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Australian journalist says expelled from Baghdad

Australian journalist Ian McPhedran was expelled from Baghdad for filing an eyewitness report on a U.S. missile strike on Iraq's Information Ministry, his newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Navy sure Tigers attacked Lanka Muditha

by Shamindra Ferdinando

The navy is convinced that the Sea Tigers were responsible for Monday night’s firing at the Ceylon Shipping Corporation (CSC) vessel Lanka Muditha off Trincomalee. The incident occurred approximately 14 nautical miles North of Foul Point.

US Human Rights report castigates LTTE

By Bandula Jayasekara

The Country Report on the Practice of Human Rights released by the US Department of State yesterday states that the LTTE has implemented its court system through threat of force and expanded the operations of its court system into areas previously under the government’s judicial system in the North and the East. It states that with the expansion of its court system the LTTE has demanded all Tamil civilians to stop using the government’s judicial system. The report also states that the LTTE judges have no legal training and its courts operate without codified or defined legal authority and essentially operates as agents of the LTTE rather than as an independent judiciary.

Amnesty joins U.N. envoy in asking for Myanmar to release prisoners

The human rights group Amnesty International on Tuesday renewed its call for Myanmar's military government to release political prisoners, which it said number more than 1,200.

Airports alerted to screen pneumonia infected passengers

Government has alerted all airports in the country to screen passengers coming into the country from the places where the incidence of mysterious pneumonia have been reported.

Negotiations only for Iraq surrender: Rumsfeld

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has denied reports that Washington was engaged in negotiations for ending the war in Iraq, saying the only "negotiations" with Saddam Hussein will be for "unconditional surrender" by Iraq.

Suspected SARS victims face 14-day quarantine in houses

In an effort to contain the possible epidemic of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the cabinet yesterday acknowledged the Public Health Ministry’s move to put people suspected of contracting the disease in quarantine in their houses.

Day 13 of the War

Day 13 Iraqi war , important war statistics.

U.S. forces launch major ground offensive near Karbala

U.S. forces launched a major ground offensive on Iraqi Republican Guard units in Karbala, a key southern city on the way to Baghdad, early Wednesday, after Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urged Iraqis to fight a ''jihad'' (holy war) against the United States.

Fate of Saddam Still a Mystery

The White House said Tuesday that Saddam Hussein's failure to deliver a threatening televised speech personally raises "interesting questions" about whether the Iraqi leader is dead or alive.

Chinese delegation here for funerals of ill-fated vessel crew

A delegation from the provincial administration of the Fujian Province in China led by the Deputy Director General for Oceanic Fisheries of the Fujian Province met Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando at the Foreign Ministry on Monday (31). The delegation which includes the Deputy Mayor of Fuzhou and officials of the Fujian Provincial Government is in Sri Lanka to attend the funerals of the Chinese crew members of the ill-fated fishing vessel "Fu Yuan Yu 225" which was attacked off Mulaitivu on March 27, 2003 and to discuss other matters relating to the unprovoked attack with the Sri Lankan Government.

Thailand-Germany agree on export inspection standard

Thailand and Germany have agreed on a deal that will pave the way for a single standard of food export inspections for both nations, Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Newin Chidchob announced yesterday.

U.S. Using Cluster Munitions In Iraq

U.S. ground forces in Iraq are using cluster munitions with a very high failure rate, creating immediate and long-term dangers for civilians and friendly soldiers, Human Rights
Watch reported today.

Iraq: US must investigate civilian deaths

Amnesty International is extremely concerned at the increasing number of incidents in the conflict in Iraq which have led to civilian deaths and casualties.

Non-Muslims Fear Talibanization of Northern Pakistan After Move to Introduce Shariah Law

Non-Muslims in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan (NWFP) fear the Talibanization of the region after the Provincial Cabinet unanimously adopted the Islamic Shar'iah Act.

India reacts sharply to remarks made by Colin Powell.

India today reacted sharply to US Secretary of State Colin Powell's remarks that he hopes to take up the Indo-Pak issue after Iraq saying the role of outsiders was "limited" to the central issue of cross-border terrorism.

British tabloid hires sacked NBC correspondent Arnett.

Veteran war correspondent Peter Arnett, fired by America's NBC TV network after he said the US war plans in Iraq had failed, has been hired by a British tabloid.

U.N.: Key Human Rights Resolutions May Fail

Several important resolutions censuring
repressive governments may fail at the United Nations Commission on
Human Rights this month, Human Rights Watch warned today.

Saddam issues written statement calling for jihad

By Khaled Yacoub Oweis and Alan Elsner

President Saddam Hussein in a written statement on Tuesday urged Iraqis to wage a holy war against invaders, as the United States made clear that only an unconditional Iraqi surrender would end the war.

Exclusive: "Liberated’" by US Bombs

By -Naseer Al-Nahr - Arab News War Correspondent

Reports of US/UK forces killing dozens of Iraqi civilians yesterday stoked growing international anger at the US-led war, already high after seven women and children were shot dead at a US checkpoint in central Iraq.