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Sri Lanka to host World Hindu Congress

Sri Lanka is making elaborate plans to host
the World Hindu Congress next month, bringing in
scholars and religious leaders to discuss
the faith in the context of global peace.

Naga Rebels in India Threaten to Call Off Cease-fire

A powerful rebel group in northeast India Friday threatened to pull out of a cease-fire if the Indian government continued to insist they surrender their arms and give up their demand for sovereignty.

Red Cross registers more than 3,000 Iraqi POWs

The International Red Cross said Friday it had registered more than 3,000 Iraqis made prisoner of war by US and British forces, but still had no access to United States prisoners in Iraqi hands.

SARS Crisis: Songkran poses new threat to virus control

Ministry looks at prevention with 1,000s of workers and tourists expected

U.S. forces in the heart of Baghdad; Clashes with Special Republican Guard units

U.S. forces have penetrated into the heart of Baghdad for the first time in the 17-day war, a U.S. military spokesman said on Saturday.

U.S. says forces fight Iraq Special Republican Guard

U.S. forces clashed on Saturday with a small number of Iraq's elite Special Republican Guard and also with a unit of the Republican Guard in the Baghdad area, the U.S. military said.

US troops capture headquarters of the Republican Guard's Medina Division

US Army soldiers today captured the headquarters of the Republican Guard's Medina Division in this town about 50 kilometres south-east of Baghdad

Nong Khai to hold Thai-Lao Songkran festival

The northeastern province of Nong Khai was selected by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to represent the region as a host of the northeastern style of Songkran festival, Nong Khai governor Wongsak Sawadipanich said.

US forces push into downtown Baghdad, some units make brief incursions

A US contingent of troops supported by tanks and armored vehicles rolled into downtown Baghdad on Saturday for the first time, and US forces seized the headquarters of the Medina Division of Iraq's Republican Guard, US military officials said.

Exclusive: Saddam Appears in Public

Naseer Al-Nahr - Arab News War Correspondent

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, breaking his habit of avoiding the public gaze, was shown on Iraqi television yesterday being mobbed by cheering Iraqis in a bombed area of the capital threatened by US troops.

Kawaguchi unveils 5-point Iraq rehabilitation policy

Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi on Friday unveiled a five-point basic policy on the postwar reconstruction of Iraq and said she will explain it to her counterparts next week when she visits Europe.

Tamil Tigers denounce their exclusion from aid meet

By Scott McDonald

Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers accused the United States on Friday of undermining the island's growing peace process by excluding the rebels from an aid meeting this month.

India announces 20mn US dollar assistance in cash, kind to WFP

Responding to the UN emergency appeal for immediate humanitarian assistance to the people of Iraq, India today announced assistance of 20 million US dollars in cash and kind, including 50,000 mt of wheat to the World Food Programme (WFP).

LTTE accuses US of undermining Sri Lanka peace bid

Sri Lanka's LTTE rebels today accused the US of undermining the Norwegian peace efforts in the country by keeping the Tamil Tigers out of a conference to drum up aid from foreign donors to support reconstruction efforts in the island's north and east.

320 Iraqi Soldiers Killed As Coalition Takes Airport

Coalition forces Friday engaged Iraqi troops in fierce fighting at Baghdad's Saddam International Airport, as conflicting reports come in as to who is in control. A US commander with the 3rd Infantry Division said US troops had taken "complete control" of the airport, and that 320 Iraqi soldiers were killed in the fighting.

Saddam Urges Iraqis to Strike Coalition

In an unannounced television broadcast Friday designed to rally his people, President Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) called on Iraqis to strike at the U.S.-led coalition.

Documenting Rape by Burma Army Against Ethnic Women - Refugees International.

Burma's army is using rape as a weapon of war against women from Burma's numerous ethnic groups. Recent international attention on rape by the army has focused on abuses against Shan women. But following a research mission by Refugees International (RI) to the Thai-Burmese border, RI was able to confirm that rape is widespread, affecting women from numerous ethnic groups.

50,000 Muslims gather to protest Iraq war

A fresh wave of protest against the US action in Iraq erupted yesterday across Thailand’s largely Muslim southern region, with an estimated 50,000 demonstrators gathering in Pattani to make their stance.

Burmese Political agitators arrested, but one managed to seek refuge in the British Embassy.

A group of political activists, more than a dozen in all, staged political agitation in the heart of the city of Rangoon yesterday morning, distributing leaflets, and demanding for the release of the political prisoners languishing in numerous prison facilities in Burma and for the junta to hold immediately political dialogues with the pro-democratic forces.

Iraqi Deserters Must Be Treated as POWs

Iraqi deserters detained by Kurdish or
U.S. forces in northern Iraq must be accorded full prisoner of war
status under the 1949 Geneva Conventions, Human Rights Watch urged