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Ambassador visits Kiwi held on drugs charges in Thailand

A New Zealander being held in a Thai jail on heroin charges was visited by a New Zealand government official yesterday.

U.S. says it has great confidence in Sri Lanka

Deputy US Trade Representative Jon Huntsman said last week that US had great confidence in Sri Lanka, and was taking its economic relations with the country very seriously". Ambassador Huntsman made this observations when he addressed an Investment Roundtable hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce, on the theme "Sri Lanka-Gatway to South Asia", held as an integral part of the Second Meeting of the Joint Council established under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), a statement from the Sri Lankan Embassy in Washington DC said.

Norwegians as facilitators in Iraq

By Sama Samaraganasinghe in Oslo

The Norwegians who are facilitators of the Sri Lanka peace process have been called in by the United Nations to mediate in the Iraq war to bring about a negotiated settlement according to well informed sources in Norway.

Monitors want LTTE to avoid unauthorised cadre movement

by Kalinga Weerakkody

The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) has strongly recommended to the LTTE not to make armed Tiger movements in the night either in unauthorised places or high security zones, controlled by the Sri Lankan security forces and has strictly informed them not to possess fire-arms in such movements.

ABBL participates in Bangladesh Trade Fair in Yangon

A 4-day long Bangladesh Trade Fair in Yangon has concluded in Myanmar recently. Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia inaugurated the fair. Among other companies.of Bangladesh, Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd also took part in the fair. AB Bank Ltd has a representative office in Myanmar, according to the Bank source.

Bangla-Thai move to boost export-import trade

A high-powered Bangladesh trade delegation will visit Thailand in May to ensure greater market access of Bangladeshi products in that country. It will also invite Thai investment in Bangladesh in areas that have already been identified by both sides.

Myanmar: Limited human rights improvements -- serious concerns persist

Almost two months after its first-ever visit to Myanmar, Amnesty International welcomed some limited improvements in the human rights situation, but at the same time expressed disappointment that other urgent steps have not yet been taken by the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), the military government. The SPDC has told the organization that political prisoners now have access to reading materials and social contact, which are positive developments. However over 1200 political prisoners are still held in prisons throughout the country, and the pace of releases has decreased considerably in the last four months.

Bill Gates Foundation gives $60 mn for AIDS research

An organisation funded by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has donated $60 million for developing a gel that can prevent the spread of AIDS among women in developing countries.

Iraq says bus carrying foreign activists attacked

Iraq said Tuesday that U.S. warplanes attacked two buses bringing European and American peace activists to Baghdad from Jordan, injuring many of them, while U.S. aerial bombardment has killed dozens since Monday.

Airports alerted to screen pneumonia infected passengers

Government has alerted all airports in the country to screen passengers coming into the country from the places where the incidence of mysterious pneumonia have been reported.

Myanmar: Gems Emporium sales strong

By Aung Kyaw Tha

Sales at 40th annual Myanmar Gems Emporium have been brisk, totalling US$14.5 million after the first three days of trading, according to an official from the organising body, Myan-ma Gems Enterprise

Saddam is alive and in full command: Tariq Aziz

President Saddam Hussein is alive and well and in total command of his country, Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz told ABC NEWS in an exclusive interview on Sunday.

Iraq: Feigning Civilian Status Violates the Laws of War

Feigning civilian or noncombatant status to deceive the enemy is a violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said today. On March 29 at a U.S. military roadblock near Najaf, an Iraqi noncommissioned officer reportedly posing as a taxi driver detonated a car bomb that killed him and four U.S. soldiers. Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan said at a Baghdad news conference that such attacks would become “routine military policy.”

Sri Lanka navy sinks Tamil Tiger boat in clash

By Shimali Senanayake - Associated Press Writer

The Sri Lankan navy sank a rebel Tamil Tiger vessel in a clash at sea Monday, military officials said. Three Sri Lankan soldiers were wounded.

Thailand to send army medical staff to Iraq if requested:MOD

Thailand is prepared to send army medical staff to assist the Iraqi population as soon as the United Nations gives the word, Defence Minister Gen. Thamarak Isarangura
announced today.

SARS Epidemic: THAI flights scrapped

Services to Hong Kong and other cities cancelled to halt spread of virus

Missing US marine alive, says Thai family

Relatives of missing Thai-American marine Kemaphoom Chanawongse believe he's still alive and will not be left behind by his fellow soldiers in Iraq.

Indonesian Hindus to pray for Iraqis

Indonesian Hindus, particularly in West Nusa Tenggara province, will continue to pray during the Day of Silence (known locally as Nyepi) for Iraqis caught up in the US-led war against Iraq, head of a local Hindu organization I.Gde Mandya said on Monday.

India, Russia to set up joint group on counter-terrorism

India and Russia have set up a joint group on counter-terrorism, a meeting of which would be held later this year.

U.S. says 8,700 bombs, missiles launched at Iraq

By Charles Aldinger

More than 8,700 bombs and missiles have been launched by U.S.-led forces in the war on Iraq, the Pentagon said on Monday, including escalating strikes against Republican Guard divisions protecting Baghdad.