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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 108

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Vajpayee's last supper for MPs

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Tuesday hosts a farewell dinner for all members of parliament in the last get-together before the Lok Sabha is dissolved Friday to usher fresh elections.

PM heeds Queen's advice on ways to solve southern problems

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has heeded Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's advice on tactics to address problems in the country's southern region, according to Government Spokesman Jakrapob Penkair.

Thaksin on the itv scandal

Stressing that he was perfectly happy with his current wealth, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra instructed his government yesterday to put national interests above his when dealing with the bombshell iTV affair. Though, that seemed to do little to reassure his ministers.

Brutal LTTE murders in Kanakampuliadi

Bala - Reporting from Chavakachcheri

A family of three including an infant, were murdered on 14th Jan 2004 in Kanakampuliyady, Chavakachcheri. Their throats were slit by sharp weapons; including that of the infant. The three are Ilankainathan Suthakaran (38), Swarnawathy Suthakaran (29) and Vathanan Suthakaran (Infant, 8 months old).

British Foreign Secretary Straw to visit India on Thursday

Enhancing bilateral relations and Pakistan's re-entry into Commonwealth will top the agenda of talks British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw will have with his Indian counterpart Yashwant Sinha during his four-day visit to India starting tomorrow.

Rahul, Priyanka? For Congress, pedigree helps

The anticipated debut of Congress president Sonia Gandhi's children Rahul and Priyanka has rattled rivals, but they are only a tip of the iceberg in a country where pedigree helps.

<u>Sri Lanka President :</u><br> No more war - Our challenge is realizing permanent peace

Sri Lanka’s 56th Independence Day commemoration was held this morning at the Independence square in Colombo. The President, Prime Minister, members of the Government, Opposition and the Diplomatic corps were present at the ceremony.

Vaiko likely to apply for bail Thursday

The Madras High Court Wednesday eased bail conditions imposed by a lower court on MDMK leader V. Gopalasamy, held since July 2002 under a tough anti-terror law, paving the way for his release.

Years after death, Rajiv Gandhi cleared in Bofors case

An Indian court, cleared former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi of involvement in the country's biggest arms scandal, giving a timely boost to the main opposition party led by his Italian-born widow ahead of polls.

Janet's TV boob 'most-watched'

POP star Justin Timberlake's baring of Janet Jackson's breast in front of nearly 100 million US viewers has become one of the most watched television moments in history experts said today.

Sharing of defence powers : UNF Govt. proposes new formula

Amidst widespread reports of a dissolution of parliament, the UNF government has compromised further in the latest proposals which seek to abolish the Defence Ministry so that the President and the Prime Minister could share defence powers.

"Prime Minister's insistence on control of Defence Ministry major obstacle to agreement"

It is the President's view that inspite of her goodwill, sincerity and flexibility to resolve this issue and arrive at a consensus and Memorandum of Understanding with the Government and recommence the Peace Negotiations which have been stalled since April, 2003, the Prime Minister's insistence in the 'control of the Defence Ministry and its key institutions and functions to carry out the Peace Process is the major obstacle in concluding an agreement and recommencing the peace negotiations.'

<u>Attack on Tony Fernanando: </u><br><font size = 2>Sri Lanka Seriously Embarrassed Internationally</font>

Though there was an attempt by a group of people on the life of "Tony" Fernando who narrowly escaped being kidnapped and possibly assassinated.

Sri Lanka and Tamils' Standards to flutter for the 56th Independence Day.

The Lion standard of Sri Lanka and the Standard of the Tamils – Black flags, would be hoisted to celebrate the 56-independence day of Sri Lanka.

Post Independence History Blighted By Ethnic Strife - Chandrika

Sri Lanka’s President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga pointed out: "Most of our post independent history has been blighted by ethnic strife." She went on to add: "The political expedience of leaders on both sides of the divide has had a severe effect on the lives of our people."

Vaiko gets bail but still in jail

In a day of mixed fortunes for MDMK chief Vaiko, he was granted bail a month after he applied for it, but the conditions attached to it forced him to spend another night in jail mulling whether to accept them.

Boy dies of bird flu in Thailand

A young boy has died in Thailand from suspected bird flu, raising the country's death toll from the virus to four.

The Questions Raised by the Jamrat Tragedy

The fact that another stampede occurred this year claiming the lives of 251 pilgrims must be addressed in the most urgent manner by every organization directly or indirectly involved in Haj operations.

Pilgrims Head Home En Masse

Hundreds of buses and cars streamed out of Mina and Makkah, packed with pilgrims heading home after what for many was a once-in-lifetime journey of faith.

Democrats vote in seven US states

Presidential hopeful John Kerry is leading the race as Democrats voted in seven states to decide on a challenger to US President George Bush in November.