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Norway express concern to Sri Lanka's Tigers over killings

Norway has expressed grave concern over a spate of political slayings and truce violations by Tamil Tiger rebels amid fresh moves to revive Sri Lanka's faltering peace bid.

Govt prepares to pour Bt200 million into deep-sea fisheries projects

The government has announced that it is preparing to pour Bt200 million into the private fisheries sector to boost the nation’s deep-sea fishing industry, amid a chorus of praise from leading players in the fisheries sector for Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s proposals to search for new markets for Thaialnd’s fishing companies.

LTTE throws ring around Trincomalee port in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger guerrillas have tightened their stranglehold over the strategic eastern port of Trincomalee, a development that is being viewed with serious concern in New Delhi.

DMK to vote against no-trust move

Party president M Karunanidhi announced, DMK will go along with the NDA government and vote against the Congress sponsored no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha.

End of bad chapter, say Uganda Indians

Idi Amin's death marks the end of a bitter chapter, says Mr Dalal Murtuza.Dalal is Chairman of the Uganda Indian Association that brings together about 15,000 persons of Indian origin.

Interim Administration proposals: LTTE goes to the people

by S. Selvakumar

The continued widespread and intensive public discussion of the Interim Administration proposals being pursued by the LTTE among the Tamil community both in Sri Lanka and overseas is being interpreted by political analysts as a sign of the Tiger's positive response to the Government's initiative.

Thai envoy meets LTTE leaders

By Chris Kamalendran

In the wake of Thai Prime Minsiter Thaksin Shinawatra's successful visit to Sri Lanka, his ambassador Jerm Tivyanond flew to Kilinochchi yesterday for talks with the LTTE leadership.

Solheim fails to get Kinniya camp shifted

Norwegian special envoy Erik Solheim has left, after failing to gain an assurance from the LTTE to withdraw the military camp in a government-controlled area in Kinniya.

LTTE releasing fewer child soldiers: UNICEF

by Namini Wijedasa

The United Nations Children’s Fund observed that the LTTE were now releasing fewer child soldiers than before, but noted also that fewer cases of recruitment had been reported.

Hambali's Capture: PM - JI plotted to attack Apec meet .

Groups had plans to recruit suicide bombers for operations. Hambali was preparing to attack the Apec summit in Bangkok when he was captured in Thailand this week.

Scholars stress Islam's flexibility

By Pares Lohason & Don Pathan

Contrary to stereotypes of dictatorial traits and rigidity associated with many Muslim states, Islam is a flexible religion with democratic characteristics.

CEO Governors: Change style or else, PM warns.

By Weerayut Chokchaimadon

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra warned newly appointed CEO provincial governors to change their conservative ways, if they want to fit the government's new administrative style.

Fears of terrorism lead to soaring gold prices

Gold prices are on the rise, both in the world and domestic markets, due to people's fears of international terrorism.

Govt assures Thai Muslims of peaceful life

Thai Muslims who have not involved in any terrorist group will continue to enjoy their peaceful lives in the kingdom despite the government's recent arrests of suspected members of terrorist groups.

Allegations that Hambali planned to hit APEC

Thailand's Prime Minister says alleged terrorist mastermind Hambali was planning to mount a terrorist attack to coincide with October's APEC summit, before he was arrested in Thailand.

Ugandan dictator Amin buried in Saudi Arabia

By Paul Busharizi

Former Ugandan President Idi Amin, one of Africa's bloodiest despots who was blamed for killing tens of thousands of his people, was buried at a small funeral in Saudi Arabia hours after his death.

NDA fissures out in the open before no-confidence vote

Fissures in the National Democratic Alliance came into open ahead of the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha with key constituent DMK questioning the move to seek its arch rival AIADMK's support against the Congress motion and others guessing as to how it will vote.

Idi Amin led comfortable, quiet life in Saudi Arabia

Former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, who died Saturday at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in this Red Sea port city, had been living in luxury in Saudi Arabia for around two decades.