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Bush hires Indian-American to 'win Muslim hearts and minds' <br>

US President George W Bush has hired Indian-American
Asheesh Jain to "win Muslim minds." Jain, a former Senate
aide, has been named deputy assistant director of the
Office of Global Communication.

Digvijay concedes defeat, says won't contest polls for 10 years <br>

Incumbent Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh on Thursday conceded his Congress Party's defeat in the 2003 assembly elections after being in the driver's seat for almost a decade.

Sri Lanka releases 61 Indian fishermen <br>

Sri Lanka has released 61 Indian fishermen arrested by its Navy but detained another 12 on charges of poching in the island's territorial waters.

<b><u> <font size = 2font>Open Letter to R. Sampanthan </u></b></font><br> The horrendous Trail of Blood .<br>

This is an open letter to R.Sampanthan, Secretary, Tamil United Liberation Front, from a Tamil expatriate living far away from Sri Lanka, who claims to be an ordinary member of the party, as well an ardent supporter. He also attaches a list containing, according to him, The Trail of Blood.

CBK wants two weeks to study Freedom of Information Bill <br>

By M.Ismeth

The Freedom of Information Bill was presented to the Cabinet by Justice Minister W.J.M. Lokubandara, stating that the Attorney General had expressed the view that the provisions of the bill were not inconsistent with the Constitution and that the bill was not subjected to any prohibition or restriction imposed by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

North—East regional poverty conference in Vavuniya<br>

A three-day North East Regional Poverty Conference — 2003 will take place at the District Agricultural Training Centre and Elapper Maruthankulam in Vavuniya, organized by Ministry Assisting Vanni Rehabilitation in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

<font size = 2>Persons of Indian Origin:</font> <br>Citizenship granting procedure on course <br>

The Ministry of Interior, said that persons eligible to acquire Sri Lankan citizenship under the recently enacted Grant of Citizenship to Persons of Indian Origin Act, No. 35 of 2003 could now apply for registration as the Department of Registration of Persons of Indian Origin has now finalised the printing of relevant forms.

PM proclaims victory in drugs war <br>

The Prime Minister declared yesterday: Thailand has won the war on drugs and neighbouring countries that don’t cooperate in keeping the Kingdom drug-free will be considered national enemies.

Ending Poverty: 'Govt needs to define who's poor'<br>

By Wattana Khamchu

The government must clearly define, what constitutes a poor person if it is to effectively fight poverty.

Thailand aims to be first in Asia with Theos satellite <br>

Thailand aims to be the first country in Asia to send a Theos satellite into space, revealed Science and Technology Minister Chetta Thanajaro.

Why is TN against ferry to Colombo: TNCC<br>

TNCC President G.K. Vasan asked that the Tamil Nadu government should clarify to the public on the nature of security threat that hindered the proposal for restarting the ferry service between Thoothukudi and Colombo.

<b> <u><font size = 2>Appeal to save 9 political prisoners from the Death Row: </u></font></b><br> Including Editor of The First Eleven – a sports journal.<br>

By Zin Linn

Save the lives of 9 political prisoners sentenced to death including Thet Zaw, the Chief Editor of “The First Eleven,” the most popular sports journal in Burma. The World must come forward to save the lives of these nine innocent people.

Hacker Enters Not Guilty Plea <br>

The man who beat Hollywood's piracy charges earlier this year is back
in the dock as the movie industry launches its appeal in a Norwegian

To Tackle the effects of Landmines <br>

United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) battling the scourge of landmines need $290 million next year to remove mines, educate people about avoiding them and help any victims, according to a joint report from the UN.

Say No to Jewel Taylor - Wife of Charles Taylor of Liberia.<br>

"Asian Tribune" received the letter allegedly from Mrs. Jewel Taylor, the wife of Charles Taylor, the deposed President of Liberia, supposed to be living in Nigeria almost on a house arrest.

BJP surprised by victory margin in Rajasthan <br>

The BJP for the first time on Thursday managed to get a majority in Rajasthan on its own, a result that appeared to even surprise the party's campaign manager Pramod Mahajan