo, (PTI), Feb. 27: Sri Lanka would enter into an Information Technology and communications agreement with India during Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's three-day India visit, which gets underway later today, a senior minister announced.

Prominent Muslim leader supports legislation on Ram temple

New Delhi, (PTI), Feb. 27: A prominent Muslim leader today supported any "unanimous" Parliamentary legilslation to build the Ram temple and said Muslims were open to discussing the BJP's idea of even gifting the "disputed site" to Hindus but not not at the point of VHP's bayonet.

GL not certain about LTTE military training and arms procurement

by Kesara Abeywardena

Government’s chief peace negotiator Minister G. L. Peiris yesterday said he "cannot say with all sincerity" that military training and arms procurement by the LTTE had stopped.

I will do what is best for the country — CBK

By Roy Silva in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Tuesday, February 25 "The people of Sri Lanka have elected me as their President twice over to do what is best for the country and I will not fail in my duty", said President Chandrika Kumaratunga today. The President was responding to a question by The Island whether she would step in if the ongoing peace process endangered the security of the country.

Interests of peope of Indian origin should be included in peace solution

by Franklin R. Satyapalan

C.W.C. President and General Secretary, Minister Arumugam Thondaman on Tuesday called upon the government to ensure that the final formula that may emerge will address the aspirations of the people in the North-East, will also take into account the socio economic and political interests of the people of Indian origin.

New head of international peace monitors begins visits to Sri Lanka's war-torn northeast

By Krishan Francis, Associated Press Writer

Colombo, Sri Lanka, Feb. 26: - The new head of a European mission monitoring a year-old truce between Tamil rebels and the government of Sri Lanka visited the country's war-ravaged northeast Wednesday to assess the situation on the ground, a spokesman said.

NZ police release text of threat letter to US, Britain, Australia

Wellington, Feb. 27 (Xinhuanet): New Zealand police Wednesday night released a copy of the threat letter sent to diplomatic missions of the United States, Britain and Australia in Wellington last week.

War On Drugs: Blacklists under review

Bangkok, Feb. 27: Facing mounting public pressure over the possibility that flawed drug-suspect blacklists are causing innocent lives to be taken in the war on drugs, the Interior Ministry yesterday ordered the Narcotics Control Board (NCB) to check the lists.

Philippines-Thailand agree to share tuna exports to EU

Bangkok, Feb. 27 (TNA): The Philippines and Thailand have agreed to a "sharing" scheme on the minimum access volume (MAV) of tuna exports allowed by the European Union (EU) under a lower
tariff rate, according to a news report of the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

Open Memo- Earth to Burmese Junta: Dialogue Begins At Home.

Bangkok, Feb. 27: The State Peace and Development Council's (SPDC) recent statement calling for "constructive dialogue" with the United States of America is outrageous in the light of the junta's refusal to enter into "constructive dialogue" with the people of Burma, declares Altsean-Burma.

India backs Sri Lanka peace bid with cash: Minister

Colombo, (PTI), Feb. 26: Sri Lanka today said that India, which has extended a 200 million dollar credit line to the island nation, was supporting Colombo's peace bid despite domestic political compulsions.

Sri Lanka sets up VIP security modelled on India

Colombo, (PTI), Feb. 26: Sri Lanka today launched a new VIP security unit based on India's Special Protection Group (SPG) following advise from Indian experts, officials said.

UN body concerned over opium abuse in India

New Delhi, (PTI), Feb. 26: The UN's International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) today said widespread illicit opium and cannabis cultivation and their abuse in India are still a matter of concern despite drastic steps to curb the menace.

Say a resolute “NO” to the offer of Col. Bekele Patrick. (Rtd.) from Congo.

Col. Blake Patrick is from Democratic Republic of Congo; formerly the country was known as Zaire, geographically located almost just below Central Africa claims that he was a close friend and confidante of the disgraced former president of the country Laurent Kabila.<

Thailand exports of Gemstone look set to reap to Bt.100b

Bangkok, Feb 27 (TNA): Thailand’s gemstone exports this year should earn as much as Bt100 billion, Commerce Minister Adisai Bodharamik said on Wednesday.