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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 73

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Demonstration in al-Azhar in support of the Intifada, against Iraq's occupation

Hundreds of Egyptian worshippers in al-Azhar mosque gathered following Friday's prayers to take part in a demonstration of protest against the American occupation of Iraq and in support of the Palestinian resistance.

Mars spring comes alive through telescopes on Earth

In a few days that brings the enigmatic red planet closest to Earth in over 60,000 years, here is what astrophysicists glued to their telescopes have found -- it's springtime in Mars! As professional and amateur skygazers around the world gear up for the closest rendezvous of the two neighbours in the solar system on August 27, preliminary observations pouring in from hundreds of dedicated laboratories show brilliant pictures of the Mars surface.

'Want to resume talks' - Thamilselvan

The LTTE consultation in Paris aims to arrive at a negotiating platform to resume peace talks with the Government, Tiger Political Chief S.P. Thamilselvan told a suddenly convened news briefing in the French capita. According to reports reaching Colombo, the surprise news briefing, was convened by the Tiger delegation after only a day's discussions although the LTTE consultation is expected to continue for several days more.

Pongu Thamil: Army tells GA to explain

Wanni security forces commander Susil Chandrapala has a sought written explanation from the Vavuniya District Secretary K.Ganesh as to how government servants attended an LTTE - backed meeting to organise the Pongu Thamil programme to be held on September 15.

Armed Muslim groups emerging

By Nalaka Nonis and Shanika Udawatte in Saindumaruthu

Intelligence sources in the Eastern Province confirmed the emergence of organised armed Muslim cadres, as the government moved in to quell growing tension between the LTTE and Muslim civilians in the area.

CBK orders clearing of Tiger camp

President Chandrika Kumaratunga directed Defence Minister Tilak Marapana and the three service commanders to take whatever measures necessary to get rid of the newly established LTTE camp at Manirasakulam in the Trincomalee district.

TNAto reconsider support for govt

by Franklin R. Satyapalan

The Tamil National Alliance Jaffna District MP warned that his party would have to reconsider its support for the government unless it called off the walk-in interviews to recruit 550 Muslim reserve policemen in the eastern province.

Thai Troops For Iraq: Muslims warn of dangers

By Pares Lohason & Somsak Soonsant

Thai Muslim leaders yesterday called on the government to review its plan to send 400 Thai troops to Iraq on a humanitarian basis because the timing was not yet right.

Dog-meat dealers lash out at tax measure

By Sunthorn Moolsap

Operators of dog slaughterhouses here slammed a proposed tax hike on dog meat, saying the new measure was unfair.

Drugs: Rangoon nabs nine traffickers

Burmese authorities have arrested nine drug traffickers involved in a bloody border clash with Thai troops that led to a war of words between the ruling military junta and Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

PM pays three-day official visit to South Korea

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is scheduled to pay an official visit to South Korea on 24-26 August, aimed to strengthen bilateral ties and cooperation between the two countries.

Tamils call Sri Lankan peace offer ‘ambiguous’

Top Tamil Tiger leaders meeting in Parisdescribed a peace offer from the Sri Lankan government to restart a faltering peace process as “ambiguous” and said they would come up with their own counter-proposition by the middle of next week.

Ex-Envoy Victim of Plot of Triangle of Evil

A member of the Parliament, National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Hamid-Reza Haji-Babaei said that a failure by Zionists and British government to implement the U.S.-sponsored Midle East road map, the triangle of evil (comprising Israel, U.S., and Britain) is trying to hatch a new plot against Iran by accusing Tehran of being involved in bombing of a Jewish center in Argentina.

Cambodian opposition groups hint at merger

Cambodia's opposition and royalist parties hinted at a possible merger in a bid to deny power to current Prime Minister Hun Sen following last month's elections.

Wickramsinghe hard-sells India-Sri Lanka land link

By Papri Sri Raman, Indo-Asian News Service

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremsinghe reiterated his call for a land bridge linking India and the island nation, contending it would boost the economies of the two countries.

India in 'sleepy mode', says Sri Lanka President's aide

India has gone into a "sleepy mode" and is unaware of the growing strength of Tamil Tigers in north-eastern district of Trincomalee that could threaten Indian interest.

Nothing could be said about NDA unity now: Karunanidhi

DMK, which came under attack from BJP on Friday for opposing the bill to prevent cow slaughter, said it could not say now that the unity shown by the NDA allies during voting on the no-confidence motion would continue for the next Lok Sabha polls.

Hamas to EU: Rebuff US demands for freezing funds

US freezes Hamas assets, asks others to follow, but Hamas militant group's Lebanese Representative said that Europe should reject U.S. demands that it freeze the funds of Hamas officials and pro-Palestinian charities.

Report: US recruiting Iraqi spies in secret operation to help identify resistance

In what can be viewed as an unusual move, United States-led occupation authorities have started a secret campaign to recruit and train agents with the Iraqi intelligence service to help identify resistance to US forces in Iraq after a long period of ongoing attacks and bombings.