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Northern Iraq: Civilian Deaths Higher Since War Ended

The number of civilians killed
or wounded since the war ended in northern Iraq is higher
than it was during the conflict, Human Rights Watch said

Burma : The Question of Political Prisoners<br>

by Zin Linn

As a political prisoner Zin Linn spent a total of 9 years in the infamous Insein prison –
1982 March – 1984 May: M.I.S Unit 7 arrested and made lawsuit under 5(J) for the unlawfulul jjournal. Slammed into solitary confinement for 2 years in Insein Prison. Again 1991 -1997: Military Court No.2 sentenced 7 years imprisonment under National Security Act 5 (J) due to delivering the NCGUB's bulletin & statements, - now laments that a hundred political prisoners had passed away silently and unnoticed and again another 189 are on the verge of dying. He gives at the end of his essay the names and details of 83 political prisoners who passed away silently.

Beijing city quarantines nearly 8000 people

As the SARS virus continued to hold China in its grip leading the government to take the unprecedented step of quarantining nearly 8000 people in the capital and isolating 100 medical facilities, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabo said the country would emerge "stronger than ever" from the crisis.

Statement on the Hunger Strike of Dr. Salai Tun Than by his daughter Mai Theingi Tun Than

Mai Theingi Tun Than, Daughter of Professor Dr. Salai Tun Than appeals for moral support and encouragement for her father’s hunger strike, which he launched yesterday at the notorious Insein Prison in Burma. Professor Dr. Salai Tun Than, 75 years old, launched his campaign on April 27, inside the Insein Prison is a courageous act of an academic, who is now languishing inside the notorious prison, for exercising his basic human rights on 29 November 2001.

Prominent Burmese Political Prisoner Dr. Salai Tun Than, Launches Hunger Strike inside Insein Prison

Days After President Bush Showers Praise on Burma's Democracy Movement,
75-Year Old Professor Dr. Salai Tun Than Risks Danger and Death in Human Rights, Religious Freedom Protest by launching a hunger strike to protest for the violation of fundamental human and religious rights in the infamous Insein Prison.

Tokyo Donor Conference: LTTE cannot call the shots, say diplomats

by Namini Wijedasa

Neither Japan nor the United States of America or other international donor nations will change their programmes or schedules on the whims and fancies of the LTTE, diplomatic sources said yesterday.

LTTE shoots dead 11th intelligence operative in Dehiwela

by Kalinga Weerakkody

The number of army intelligence unit members gunned down by the LTTE during the past year reached 11 with the latest murder on Saturday in Dehiwala, Directorate of Military Intelligence sources said.

Sri Lankan peace broker reshuffled as Tigers suspend talks

The Sri Lankan government is set to reorganise its main peace secretariat after Tamil Tiger rebels suspended talks, citing the government’s failure to deliver on its promises, a press report said Sunday.

OIC Chief Calls for Speedy US Pullout From Iraq

US-led forces that toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein must leave Iraq as soon as possible, the secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) said yesterday. “Islamic efforts must unite to defend Iraq’s interests and ... insist on the need for the departure of foreign forces from Iraq as soon as possible,” Abdulwahed Belkeziz told the opening session of a meeting of senior employees of the 57-nation pan-Islamic body at its headquarters here.

U.S. detains Baghdad "mayor," catches general.

By Huda Majeed Saleh

U.S. forces seeking to restore order to a shattered Iraq arrested the self-appointed mayor of Baghdad on Sunday for trying to run the city without their authority and whisked him out of the capital.

Advani should swiftly act to fulfill his promise on POTA: DMK

Alleging misuse of POTA in Tamil Nadu, DMK president M Karunanidhi today said Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani should act 'swiftly and earnestly' to fulfil his promise that the Act would not be allowed to be misused in any States.

Nepali govt, guerrillas hold first round of formal talks

The first round of formal talksbetween the Nepali government and the anti-government guerrillas concluded here Sunday evening with the two sides agreeing to form a monitoring committee to monitor the code of conduct for the on-going peace process in the country.

Resolute measures to control SARS around China

A series of resolute measures have been taken by governments of different areas of China in a bid to prevent the SARS virus spreading.

Asean leaders must show Sars certificates

National leaders who attend tomorrow's Asean Summit on Sars will be required to possess a Sars-free medical certificate, Public Health Minister Sudarat Keyuraphan said yesterday.

Thai youths spurn wine, women and song

Young Thai men emerged from a poll published yesterday as being a staid and sober bunch, spurning drugs, alcohol, gambling and the traditional Thai male pastime of ‘visiting girls’.

Iraq would-be leaders in talks with US representatives

Hundreds of Iraq's aspiring political leaders prepared for a key meeting in Baghdad on the country's future.